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Ranjith graduated from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and is presently working as a Senior Manager in South Indian Bank. Being an Auditor, dealing with numbers is his profession. He uses Evernote to organize his personal as well as professional life.

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  1. 1. HOW A BANKER USES EVERNOTE TO ORGANIZE HIS PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE Name: RanjithJayadevan Location: Trichur, Kerala, India Profession: Senior Manager, South Indian Bank Website: Twitter: @ rjwarrier Deviant Art: Bio I graduated from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Indiaand am presently working as aSenior Manager in South Indian Bank. Being an Auditor, dealing with numbers is my profession.I am passionate about blogging, animation, sketching andphotography. I use Evernote, everywhere Android phone Android Tablet- Google Nexus 7 Windows Desktop - Windows Windows Laptop - Windows I started using Evernote on a regular basis in November 2010. Initially I experimented with Evernote for desktop in early 2009 and discontinued it soon after to try various other tools.Dissatisfied with their performance, I switched back to Evernote and have been a loyal user since. Being a user ofthe free version for the initial year, I graduated to become a premium user in 2011. Although I do not upload the full 1GB per monthbut the
  2. 2. subscription costs just Rs.2000 for many valuable features which made complete business sense to me. I use Evernote for... EVERTYHING! I use Evernote on a daily basis for organizing my personal and professional life. Initially I used it only for creating backup of smaller files and transferring the data on my desktop, but now it is a part of every segment of my life. I also use Skitch, Evernote WebClipper, Clearly and offline notebooks very widely. I love the sync feature, which ensures that my notes are available on all the devices that I use. Organizing My Work Life - Organizing my work A lot of auditing and number crunching comes as a part of my profession and Evernote becomes a savior for me in that. While auditing I need to take lot of notes, so I create separate notebooks for each assignment which make it easier to look for them later. I use IFTTT and Powerbot apps to forward work related emails to my Evernote account so that I have all the important mails related to each assignment in their respective notebooks for ready reference. The new page capture camera is a great tool to capture paper documents on the go. I use this feature to capture and store documents that I need to collect as part of each assignment. Without an organizing tool like Evernote, it would be impossible to link all these resources in a productive manner. - Reference library Being a CA, remembering numerous complex rules and laws isessential for me, but it also is the most difficult task. I save circulars, news and even complete bare actsin Evernote and tag them. And the search option just makes it so easier, for e.g. If I have to search for a particular note which I know has ‘income tax,’ I just type the word and I get all notes related to it. Few of the bare acts have been shared as Public Notebooks.
  3. 3. - Planning Travel Travelling across the country is another facet of my work. I use Evernote and Google Maps to store maps of places I need to visit. I add the travel Itineraries and bills so that I can submit my claims after the trip. I use IFTTT with Foursquare to store the check-ins in Evernote so that I can refer the locations if I need to revisit. I can link all these various notes using tags to easily find them later on. - Go Paperless Id cards, hall tickets, certificates, mark sheets and everything paper are saved to my Evernote account. It essentially helps me to create back up of essential documents and have them handy all the time. Once again the powerful search feature helps me to find the document I need in a flash! Organizing My Personal Life - Organizing my blogs I use Evenote to write blogs. I currently maintain 5blogs and one of them is in Malayalam. I use Google transliteration utility for Windows to type in Malayalam directly in Evernote. All the edits are instantly synced with Evernote and are available in all my devices.
  4. 4. I also sketch extensively and have created a shared public notebook of my artwork. I post these sketches in my art blog and with Evernote it becomes easier for me to share and remember all the ideas that may have occurred to me.
  5. 5. -Managing Expenses I use Evernote to store the Insurance premium payment receipts, bills and order details of online purchases I make. This helps me to keep a track on expenses and plan my payments accordingly. - Creating backup of custom code
  6. 6. I use lot of custom HTML and PHP Codes in my website and blogs. I save the various code snippets in Evernote as backup. This way I can easily take the code from Evernote, whenever I need to restore some part of the source code. - Tech Library I use web clipper for my personal tech support library. Recently I have been experimenting with Raspberry Pi. I compile tutorials from various online resources to create my own versions for reference.Skitch comes to the rescue when I need to highlight specific parts of screenshots in my Tutorials.I will search for tech solutions on Google and then save it to Evernote. For e.g. my Windows used to get stuck and wouldn’t boot. After searching for some 30-40 mins in forums I found the solution. Now I have the solution and it’s saved in Evernote and whenever I face a problem I go back to the article and refer it. - Organizing apps I use My SMS is an Android app (available in Evernote Trunk) that automaticallysynctext messages to Evernote.
  7. 7. How do you use Evernote to keep your daily life organized? Share your stories in the comments! ***