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The ABM Content Challenge: How to Balance Personalization and Scale


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The prospect of feeding the ABM content beast can be daunting. How do you scale the process of creating rich, engaging content that’s relevant for a single account?

There’s no simple answer, but this session will explore several useful techniques and tactics including:

• Repurposing on-demand content for targeted digital campaigns;
• Using webinars to engage buying teams, not just individuals;
• Developing a campaign mix for 1:1 programs into top accounts; and
• Applying an ABM framework to upsell and cross-sell customer accounts.

By combining a modular, issue-based approach to content with a combination of webinars and content hubs, you can engage a wide range of your top accounts while keeping the content beast at bay.

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The ABM Content Challenge: How to Balance Personalization and Scale

  1. 1. #bii18 The ABM Content Challenge: How to Balance Personalization and Scale SPONSORED BY:
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  5. 5. How are we doing? #bii18 Questions, Tweets, Resources, Survey
  6. 6. #bii18 Speakers Bryn Powell ON24 Brian Anderson Demand Gen Report
  7. 7. #bii18 The ABM Content Challenge: How to Balance Personalization and Scale SPONSORED BY:
  8. 8. #bii18 My ABM World
  9. 9. #bii18 How personalized do your ABM campaigns need to be?
  10. 10. #bii18 Personalization vs. Scale 100% Personalized •Created just for this account AND persona Highly Personalized •Created for multiple personas at a single account Highly Customized •Existing content, heavily adapted for one account Customized •Existing content with lighter spin for one account Industry- specific •Content targeted to one industry Multi- Sector •Targeted to a cluster of related accounts Generic •Broad content for all targets, but still relevant to the account
  11. 11. #bii18 My ABM World Highly Personalized Highly Customized Industry specific or Lightly Customized
  12. 12. #bii18 Finding the right channel 12 Email Marketing Social Media Content Syndication Search Field Events WebsiteWebinars Online Advertising
  13. 13. #bii18 Finding the right channel 13 Webinars Content Hubs Content Experiences
  14. 14. #bii18 Webinar ABM Checklist • Identify your target audience • Develop a compelling offer • Limit the barriers to conversion • Approach and target in a personalized manner • Drive engagement through the session • Use live intelligence to guide the session • Utilize on-demand functions to their fullest advantage
  15. 15. #bii18 1:1 Webinar Based Campaigns Live Webinar1 On-Demand Content2 Personalized Content Experiences3
  16. 16. #bii18 The Live Webinar • Personalized webinar content relevant to Strategic Account • Promote using personalized messaging, graphics and specific target account jargon • Promotion channels: – Email Marketing – Paid Advertising – Sales Development – Website Personalization – References • Personalized webinar console including: – Custom resources, CTA’s, contact info, polls & surveys
  17. 17. #bii18 On-Demand Content • Promote multiple mix of content pieces at scale • Let buyers educate at own speed • Promoted through email nurture stream, website personalization, sales development, and account relationships – through single, evergreen URL • Limited barriers to conversion: – Single registration for multiple content pieces – Ability to un-gate specific content pieces – On-Demand content allows for instant viewing
  18. 18. #bii18 ON DEMAND IS ON THE RISE 18 Our 2018 Webinar Benchmarks Report shows the trend toward on-demand engagement across the ON24 network. ON DEMAND ONLY 44 mins 35% 2018 LIVE AND ON DEMAND 2017 42 mins5% LIVE ONLY60% 201634 mins ON DEMAND
  19. 19. #bii18 Personalized Content Experiences • Targeted selection of relevant content for account and/or persona with ON24 Target • Ability to track engagement data to see how content is being consumed • Integrated into marketing automation & CRM
  20. 20. #bii18 What content do you already have?
  21. 21. #bii18 Got Content? Now What?
  22. 22. #bii18 Customize Existing Content Target account branding Additional resources specific to target account Q&A set to email target account sales rep Target account custom video intro
  23. 23. #bii18 Industry Specific • Single call-to-action – Example – Life Science ON24 Target Page • 1:1 personalization promotion to Strategic & ABM Lite accounts • Simple customization promotion to programmatic accounts On-Demand Webinar PDF Flipbook Video Webpage
  24. 24. #bii18 Growing Existing Customer Accounts Increase Utilization Reduce Churn New business unit pipeline New product pipeline
  25. 25. #bii18 Relevant Content for Top Customer Account • Provide high value content – Virtual consultative “Workshops” for customer accounts – Introduce new products and releases – Two-way communication to gather customer insight using surveys, polls & Q&A
  26. 26. #bii18 Account Based Customer Enablement • Promoted across marketing channels o Email nurture programs o Website personalization o Sales/Customer Success Outreach • Content to provide value: o On-demand webinars o Custom white papers o Training materials
  27. 27. #bii18 Looking Forward…
  28. 28. #bii18 Customized for Account + Persona Executives Decision Makers
  29. 29. #bii18 Q&A / Speakers Bryn Powell ON24 Brian Anderson Demand Gen Report
  30. 30. #bii18 Register for more sessions now thru July 13th! Join Our Next Session: Developing Smart Content: How Interactive Content Helps Identify Buyer Pain Points & Paths For Continuing The Conversation Friday, July 13th 2:00 PM (EDT)