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Euro Consulting EMEA, iGaming Licence & White Label Consultancy Offer Professional & Expert Services in the following areas:-

iGaming Business Consultancy
• Audit Services
• License Compliancy
• Gaming License Application Assistance
• iGaming Business Planning
• Affiliate Management Consultancy
• CRM Business Consultancy
• CRM Project Management
• Marketing Business Consultancy
• Marketing Project Management
• Cashier/ Payment System Consultancy
• Multi Language Contact Centre
Customer Service Support 24/7
• Executive Placement
• Business Staffing Support
• White Label iGaming Setup
• Risk Management
• Payroll Services
• Accountancy 5% Fixed Corporation Tax Model
• Company Set up
• Staffing/Payroll Services

“IT” iGaming Consultancy
• CRM “Igaming On Demand ” Platform For Sales & Customer Service “Oracle Right Now” “Oracle Fusion CRM” “Oracle CRM On Demand”
• Integrated Marketing “iGaming On
Demand” Platform
• Website Design & Hosting Services
• iGaming Business Intelligence Platform
“Oracle OBIEE”
• iGaming ERP Platform “ Oracle Fusion
Applications” “Oracle Financials”
• CRM and Marketing Project Management
• On Demand iGaming Technical
Professional & Expert Services
• Mobile Igaming Development For OSX & Android
• Smart TV Igaming Development
• Infrastructure Consultancy
• Cisco “Plug and Play” VOIP International Telephony System
• CRM Live Chat Solution
“Oracle RightNow”
• SMS Worldwide Marketing all Networks.

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Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming IT Package

  1. 1. “Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”Euro Consulting EMEAIT Solutions • Oracle RightNow • iGamingUnited KingdomEuro Consulting EMEA Head Office,23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, UKNetherlandsEuro Consulting, EMEA, Leeuwerikplein101, 144HZ, Purmerend, HollandMaltaEuro Consulting EMEA, 104 Old CollegeStreet, Sliema, SLM 1377, Malta, EU
  2. 2. Euro Consulting are offering our‘Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand’ Industry solution designed specifically tomaximise Business Development and Customer Relationship Management for your iGaming company.Euro Consulting have recently launched an‘out of the box’s solutions for the igaming industry that requires no orlittle configuration, no infrastructure or support costs. Our Igaming solution covers CRM, Live Chat, Marketingand a Business Intelligence platform from Oracle’s best of breed product stack.We offer a unique focus on many different application and technology initiatives by combining leading expertise,broad coverage, global reach, and a flexible delivery model, which is designed for the needs of each client. OurIndustry solution increases time to market, reduce costs, and deliver a competitive edge.Euro Consulting EMEA, Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”•“Out of the box”IT Package• No Customisation Required• No infrastucture Required• No infrastucture Cost• Fixed Implementation CostEuro Consulting EMEA • Total iGaming Solutions On Demand • iEuro Consulting EMEA, Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand 1Oracle RightNow, Chat Cloud Service 2Oracle RightNow, Email Mgmt Cloud Service 3Oracle RightNow, Dynamic Agent Desktop 4Oracle RightNow, Oracle Communications 5Oracle RightNow, Social Experience 6Euro Consulting EMEA, Contact Us 7
  3. 3. RTNOracle RightNowCRMOracle CRM FusionAnalytics Cloud ServiceChat Cloud ServiceEmail Mgmt Cloud ServiceDynamic Agent DesktopOracle CommunicationsSocial ExperienceBuilt In AnalyticsCustomer MasterSalesIncentive CompensationMobile & Outlook IntegrationTerritory & Quota MgmtKPI, Dashboard & Extensibility FWMarketingRTNMarketingEuro Consulting EMEAMarketingCRM FusionMarketingOracle Fusion ERP Data WarehouseFinancials • Procurement & Spend • Supply Chain & Order Mgmt • Human Resource • ProjectsOBIEEOracle Business IntelligenceEnterprise Edition Suite“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”•“Out of the box”IT Package• No Customisation Required• No infrastucture Required• No infrastucture Cost• Fixed Implementation Cost
  4. 4. Euro Consulting EMEA • Total iGaming Solutions On Demand • 2Oracle RightNowChat Cloud ServiceKey Features• Agent, customer, or activity-drivenchat• Customizable chat link, icon, andconsumer interface• Multidevice chat—from PCs,smartphones, tablets, and more• Chat conferencing, transfer, andsupervisor monitoring• Access to Oracle RightNowKnowledge Cloud Service before,during, and after chat sessionsKey Benefits• Increase sales conversion rate andaverage order size• Reduce shopping cart abandonment• Achieve highest customersatisfaction compared to otherchannels• Reduce call center costs andincrease efficiencyOracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service enablescompanies to provide a premium Web experiencethat delivers proven results, including highercustomer satisfaction, increased conversion, andimproved efficiency. It provides a way to engagecustomers before they abandon their purchases andalso assist Website visitors who are having problemssolving service issues on their own. Sessions can beinitiatedbycustomersortriggeredproactively,basedon company-defined rules. With Oracle RightNowChat Cloud Service, agents can always guide yourcustomers to the best answers and outcomes.bridging the gap between self-service and agent assistance“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”
  5. 5. Euro Consulting EMEA • Total iGaming Solutions On Demand • 3Oracle RightNowEmail Mgmt Cloud ServiceKey Features• Inquiry management• Single integrated knowledgebase• Tracking• Customer managementKey Benefits• Increase agent productivity withstandard response templates and ac-cess to knowledgebase• Improve first-touch resolution withauto-suggested solutions• Increase customer satisfaction andsave processing time by providingagents with complete customer inter-action historyMany organizations today are flooded with e-mails.And although these e-mails represent importantcommunications from customers, tracking andrespondingtothemcanbetaxing,strainingresource-strapped contact centers and frustrating customers.Oracle RightNow Email Management CloudService helps you stay ahead, tracking responses,automating answers from the knowledgebase,and escalating highly emotional e-mails. Youragents and your customers will thank you for it.improve agent productivity, increase customer satisfaction“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”
  6. 6. Euro Consulting EMEA • Total iGaming Solutions On Demand • 4Oracle RightNowDynamic Agent DesktopKey Features• Dynamic guidance to stepagents through work flowprocesses with structured andunstructured contextual cues• Unified enterprise data centralizedand presented contextually• Telephony integration enablingdesktop softphone, computertelephony integration (CTI) screenpop, and universal queuing• Cloud delivery for rightsizing tomatch dynamics of business• Interfaces and workflow processesconfigurable by business users• Channel integration for seamless,unified management of customerinteractions via traditional and socialchannelsKey Benefits• Increase customer and agentsatisfaction• Increase agent productivity andlower cost• Ramp up new agents faster• Provide consistent customerexperiences across channels• Adapt quickly to changing businessneedsOracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop CloudService guides agents with contextually relevantreal-time knowledge so they can quickly addresstheir immediate customer issue. By unifyingenterprise systems and guiding call center agentsthrough business processes across channels,agent pools, and geographies, Oracle RightNowDynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service delivershappy customers and highly productive, accurate, consistent customer experiences across all channels“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”
  7. 7. Euro Consulting EMEA • Total iGaming Solutions On Demand • 5Oracle RightNowOracle CommunicationsKey Benefits• Seamless cross-channelpurchasing and servicesexperiences• Personalized offers andinteractions• Fast time-to-market to meetcustomer demand• First-right ordering• Rapid fulfillment• Reduced order fallout• Accurate billingCommunication Service Providers (CSPs) aroundthe world are looking for ways to offer an engagingCustomer Experience (CX) so that they may expandtheir customer base, retain existing customers,and monetize on these relationships. To harvestthese benefits CSPs need to address CX at allcustomer touch points. Oracle has developed theCX Reference Architecture for Communicationsto help CSPs delivering a superior experience totheir customers in all touch points throughoutthe Customer Experience lifecycle. The OracleCX reference Architecture is founded on provensolutions and best-in-class applications andwill enable CSPs to adopt a holistic approach toCustomer Experience across standard processesfrom front office channels to back office operations.“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”
  8. 8. Euro Consulting EMEA • Total iGaming Solutions On Demand • 6Oracle RightNowSocial ExperienceKey Benefits• Deliver a seamless customer experi-ence regardless of where or howcustomers interact with you• Create customer loyalty, and gener-ate enthusiasm for your brand• Harness word of mouth to derivemore value from your marketingspending• Quickly and proactively addresscustomer concerns• Enable customer collaboration todrive support and innovation• Leverage user-generated content tobuild your knowledge foundation• Make it easy for customers to findthe answers they need—across chan-nels• Capture unstructured social insightsalong with formal feedback throughOracle RightNow Feedback CloudService• Earn a reputation for being open,collaborative, and responsiveThe social Web has given consumers more influenceover brands than ever. For organizations this shiftbrings new challenges and opportunities to winloyalty. Oracle RightNow Social Experience enablesbrandstoharnessconsumerinfluenceandpassioninservice of the brand. From social media monitoringto branded online communities to a full-serviceFacebook experience, it is designed to extendexperience to the places where consumers arelearning, sharing, and buying across the social unbeatable customer experience“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”
  9. 9. © copyright Euro Consulting EMEAProduced in Malta, EU, 2013All Rights ReservedEuro Consulting EMEA and the Euro Consulting EMEA logo are trademarks orregistered trademarks of International Business.Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or servicemarks of others. Oracle RightNow Specifiactions are of Oracle.References in this publication to Euro Consulting EMEA productsor servicesdo not imply that Euro Consulting EMEA intends to make them available in allcountries in which Euro Consulting EMEA operates.Euro Consulting EMEAHead Office (UK): +44 (0)131 220 2820Malta Office: +356 2778 0717e: info@euroconsulting-emea.euw: www.euroconsulting-emea.euContact Us“Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”