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The key to a successful content marketing strategy? Stop talking about your organization and start talking about what your audience wants to hear. Content marketing is about creating valuable material that builds your brand in the marketplace. Learn how to develop a content marketing program. We’ll discuss the basics of content marketing, showcase healthcare examples, and highlight how to use it to develop real relationships with your audience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
Establish a content marketing program
Use content marketing in a healthcare environment to build service line volume
Create content that is truly valuable and gets shared
Go beyond social media as a content marketing strategy

Watch the webinar with audio:

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Content Marketing for Healthcare [WEBINAR]

  1. 1. Content Marketing for Healthcare BEN DILLON, VP & EHEALTH EVANGELIST, GEONETRIC
  2. 2. Webinar Information • Webinar lasts one hour • Enter questions at any time • Recording will be posted on within 24 hours • Please mute your phones • Please take the post-webinar survey which will appear at the conclusion of the webinar • Follow along on Twitter using the #GeoLive hashtag
  3. 3. Geonetric Clients
  4. 4. About Geonetric Geonetric is a healthcare marketing agency and software developer providing leading hospitals and medical practices with marketing services and software solutions specific to the healthcare industry.
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  6. 6. Today’s Presenter Ben Dillon, MBA | VP & eHealth Evangelist Geonetric, Inc. Ben is a vice president at Geonetric. He writes and speaks extensively about healthcare technology trends, everything from social media strategies to accountable care organizations. Ben is a SHSMD board member, a member of the HIMSS Personal Health Information Taskforce chairs the eHealth Special Interest Group, is an inaugural judge of the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame and has judged the eHealth Leadership Awards for the past ten years. He’s also a Twitter junkie – follow him at @benatgeo.
  7. 7. Content Marketing for Healthcare BEN DILLON, VP & EHEALTH EVANGELIST, GEONETRIC
  8. 8. POLL: In Terms of Content Marketing…
  9. 9. JANUARY Top Five Content Trends for 2013 FEBRUARY The Content Conundrum MARCH Content Marketing for Healthcare
  10. 10. Why Sponsor a Space Jump?
  11. 11. Content marketing is becoming the publisher rather than the advertiser.
  12. 12. This is Content Marketing!
  13. 13. This Barely Scratches the Surface
  14. 14. Benefits of Content Marketing • Public trust • Engaged prospects • Happier clients
  15. 15. A Few Fundamentals
  16. 16. It’s Time for Us All to Admit Something... You're just not that interesting.
  17. 17. Stop Talking About Yourself… And start talking about potential patients’ interests.
  18. 18. Don’t Get Hung Up on the Rules
  19. 19. Start with the End in Mind
  20. 20. The “Content” in Content Marketing
  21. 21. The “Content” in Content Marketing • Blogs • Magazines • Podcasts • Pamphlets • Videos • Infomercials • Whitepapers • TV news spots • eBooks • Ask the doc newspaper column • Infographics • Social media • Webinars • Events (sometimes)
  22. 22. “Fundamentally, it's not just about content, it's about identity, relationships and content.” - Amit Singhal, Google Fellow
  23. 23. “You need to be exceptional, inspirational, unique, cre dible, fun, beneficial to share, don't get obsessed with relevance (relevance to audience is very important, but to product, not so much).” - Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz
  24. 24. LNO Breast Cancer Event LNO Health & Wellness Event LNO Health & Wellness Event LNO Breast Cancer Event
  25. 25. Creating the Right Content
  26. 26. Editorial Calendar • Daily - Tweet • Weekly - Blog • Monthly – Webinar or in-person event • Quarterly – Research report or major whitepaper
  27. 27. Map Content to the Consumer Buying Cycle Awareness Retention Evaluation Purchase
  28. 28. Or, In Healthcare Terms… Source: The Advisory Board Oncology Roundtable report: Inside the Mind of the Cancer Patient Uncovering Patient Preferences to Guide Cancer Program Investment
  29. 29. Simpler – Weight Loss Surgery Research options Evaluate programs Evaluations and approvals Surgery Postprocedure recovery
  30. 30. Research Options
  31. 31. The “Marketing” in Content Marketing
  32. 32. Match Marketing Approach to Situation • Push campaigns – Demand generation – Elective procedures • Ongoing efforts – Acute issues
  33. 33. Newsjacking
  34. 34. Be the Trusted Resource at the Right Moment
  35. 35. Match Marketing to the Channel
  36. 36. How Do You Know Which Channel is the Right Channel?
  37. 37. Call CKHS-GI1 TV Search engines + keywords Direct via home page Advertised URL CRM
  38. 38. Pressure to Defend Value Tracked Value Here Direct URL Home page Online conversion PPC Interior page Tracked phone # Social media Landing page Departure / Untracked phone # Search engine Vanity URL Most Visits Here
  39. 39. Make an Offer • This is how you make the goal relevant
  40. 40. Redesigned Form Based on Analytics
  41. 41. Pulling it Together
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  43. 43. TWEET IT: #GEOLIVE Questions? • To learn more: – Contact us – 800.589.1171 – • Visit our website: – • Connect with us – @geonetric
  44. 44. The Content Marketing for Healthcare Video Watch the Video Interested in viewing the original Content Marketing for Healthcare webinar? Now you can! Visit our webinar page to watch the recording, listen to an .mp3 or download the .pdf slide deck for the webinar. Watch the Content Marketing for Healthcare webinar!
  45. 45. New White Paper Available Get to the Point: Web Writing for Healthcare You know you need great content on your hospital’s website. But writing it and managing it is a big job. This white paper will help. We’ll answer your top content questions and explain the fundamentals of writing good content for the Web. Request your free copy!
  46. 46. Next Month’s Webinar Translating Site Data into Action April 18 - 3:00 p.m. CT Do you have a good understanding of what’s happening with your online efforts? Are you getting value from your analytics? Most organizations aren’t and it’s not for lack of data. From Google Analytics to pay-per-click, the amount of data available about your hospital’s Web presence is staggering. Lots of numbers – but not enough insight. Attend this webinar to learn how to measure the success of your online efforts. We’ll help you translate all that data into actionable plans.
  47. 47. Thank You