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Demonstration compliance toolbox


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Demonstration compliance toolbox

  1. 1. CEN WORKSHOP e-Invoicing Phase 3 CWA Sustainable Compliance Guidelines Demonstration: Compliance toolbox Markus Gudmundsson WORK GROUP 1 OPEN MEETING Brussels, 12 December 2011 E-Invoice Compliance Toolbox Interactive User Interface  A web application  Based on the „Matrix”  Matrix is an Annex in the Commentary (CWA) Presentation  Simplified presentation of the “Matrix”  Not a simplification of the “Matrix”  Matrix will be translated for UI by CEN 2005 CEN – all rights reserved 1
  2. 2. Target Audience Target Audience:  Entities engaged in or introducing e-invoicing Use of UI:  Primary audience - SMEs  All target audiences can/should use Use of Commentary:  Internal and external e-Invoicing solution and service providers.  Internal and external auditors.  Tax auditors 2005 CEN – all rights reserved The “Matrix” Annex 1 in the Commentary  Filters on Role, Process step and Business implementation  In addition  Keyword search  Topics filters 2005 CEN – all rights reserved 2
  3. 3. Topic keywordsTopic Description KeywordsService provider involvement Specific issues that may arise when Service provider using a service provider.Audit related matters Cases where audit trail or Audit, audit trail, auditability, trace, auditability are concerned. trackSending prerequisite Cases where the sender has a Contract, agreement specific requirement to be met before sending of an invoice.Receiving prerequisite Cases where the receiver has a Contract, agreement specific requirement to be met when receiving an invoice (which may or may not affect the sender).Integrity and authenticity Cases where integrity, authenticity Integrity, authenticity, semantics, and presentation could be malware, content, origin, signature, compromised if not fulfilled. certificateLegibility Cases where legibility is concerned. Legibility, human readable, machine readable, transformation, conversionInvoice format Cases where invoice format is a Legibility, format, form, data, concern. semantics, transformation, conversionStorage Cases where storage is a concern. archive, archiving, storage, long term 2005 CEN – all rights reserved Topics assignments 2005 CEN – all rights reserved 3
  4. 4. Demonstration Compliance Toolbox  Interactive User Interface Will be published on e-Invoice Gateway Current link:  2005 CEN – all rights reserved WG1 Call for comments……. Comments on usability of UI Comments on content:  Commentary  Include Matrix 2005 CEN – all rights reserved 4
  5. 5. Questions? 2005 CEN – all rights reservedThank you for your attention 2005 CEN – all rights reserved 5