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Entrepreneur's Legal Cookbook Session 1 for Startup Palm Beach


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Juicy legal tidbits entrepreneurs can sink their teeth into. Session one introduces The Entrepreneur's Legal Cookbook concept and goes over issues with former employers and setting up an entity

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Entrepreneur's Legal Cookbook Session 1 for Startup Palm Beach

  1. 1. Recipes and juicy legal tidbits you can sink your teeth into™ Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  2. 2. About me Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida I like entrepreneurship, the law and food, so I’m mixing them together to provide legal information to entrepreneurs in delicious, digestible, bite-sized pieces. As a shareholder at Gunster, I have helped my clients, including various Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 companies, launch new products, negotiate key deals, and assimilate new divisions into existing legal frameworks. I have also helped numerous start-ups get funded, deal with the myriad of issues that arise as they grow, acquire companies and be acquired. What else? I have Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent rating, have been recognized by Super Lawyers, Florida Trend Legal Elite and the South Florida Legal Guide, have appeared on television, and have been quoted in publications such as the National Law Journal, E-Commerce Times, Florida Trend magazine, the South Florida Business Journal, and the Miami Herald.
  4. 4. 1. A great team 2. A good business model 3. Adequate capital 4. Risk management What’s the recipe for success? Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  5. 5. INGREDIENTS: Lawsuit with a former employer Losing personal assets for failing to form an entity Unplanned fallout between founders Confidential information in competitor’s hands Disputes with employees all over the news Equity grants unattractive to future investors Unlimited liability in contracts Fail to get appropriate insurance Don’t protect intellectual property What’s the recipe for disaster? DIRECTIONS: Toss one or more of those together, and… Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  6. 6. You and your business are burnt toast. Voila! Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  7. 7. A tasty and refreshing way to look at business law. ™ What’s on the menu? Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  8. 8. What’s on the menu? Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  9. 9. What’s on the menu? Digestible, bite sized, nuggets of legal information, to help entrepreneurs get cooking and not get burned. Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  10. 10. Obligations to former employers What’s on the menu? Why forming an entity matters Dealing with co-founders Protecting trade secrets Raising funds Having a board of directors Dealing with contracts Granting stock and options Engaging employees & contractors Working with developers Insurance coverage Social media and Internet law Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  11. 11. Start a business not a lawsuit. Today’s Special! Former Employer Bites Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  12. 12. Former Employer Bites Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida INGREDIENTS: non-competition non-solicitation confidentiality no moonlighting ownership tortious interference duty of loyalty DIRECTIONS: - Review your agreements - Understand your obligations - Understand the repercussions - Align your interests
  13. 13. Protecting personal assets and other advantages. Today’s Special! Form an Entity Cheese Ball Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  14. 14. Form an Entity Cheese Ball Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida INGREDIENTS: C-Corporation S-Corporation Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership DIRECTIONS: • Determine the number of owners • Determine if you need owners with different rights • Consider tax implications • Determine the management structure • Consider incentivizing employees • Consider effect on raising capital • Consider familiarity • Form the right entity and follow corporate formalities
  15. 15. What are we having next time? Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida
  16. 16. Recipes and juicy legal tidbits you can sink your teeth into™ Gaida Zirkelbach @Gaida in/gaida