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  2. 2. We aim at becoming a preferred contractor of engineering and supply services in HVAC Industry, hallmarked for excellence and reliability. We at MANAS have our Mission defined, Vision clear and Values declared.
  3. 3. Getting the job done right the first time and every time will surely bring our customer’s faith to us and so the satisfaction. Customer service is our top priority and we are dedicated to ensure 100% satisfaction rate among our customers.
  4. 4. VALUES Its our belief that winning is not the only thing. How we conduct ourselves is as important as whether we win or lose. Our corporate values guide us in our business activities on a day to day basis.
  5. 5. We treat air to make it healthier & comfortable for you. We do:- AIR-CONDITIONING & VENTILATION
  6. 6. The whole range of AIR CONDITIONING we deal in: Wall mounted Split AC: Floor mounted Vertical AC: Ceiling Suspended Cassette AC:
  7. 7. Ceiling suspended Ductable AC: Floor mounted Package AC AC Outdoor Units:
  8. 8. VRF, The latest technology of Air conditioning industry And we have expertise into it.
  9. 9. Air Cooled Chillers: Water Cooled Chillers:
  10. 10. Cooling Towers: AHU:
  11. 11. Basement Ventilation Exhaust Fan Basement Ventilation Fresh Air System
  12. 12. Decorative ducting for exposed roof
  13. 13. Our services include: 1. Consultancy 2. Heat Load 3. Estimation 4. Design & Planning 5. Supply & Execution 6. Testing & Commissioning 7. Warranty Services 8. After Sale Service 9. AMC 10. Retrofit Works
  14. 14. Design built System & solution
  15. 15. Why would you choose us:  Not because we are a very old company  Or not because we are young and energetic. But because  We are dedicated to your satisfaction  We honor our commitments  We use materials of reputed brands only and  We adhere to the industry best standards
  16. 16. Materials of reputed brands:  Cu pipes 22 swg & 24 swg Mandev/ Equivalent  Cu pipe Insulation 9 or 10 mm thick Supreme/Equivalent  Communication Cable 2.5 sq mm Cu Cable Finolex/Polycab/KEI/ or above Equivalent with hard PVC Conduit  Drain Pipe Hard PVC Pipe of Supreme/Finolex/Equi min 6 kg/cm²  Adhesives Only Pedilite make  GI Sheets As per ISHRAE Jindal/ National/Equi And many other items like duct insulations, chilled water pipes etc.
  17. 17. Industry best standards:  We always use industry best tools to carry out your work.  We practice recommended procedures to perform works.  While work we ensure safety of your equipment, other nearby items, work of other agencies, floor & ceiling etc.  We also ensure safety of our team on work to avoid any site accidents followed by hurdles for work.  We strictly follow ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air conditioning Engineers) guidelines for heat load calculations, material specifications & workmanship etc.
  18. 18. Installation Pics
  19. 19. A Glimpse of our sites: South City, Gurgaon Rosewood City, Gurgaon
  20. 20. A Glimpse of our sites: MD Cabin Rakesh Masala, Kanpur Conference Room Rakesh Masala, Kanpur
  21. 21. A Glimpse of our sites: Noida Residence Noida Residence
  22. 22. A Glimpse of our sites: Noida Residence Delhi Hukka Bar
  23. 23. A Glimpse of our sites: Delhi Hukka Bar Office in Delhi
  24. 24. A Glimpse of our sites: Apparel Showroom Apparel Showroom
  25. 25. A Glimpse of our sites: Apparel Showroom, Karol Bagh
  26. 26. A Glimpse of our sites: Apparel Showroom, Kamla Nagar
  27. 27. A Glimpse of our sites: Gym, Gurgaon
  28. 28. Testimonials:
  29. 29. Cont. Testimonials:
  30. 30. Part List of our Satisfied clients:
  31. 31. Part List of our Individual Satisfied clients: Sr. No. Name Address Application Non VRF TR VRF HP 01 Shri Balwinder Singh Rosewood City 500 sq. yards x 2.5 Floors bungalow 21 TR 16 HP 02 Shri Mohit Sharma Faridabad 200 sq. yards x 1 Floor bungalow 12 HP 03 Shri P S Kakkar South City 550 sq. yards x 4 Floors bungalow 20 TR 48 HP 04 Shri Rajeev Manuja Pitampura 300 sq. yards x 2 Floors bungalow 40 TR
  32. 32. For any query or to avail our services, please contact us on : 9013308759, 8527690405 or write us on : Office No: 37, 1st Floor, CSC – TP Block, Pitampura, Delhi 110034