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This is my current portfolio. Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome!

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  1. 1. Gabriela Angelina Bragan Portfolio
  2. 2. 01 02 03 04 THE CONNECTION MUSIC HAVEN FLUIDITY OTHER WORKS 5-11 12-19 20-25 26-34
  3. 3. Alagasco Competition Fourth year competition under Prof. Dagg. THE CONNECTION Apartments and Boutique Hotel. Mobile, AL
  4. 4. Vertical Light Shelf: Responding to Sun’s Path: The building’s facade reacts to how to sun moves around it on the site. There are hanging vegetation basins and greenroofs where southern light hits the building. There are vertical “light shelves”on the curtain wall areas to block the sunlight from the side and provide a sense of privacy from the street-view below. so u th e rn lig h t Programmatic & Facade Diagram: Rear Street Perspective Front Elevation from the North Side Vegetation Diagram: THE CONNECTION PROGRAM: Market Rate Housing at approx.50500 sf. Hotel at approx.3185 sf. Approximate Total at 97902 sf. SITE: Mobile,AL
  5. 5. Couryard Plan: Water Circulation in Section: BRIDGING: The hotel and apartment buildings are connected by a series of 3 bridges that alternated every other floor, staring at the second floor. They allow one to travel to the rooftop pool and experience the gardens that rest on top of the two atriums COURTYARD WATER CATCHING SYSTEM: The courtyard is not only full of angular detail that mimicks the bridges above, but is a recycling system for catching rainwater. There are channels embedded in the grassy areas that connect the outer pools to the inner pools by being at a slight angle. The grey water is then held in a tank undein a tank underground. This keeps the courtyard from flooding in a climate like Mobile, AL.
  6. 6. Rennovation of an ancient Turkish Han Third year study abroad project under Prof. Orgen. MUSIC HAVEN Multi-Use Music Venue Izmir, Turkey
  7. 7. : Polish original concrete floors : Original brick painted white : Recycled wood floors and doors : vegetation serving: vegetation serving as railing & aesthetic Music Haven MATERIALITY: PROPOSED PROGRAM: Mutli-use with a surrounding theme of music and catering to music lovers of all ages. CURRENT PROGRAM: Multi-use of storage, restaurant, and record store. SITE: Izmir,Turkey
  8. 8. nightclub area during the day when well lit nightclub area at night when lit up by accent wall.
  9. 9. Hydraulic Stage System: Section of Stage when Elevevated:
  10. 10. “Project Woof” Competition Third year competition under Prof. Dagg. FLUIDITY Canine hospital, adoption, research and conference center. Mentone, AL
  11. 11. FLUIDITY SITE: Mentone,AL A twist to a classic: Roof plan showing structural grid and canopied areas: Canine hospital,orthopedic reasearch center,and adoption center.
  12. 12. Versatile Multipurpose Room with Seating: In the multipurpose area of the building to the right of the fl - fl - atre like seating area for conferences.
  13. 13. OTHER WORKS
  14. 14. MIRRORS AROUND US ...a photographic series.
  17. 17. Acrylic Paintings: Almond Blossoms Original by Van Gogh (1890) Studying Light: INDEPENDENT WORKS: Graphite on Arches. Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red Original by Piet Mondrian (1936)