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McDonalds Location


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Thrown together from a few sources. Use an OS UK regions outline map to plot a choropleth map. Feel free to do more analysis using other maps and statistics.

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McDonalds Location

  1. 1. McDonalds Jobs UK Choropleth Key ⃝ 0-4000 ⃝ 4001-8000 ⃝ 8001-1200 ⃝1200+ Did you know McDonalds have over 1.3 million employees worldwide in over 37 000 restaurants.
  2. 2. 1. Complete a choropleth shaded map for the UK regions 2. How can these maps help explain the pattern? Include a paragraph for each map. 3. What other maps would it be useful to have to help explain the pattern? How would they help? 4. Do you think other fast food chains / food businesses have the same pattern?