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Git Beginner Preso


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Published in: Technology
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Git Beginner Preso

  1. 1. Don’t Be A Git. Use Git this presentation built with version control
  2. 2. Some Key Points • support for non-linear development • distributed development • works well even with large projects
  3. 3. Git-Svn crash course Svn Git Git-Svn svn checkout url git clone git-svn clone svn update git pull git-svn rebase svn diff -rrev path git diff rev path patch -p0 git apply svn status git status svn revert path git checkout path svn copy path1 path2 git branch path2 svn update -r rev git checkout rev svn commit git commit git-svn dcommit
  4. 4. Branches • have as many local/remote branches as you need • independent working tree and history • push, pull, commit, checkout, merge, stash • remote branches help to collaborate • local branches help to develop features
  5. 5. Demo