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Castleton Most Likely To


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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey <a>Get-a-map</a> service. Image reproduced with kind permission of <a>Ordnance Survey</a> and <a>Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland</a>.

Old resource resurrected...

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Castleton Most Likely To

  1. 2. A
  2. 3. B
  3. 4. C
  4. 6. Which slide is this MOST LIKELY TO BE…. A, B or C Why ?
  5. 7. 1. “I can hear the sound of people singing hymns….”
  6. 8. 2. “Imagine being here hundreds of years ago, patrolling the battlements and watching for enemies who might attack you…”
  7. 9. 3. “Two pints of bitter and a cheese and ham sandwich please…”
  8. 10. 4. “The woman in the Tourist Information Centre says that they close at 3 o’ clock on Wednesdays so we’d better hurry up….”
  9. 11. 5. “Let’s go in there, I need to buy some postcards to send to the family…”
  10. 12. 6. “Are you sure this is the way to Castleton ?”
  11. 13. 7. “Have you got any bread to feed to the ducks dad ?”
  12. 14. 10. “Come on granny, it’s only 4 steps up and 4 steps down…”