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The "Business Plan" by allows small business owners affordable access to legal services and business consultation to help run and grow their business.

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  • is an online law firm which caters the needs of businessmen regarding legal matters concerning business ownership. The said website is a division of a professional corporation called Javdan law Group. As stated, it provides modernized practice of law at a reasonable price. In conclusion, presents that it pioneers the delivery of premium and affordable legal service to the people of 21st Century.

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Business Plan - Small Business Consulting Solutions

  1. 1. “The Business Plan”
  2. 2. Fran Harold Tarkenton Stonecipher
  3. 3. - About 7/13/09 9:51 AM QUICKLINKS: About SmallBiz Directory Member Benefits My Account Featured Member Activate your membership. BizLinks is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. was founded by Entrepreneur and NFL Hall of Famer, Fran Tarkenton. Having started 15 businesses since his football playing days, Fran has always had a passion for small business. After selling his international software company in 1994, Fran decided to pursue his desire of helping entrepreneurs, like himself, gain access to the tools and information they need to grow and compete in the new economy. The result was the Fran Tarkenton Small Business NETwork, founded in 1996. Once the organization started using the Internet as a primary delivery tool, the name was changed to Today has grown to include more than 49,000 active members throughout North America. During this growth, our mission has remained constant: To help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses, by providing access to a comprehensive body of knowledge and tools targeted specifically at the micro business. continues to build its resource library and makes that library available to any entrepreneur through this web site. The library is organized according to subject matter category, and within the category by type of data being delivered. In addition to articles, FAQ’s and other written materials, GoSmallBiz provides access to a broad array of tools. Many of the tools are available at no cost online and others have been screened and approved for offer in our the Tools & Resources section of each content channel. Membership is required to access most of the material available through GoSmallBiz. However, non- members can access the See How GoSmallBiz Works! movie, the SmallBiz Directory, and the Featured Member area. Members have exclusive access to the articles, FAQ's, Answers From the Masters and SmallBiz Directory receive the GoSmallBiz e-newsletter. Members also have a 4-page website builder, online bookkeeping About Us tools and a business audio library to utilize. Most importantly, however, members can access the business Sitemap consulting service through GoSmallBiz's “Ask Your Question”. Terms Privacy Since August of 1997, GoSmallBiz has responded to every question asked by a member about running Contact Us their small business. Not every response has been a black and white answer, but that’s not the intent. The Login intent is to provide access to a business consultant, so that the member can take advantage of knowledge gained by that consultant through years of experience. Our consultants might respond with a point of fact, an opinion or a reference to a relevant website. What sets us apart is that the answer is specific to the question that was asked.
  4. 4. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 7/13/09 9:54 AM Home | About Us About Pre-Paid Legal The Pre-Paid Legal We give members access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal Story problems, but for everyday events such as buying a house or a car, creating a will, handling a problem with an insurance company, dealing with identity theft, and much more Headquarters where legal review should be routine, but rarely is. These events can be among the most important events in a person's life, yet there is a tendency for them to take place without Board of Directors proper legal review. For Pre-Paid Legal members, access to legal counsel is only a toll-free phone call away. Home Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc. was one of the first companies in the United States organized solely to design, underwrite and market legal expense plans. For a low monthly fee of $26 or less, the Company's legal expense plans (referred to as memberships) offer a variety of legal services in a manner similar to medical reimbursement plans or HMOs. The Company currently provides legal services to over 1.5 million families across the U.S. and Canada. Plan benefits are delivered through a network of independent provider law firms. Members have direct, toll-free access to their provider law firm rather than having to comb through a yellow-page style directory for a referral. Provider firms are carefully selected and the quality of service is closely monitored to maintain the high standards of Pre-Paid Legal. Our members are served by a provider law firm which has been carefully screened and selected by Pre-Paid Legal. Using the plan, members simply call their provider firm directly at the toll-free number on their membership card when they have a legal question or problem. It’s really that simple. Pre-Paid Legal does all the work; no searching for a qualified lawyer, no claim forms, no worries about being able to afford a lawyer – just peace of mind. 1969 – July 11, 1969, Harland Stonecipher is involved in a head-on collision which results in serious legal fees. He has auto insurance to cover the damage to his car, medical insurance to cover the cost of his hospital stay, and even life insurance had the accident been fatal. But he has no coverage or protection for the legal bills that accumulate. He begins researching the industry of European legal expense plans. See the Pre-Paid Legal story for more information. Privacy Policy ©2009 Pre- Paid Legal Services®, Inc.
  5. 5. Solutions for your business
  6. 6. $100/hr $100/hr 50% $100/hr $250/hr ???? $$$$$$
  7. 7. Your business without “The Business Plan”
  8. 8. Your business with “The Business Plan”
  9. 9. Part One of: “The Business Plan”
  10. 10. Part Two of: “The Business Plan”
  11. 11. $2.00/day
  12. 12. No long term contract - services billed monthly 1-99 employees, for profit, privately held Multi-user friendly for your key employees
  13. 13. Protection for your business - protection for your family $.83/day
  14. 14. $.33/day How?
  15. 15. $1.00/month
  16. 16. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 7/13/09 9:44 AM RICHARD E KOSCHER Independent Associate 630.632.9111 Email me To enroll today go to Learn about the benefits of having a Pre-Paid Legal As a business owner, have you ever: Signed a contract or document you hadn’t fully read or understood? Membership HTML version & click “Join Now” or call 630.632.9111 Had difficulty collecting money from customers? Wanted to have a resource for ANY business or legal question? If you answered yes to any of these situations, we may be able to help. Stop struggling and start protecting and growing your business with two of the leading service providers in the small business market: Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc. and Simply put, a Pre-Paid Legal Business Plan does for business consulting and legal needs what medical insurance does for your health needs. How can you help my business? What will it cost? Ask an Independent Associate for more information. Page 1 of 1
  17. 17. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 7/13/09 10:28 AM What you can expect from your Home | Legal Plans | Law Firms What is a Pre-Paid Legal Plan? How it Works Plan Benefits Unlike other legal service providers, Pre-Paid Legal provides members with direct, toll-free access to a quality law firm when they have a legal need. provider law firm Our provider law firm network is the result of over 30 years of experience working with Identity Theft Shield tens of thousands of lawyers across North America. Cost You can rest assured that their Law Firms Provider Law Firm: View Movie Is an established firm Was selected to serve you only Home after extensive investigation by Pre-Paid Legal Is in good standing with their state Bar Association and the Law Society in Canada Has a service philosophy consistent with the high standards of Pre-Paid Legal Understands and empathizes with your legal problems Will provide you courteous and professional service Considers you their largest client in most cases Consistently receives "excellent" to "very good" overall ratings from other members! What our Provider Lawyers have to say... "We treat the individual member with the same care, concern and commitment as the richest client of our firm." -Mike Turpen, Provider Lawyer, Oklahoma "If we can't keep one Pre-Paid Legal member happy when he or she calls, we'll have Pre- Paid Legal asking us why we didn't." - Lynn Ross, Provider Lawyer, Texas "In the eight years of providing legal services for Pre-Paid Legal members I have seen that each and every day there is a tremendous value and benefit in having access to attorneys when you need one. We can help individuals deal with legal questions on the front end rather than deal with legal problems on the back end." - Charlie Anderson, Provider Lawyer, Alabama Privacy Policy © 2009 Pre- Paid Legal Services®, Inc.
  18. 18. What to expect once you are a member? You will receive your Membership Guide customized with the services you have selected Your name Membership # Provider Law Firm
  19. 19. What to expect from! A welcome kit “What’s your question” to activate and start using consulting services.
  20. 20. - Welcome to 7/9/09 10:10 AM QUICKLINKS: Welcome to SmallBiz Directory Member Benefits My Account Featured Member Activate your membership. BizLinks GoSmallBiz is here to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses, by providing access to a comprehensive body of knowledge and tools targeted specifically at you. Read more... Helpful Links: Featured Article Today's Headlines: SmallBiz Directory Need Money? Stocks open higher after Alcoa, Bookstore Last Updated on: Jul 9 2009 10:12AM jobs report Business Tools 565K new jobless claims, lowest level since Jan. NEW YORK - Investors are sending stocks higher in early Selling/Buying Your Business Protect Your Business Use your Prepaid trading, reassured by Alcoa Inc.'s earnings and some good news on the labor front. Incorporate Patents Membership # to activate your Trademarks (Read More) Retailers Report Weak June Sales online member account @ Read it in full View the archive NEW YORK--Escalating job worries and rainy weather WASHINGTON - The number of newly laid-off dampened shoppers' appetite for workers filing initial claims for jobless benefits last week fell to lowest level since early January, buying summer staples like shorts and dresses, resulting in sharp sales declines for many largely due to changes in the timing of auto merchants in June and increasing industry layoffs. concerns about the back-to- SmallBiz Directory school shopping season. New claims for unemployment insurance About Us Sitemap plummeted by 52,000 to 565,000, the Labor (Read More) Terms Department said Thursday. House Dems eye surtax on Privacy The last time new claims were below 600,000 was wealthy for health bill Contact Us Login week of Jan. 24. WASHINGTON - An income tax (Read more...) surcharge on highly paid Americans emerged as the leading option Wednesday night as House Democrats sought ways to pay for health care legislation that President Barack Obama favors, several officials said. (Read More) Opponents of GM sale face noon deadline NEW YORK - Opponents of General Motors Corp.'s plan to sell the bulk of itself to a new government-controlled company as part of its effort to emerge quickly from Chapter 11 protection face a noon deadline to file appeals and find a way to get the sale halted. (Read More) Page 1 of 2
  21. 21. What to expect from your Identity Theft Membership. Your kit contains your activation information.
  22. 22. Thank you very much for your time. I hope this presentation answers “HOW” can help you to continue to grow and run your business more profitably. If I can be of further assistance please contact me at or 630.632.9111. I look forward to your success! Rick Koscher, Independent Associate PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. and Subsidiaries