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Isis Papyrus Ti Billing Telecom E

  1. 1. <BILLING/TELECOM> Automating Telephone Bills Benefits: Highly efficient with excellent quality whilst eliminating manual processes and specifically assigned staff INSIDE Case Study: Telecom corporation End to end processing control with a single dashboard  Managing the entire document lifecycle from billing data to archiving  Quick implementation of bill layouts for new service offerings 
  2. 2. Gaining a Competitive Edge Powerful new bill design tools fulfill time-to-market requirements for new service offerings of a telecom corporation.  Before Papyrus The mandatory presence of specifically assigned staff was necessary due to the requirement of a highly man- ual process which greatly impacted quality and efficien- cy. This process when new service offerings needed to be shown in the bill was lengthy and did not fulfill time to market requirements. AFP/PDF and other files were exchanged by express courier between the telecom company and the document composing software PreS from Printsoft. The generated AFP and PDF files had to be returned for archiving in DMS and for e-billing. All this manual interaction created inflexibility and resulted One of the leading telecom in time and quality loss. service providers in Italy with a customer base of over 24 million Single bills can have more than 15000 pages! and a revenue of 8.159 Billon EURO offers a wide range of services.  Key requirements for the new bill It employs • The bill process and bill generation had to be auto- approximately 10,000 employees and has eight Call mated. Manual steps, interactions and specifically Centers distributed over the Italian territory with more assigned staff had to be reduced. than 2,000 points of sale. The GSM network covers 97% • Corporate image had to be improved of the territory that corresponds to 99.4% of the Italian • A better design of the bill population; the same is true for the GPRS network. • Delivery of bill on paper in PDF and XML • With new services continuously offered they had to PAPYRUS PRODUCTS in use be inserted into the bill in the quickest possible time to fulfill time to market requirements. Papyrus Designer on Windows WYSIWYG dynamic document design  Why Papyrus? Management of the entire document lifecycle includ- Papyrus DocEXEC on SUN Solaris ing document process control was a main factor. Other High speed document formatting engine reasons were the powerful graphical document design interface and an achievable automation rate by imple- Papyrus Postprocessing/PrintPool on SUN Solaris menting a single, centralized point of control. The in- Bundling, sorting and reprinting of bills coming data from the billing system CCBS was directly used by the Papyrus formatting engine. There was no Papyrus WebArchive on SUN Solaris need to run pre-processing steps and there was no re- PDF presentation in the Web Browser quirement to modify the output format of the bill data. The flexibility to outsource to major print shops and in- Papyrus WebControl/Repository on SUN Solaris terface with the company’s existing Filenet archive were other reasons that Papyrus was chosen. Controls automation of the print process
  3. 3.  The implementation MOTIVATIONS for INNOVATIONS ISIS was contracted to develop a prototype within a four week Motivation: period. Eliminating manual steps through process automation Billing data with all relevant variables were Innovation: A centralized single point of control directly read by Papyrus Designer. managing the entire end-to-end production process The flexibility of the graphical user interface in Papyrus Solution: Designer allowed ISIS to quickly react to the telecom compa- Papyrus document life cycle manage- ny’s need for new bill layouts with additional customer details ment from the data to the archive and specific market information. The document application logic was defined simply using drag and drop functions from  The Bill generation process a logic tree. The billing data was then directly read into the Each produced dataset is associated with an XML file and its design window with all relevant variables for the bill. characteristics (i.e. Set Number, Type and number of contained documents, ...). Verification and certification of the data’s con- Additional functions used: sistency along with 1000 configurable controls are performed • Definition of grouping rules such as cost center and SIM using a script developed by Papyrus Designer. number within a cost center • Traffic path (incoming, outgoing and or local/roaming) • Traffic type (Voice/Data/SMS/MMS…) • Output type: AFP, PDF, XML, ASCII, XLS… • report files for the print shop and for accounting • Management of the resources (fonts, forms, logos etc.)  High speed formatting on SUN Solaris Papyrus DocEXEC was installed on a SUN Solaris Server for high Data files can be of unlimited size ( >150MB per speed formatting whilst directly reading the input bill data. single document). With only one processing step of the given data file, Papyrus Manual steps, interactions and specifically assigned produces AFP documents in Black&White, Front&Back, Color, staff had to be reduced. It was critical that the bill- PDF and XML for viewing using Excel. Personalized Marketing Messages are placed conditionally ing process and bill generation be automated. into the bill at time of formatting and the presentation of the invoiced amounts is completely personalized.  Bundling, sorting and reprinting by Index  One step process – showing last page first Papyrus Postprocessing/PrintPool, an extension to Papyrus The first page of the bill is summarizing all items and costs. DocEXEC, was installed and configured to fulfill bundling and It is formatted at the very end of the bill after all summary sorting requirements based on user defined indexes for opti- and detail pages are produced. The summary page is then re- mized print and mail. Reprinting copies from originals is also sorted to become the first page in a one step process. executed using its postprocessing capabilities.  Monitoring  Fast retrieval and viewing of bills in PDF The entire process is continuously monitored by an applica- Papyrus WebArchive keeps two bill cycles in AFP format for tion developed within Papyrus Designer that analyzes the fast retrieval and immediate viewing in a browser. All bills logs produced by each process. It queries a database and veri- are converted into PDF for e-mailing and archiving. Papyrus fies if at the end of the bill cycle all calculated figures corre- WebArchive also provides an open interface to Filenet for doc- spond to the real ones in order to activate the production of ument index information. fiscal reports.  Central point of control automates the billing  Highlights process completely • Bundling multiple documents of configurable size and Papyrus WebControl maps the business process into the doc- characteristics ument workflow. This allows complete process automation • Generation of PDF documents applying a specific naming from the receipt of incoming data to the delivery of AFP files convention as required by the third party archiving system to the print shop. Furthermore, there is an automated process for long term archiving for generating XML/XLS documents and PDFs for e-mail de- • Generation of PDF documents and XML/XLS(CTE) docu- livery and Filenet archiving. All this is based on a central point ments for e-billing of control and a graphical, user friendly Desktop interface that • Bundling of documents in various formats (PDF, XLS, ASCII) allows for the tracking and monitoring of every step in the to produce a CDROM process. • Production of Fiscal Reports in ASCII format and PDF. • Production of reports for statistical purposes.
  4. 4. A c o m p r e h e n s i v e a n d s c a l a b l e s o l u t i o n for centralized ISIS Locations management of document applications, print and output operations that International Headquarters, Austria span web, client/ser ver and host environments. ISIS Information Systems GmbH ISIS Marketing Service GmbH ISIS Knowledge Systems GmbH Alter Wienerweg 12 Papyrus Document Frameworks Archive A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf PCs T: +43-2236-27551-0 O Automated Document Factory F: +43-2236-21081 O Enterprise Application Integration E-mail: TIFF, PDF, AFP Windows O Enterprise Output Management US Headquarters Linux O Enterprise Content Management ISIS Papyrus America, Inc. UNIX WebPortal Papyrus O Business Process Management 301 Bank St. Southlake, TX 76092 O Portal and Web Applications T: 817-416-2345 HTTP, POP3, ASCII, XML, O Change Management F: 817-416-1223 SMTP, SMS, FAX, PDF SAP, IIOP O Correspondence CRM, ERP, Reporting, Asia-Pacific Headquarters Business Systems O Campaign Management Paper ISIS Papyrus Asia Pacific Ltd z/OS 9 Temasek Blvd. O Print Management #15-03 Suntec City Tower 2 O Capture/Classify/Extract Singapore 038989 Scan, Capture, Extract O E-mail, Fax COBOL, MQ, T: +65-6339-8719 IPDS, PCL5, PS, CICS/IMS/DB2 IJPDS, Xerox F: +65-6336-6933 England ISIS Papyrus UK Ltd Organizations can d e f i n e , m e a s u r e , a n d m a n a g e output 25 Cherry Orchard North Kembrey Park Swindon management across complex heterogeneous environments from Wiltshire SN2 8UH centralized control points. T: +44-1793-644616 F: +44-1793-692978 Germany Papyrus Capture Papyrus Designer Suite ISIS Papyrus Deutschland GmbH Scan • Capture • Classify • E-mail • Fax Forms • Fonts • Logos • Pagemode Formatting Heerdter Lohweg 81 40549 Düsseldorf T: +43-2236-27551-0 Papyrus Client Papyrus Objects Papyrus F: +43-2236-21081 DocExec View & Print Repository • Library • Distribution Benelux Texteditor Authorization • Business Objects (data) Text and Page Desktop MQ • XML Interface • Process Support Document Formatter ISIS Papyrus Benelux Braine l´Alleud Parc de l´Alliance 9, Boulevard de France, bât A PrintPool & Archive Papyrus Host & Server 1420 Braine l´Alleud Indexing • Sorting • Bundling • Distribution AFP • Printing & Spooling • Print Transforms T: +32-2-352-8720 IPDS F: +32-2-352-8802 FAX Pa py ru s Co m p o n e nt s TIFF Italy POSTSCRIPT HP-LASERJET PDF and PCL4/5 XEROX METACODE ISIS Papyrus Italy Srl via Monte Navale 11 10015 Ivrea (TO) T: +39-0125-6455-00 Billing with Papyrus F: +39-0125-6455-150 France ISIS Papyrus France SARL La Grande Arche Paroi Nord Advanced Info Service Public Co. Ltd Thailand • AMS American Management 92044 Paris La Défense System USA • Belgacom/Belgacom Mobile Belgium • Bell South USA T: +33-1-40903510 • BEZEK Israel • British Telecom United Kingdom • CAT Thailand • F: +33-1-40903501 Connext USA • debitel Germany • DeTe Mobil Germany • Edisontel Italy Spain • Far Eas Tone Taiwan • Gas Natural Spain • GPU USA • Israeli Electric ISIS Thot SL. Company Israel • Jazz Telecom Spain • Keyspan USA • Mannesmann Arcor Sainz de la Calleja, 14 Germany • Maxis Malaysia • MCI Worldcom United Kingdom • Neckermann Germany • Northern Telephone Canada • Orange 28023 Madrid United Kingdom • PMS Italy • Polcomtel Poland • Postens Mailburo Denmark • Quelle AG Germany • Samart Corporation T: +34-91-307-78-41 Thailand • Singapore Telecom Singapore • Smart Communications Philippines • Stadtwerke Kiel Germany • Stadtwerke F: +34-91-307-75-08 Wuppertal Germany • Swisscom Switzerland • Telecomasia Thailand • Telekom Austria Austria • Telephonica del Peru Peru • Thai Telephone & Telecommunications Thailand • Total Access Communication Thailand • Vodafone Germany, Italy