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Git vs svn


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Published in: Software
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Git vs svn

  1. 1. Git vs SVN By Rupesh Kumar
  2. 2. GIT vs SVN -- Pictorial
  3. 3. Another View
  4. 4. Git vs SVN • Git has a distributed model • Every user has their own copy of code on their local, basically like their own branch. • Keep making changes and when you are satisfied merge it to your master. • Master is on your local, so changes stay on your local. • If you have a remote link like a GitHub repo...push changes on your master to that. ● SVN has a centralized model ● Everyone has a working copy and changes are committed to a central repository ● There's not much to say about guys know it all.
  5. 5. • That said...local copy of code means speed. • Basic operations like diff, commit, status etc. Become ultra fast. • In SVN such operations occur in the central repository...that is you connect to your server for such operations. ● Fast ● Excellent for large open source projects ● Feature rich ● Branching and merging is what Git does best
  6. 6. Git is faster than SVN • Git is extremely fast. No network latency involved. ● Perform a diff. ● View file history. ● Commit changes. ● Merge branches. ● Obtain any other revision of a file ● Switch branches.
  7. 7. SVN eats up a lot of space unlike Git • Git's repository and working directory sizes are extremely small when compared to SVN. • An SVN working directory always contains two copies of each file: one for the user to actually work with and another hidden in .svn/ to aid operations such as status, diff and commit. • A Git working directory requires only one small index file that stores about 100 bytes of data per tracked file.
  8. 8. Stuck up with two girlfriends, Git can help you out. Branching and merging was never easier before.
  9. 9. That's SVN.
  10. 10. GIT vs SVN market share
  11. 11. And lastly behold the GOD who made it all – Linus Torvalds (Creator of GIT)
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