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How To Try ABM On For Size Without Exploding Your Marketing Budget


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Is it time for your marketing team to explore ABM? It can be a lengthy, laborious— not to mention pricey — process. But it doesn’t have to be. And it certainly doesn’t have to break your marketing budget. With just a little common sense, and some intelligent planning, your next (or first) ABM campaign can really cut through the daily digital clutter and garner wild results. It can also help form a strong bond between your sales and marketing teams.

In this session, Jellyvision Marketing Manager Melanie Davis Chapman talks about her experience with a new way to approach ABM marketing. It not only helped Jellyvision break into difficult accounts, but it got her sales and marketing team working together in harmony.

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How To Try ABM On For Size Without Exploding Your Marketing Budget

  1. 1. A Presentation DIY ABM How to try ABM on for Size without Exploding Your Marketing Budget Melanie Davis Chapman, Marketing Manager, Jellyvision © 2017 The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. All rights reserved. NOTICE: We have put a lot of work into this presentation. Please don’t take this material and put it into your own material without first talking with us. Seriously.
  2. 2. It’s 2016.
  3. 3. Talk to smart people. • Webinars • Conferences • Whitepapers • Fellow marketers • Vendors
  4. 4. Get the right people on board— and keep them there. • Partnered with top-performing account executives and sales leadership • Kept sales in the loop during planning phases • Continued tight communication after campaign launch
  5. 5. Define your audience and clean your data. • Intense focus on developing the campaign list • The right audience • The right data
  6. 6. Prioritize the right technology, not all the technology. • Leaned on key existing tools vs. building up tech stack • Key tool #1: multi- touch attribution • Key tool #2: Tactile Marketing Automation from PFL
  7. 7. Develop creative that cuts through the clutter. • Pieces that stand out for our time-crunched audience • Attention-grabbing • Helpful • Sharable • Edible
  8. 8. Touch 1 1/2 2 1/9 3 1/16 4 1/23 5 1/30 6 2/5 Digital Tactile Sales Low cost Intro piece Informational Piece w/ Viewfinder Inspiration Kit W/ W/ W/
  9. 9. First touch: low-cost trifold mailer
  10. 10. Second touch: Viewfinder
  11. 11. Third touch: inspiration kit
  12. 12. Learn from mistakes—quickly. • Wrong people doing the follow-ups • Cheaping out in the wrong places
  13. 13. Focus on meetings and revenue. • 61.29% account to meeting conversion rate • 3783% ROI • Plus…sales team set meetings with dream accounts • Sales + marketing all on the same page (and excited to be there)
  14. 14. Thank you! Melanie Davis Chapman @melaniecdavis