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Ruby and Start-ups


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Ruby & Start-ups from an Entrepreneurs prospective

Published in: Technology
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Ruby and Start-ups

  1. 1. Ruby & StartupFrom an Entrepreneurs Perspective By Fayaz Taher Founder BD Tech Entrepreneur Investor
  2. 2. What are Startups?• Hard to define but let’s see characteristics – A new business idea/operation – Uncertain that it will be successful – Establish a revenue model that can grow quickly – Usually 1-3 yrs sometimes longer – Starts as a small team and grows
  3. 3. Who are Entrepreneurs?• Entrepreneurs are individuals who organize and operate business (es) and take on financials risks• What do they worry about? – Making a good team including tech – Write the business plan and concept – Raising capital – Controlling costs – Bringing the product/concept to market quickly
  4. 4. Why Ruby for Entrepreneurs?• Faster Deployment• Easy to maintain• Changes are easier when conventions are followed• Learning curve fast• Gems: RoR has lots of gems, which is small piece of code or plugin which solves a particular problem• Good community support All this = Cost Savings for start-ups Changes are easier in agile modern start-ups
  5. 5. Ruby plays nice with Cloud AppsMost major Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) applicationsstart off with Ruby support:•Heroku•EngineYard•OpenShift•CloudFoundryDeploy & scale cloud applications by letting PaaSproviders manage your stack. Most are Freemium!
  6. 6. Problems• Shortage of ruby programmers• Growing demand in the US but not outsourcing nations• It’s another language to learn? Isn’t that a oppurtunity for Bangladesh?
  7. 7. Solve another problem!Isn’t that the objective of programming? Solve a problem Innovate Learn and try new things!
  8. 8. Success Stories• Basecamp• 43 Things• A List Apart• Groupon , Livisiong Social, Github• Twitter•, Khadok
  9. 9. What’s your story?• How many of you have an idea?• Have you started a business? Why not?• Are you looking to start?• Do you have problems with access to finance?• What are the problems? We have the power to innovative from bangladesh!
  10. 10. Q&A with an Entrepreneur/Investor• What is one of the biggest problem you have faced so far trying to start a tech company in bangladesh?• You have an idea, have the money , found a developer, Why is it important to get the product out as fast as possible? Do you feel ruby can help with that?• Why is it important to save costs for a startup?• So what are you looking to do now?
  11. 11. Come Share your story at BD Tech Social! Meet Investors/
  12. 12. • Technology Community for startups, companies, entrepreneurs, & developers to promote Bangladesh Tech• Network, share ideas, help• Platform for dialogue on innovation, entrepreneurship and international networking
  13. 13. • Join us at Lighting round Presentation/Pitch – Help develop pitch skills – We have an feedback form for your presentation from Judges which we will compile and send to you – Take this as an opportunity to impress / find future partners, investors, you never know who is in the audience?• We are looking for Volunteers to join our team!