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Introduction to Google Analytics


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This presentation covers methods to set up Google Analytics on your website. It also includes basic terminologies / jargons / concepts that are used throughout Google Analytics

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Introduction to Google Analytics

  1. 1. What does Google Analytics do? It is a powerful tool that analyses:  Website Traffic • Where are visitors coming from • How are they navigating through your site  Conversions • Downloads • Page Views  E-commerce • Volume of Transactions • Success of Transactions (% Complete and % Dropped out of Sales Funnel)
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  4. 4. 2 GA by MonsterInsights
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  8. 8. Important Concepts & Definitions
  9. 9. Segment A segment is a subset of your Analytics data. Segments let you isolate and analyze those subsets of data so you can examine and respond to the component trends in your business.. Session A session is a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given time frame. A single user can open multiple sessions. As soon as one session ends, there is then an opportunity to start a new session. There are two methods by which a session ends: 1) Time Based and 2) Campaign Based Property In Google Analytics, a property is a website, mobile application, or blog, etc., that is associated with a unique tracking ID. A Google Analytics account can contain one or more properties. View A subset of a Google Analytics account property that can have its own unique configuration settings. You can create multiple views for a single property and modify what data shows in each view. Filter Filters allow you to limit and modify the data that is included in a view. For example, you can use filters to exclude traffic from particular IP addresses, focus on a specific subdomain or directory, etc. Bounce Rate Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page). Goal A configuration setting that allows you to track the valuable actions, or conversions, that happen on your site or mobile app. Dimensions & Metric Dimensions are attributes of your data. For example, the dimension City indicates the city, for example, "Paris" or "New York", from which a session originates. Metrics are quantitative measurements. The metric Sessions is the total number of sessions. The metric Pages/Session is the average number of pages viewed per session. Segment VS. Filter
  10. 10. Audience
  11. 11. Audience
  12. 12. Acquisition Reports
  13. 13. Acquisition Reports
  14. 14. The Social Relationship The social web connects people where they share, critique and interact with content and each other. Social analytics provides you with the tools to measure the impact of social. You can identify high value networks and content, track on- site and off-site user interaction with your content, and tie it all back to your bottom line revenue through goals and conversions. Here's how we see this story: Sources & Pages: Identify networks & communities where people engage with your content. Conversions: Measure the value of social by tracking your goals, conversions and ecommerce transactions. Social Plugins: Measure your on-site user engagement. Social Users Flow: Compare traffic volumes and user traffic patterns through your site.
  15. 15. Behavior
  16. 16. Conversions • Goals – Set of events that are determined and evaluated • E-commerce – analyse purchase activity on the website • Multi-channel Funnels – depicts the working of marketing channels to create sales and conversions • Attribution - set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths Link: Google Analytics Conversions
  17. 17. Business Case Scenarios
  18. 18. Google Analytics Solutions – Premium • Google Analytics 360 Suite – Built for enterprises. • A set of integrated data and marketing analytics products such as: 1. Google Analytics 360 2. Google Optimize 360 3. Google Audience Centre 360 4. Google Tag Manager 360 5. Google Data Studio 360 6. Google Attribution 360
  19. 19. Google Analytics Solutions – Premium
  20. 20. Domino’s UK Issues: • Lack of integrated marketing measurement across devices • Create a holistic view of customer behaviour • Make cross-channel marketing performance analysis easy and efficient Results: • Realized an immediate 6% increase in monthly revenue • Saved 80% year-over-year in ad serving and operations costs • Increased agility with streamlined tag management • Obtained easy access to powerful reporting and customized dashboards
  21. 21. 2 Best Practices you should follow Determine when people abandon the shopping carts How? GOALS > Create new GOAL with your URL destination > Check funnel use
  22. 22. 2 Best Practices you should follow • Identify if you need a mobile site? • How? • REPORTING > Devices> Primary Dimension time: Mobile Device info. If the average time on site is lower and the bounce rate is higher than your overall numbers, then we know that you’re losing that much of your mobile traffic. Link
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