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Maximo Professional & Expert Services

  1. 1. “On Demand IT Solutions” Euro Consulting EMEA Maximo Professional & Expert Services United Kingdom Euro Consulting EMEA Head Office, 23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, UK Netherlands Euro Consulting, EMEA, Leeuwerikplein 101, 144HZ, Purmerend, Holland Malta Euro Consulting EMEA, 104 Old College Street, Sliema, SLM 1377, Malta, EU
  2. 2. Maximo Professional and Expert Services 1 2 3 4 5 Euro Consulting EMEA • Introduction Euro Consulting EMEA • About Us Maximo Professional Services Accelerate Proven Delivery Methodology 6 7 Why Our Professional Services Our Clients & Consulting Partners 8 Contact Us Contents “ ”
  3. 3. Euro Consulting EMEA focuses exclusively on the success of companies deploying enterprise Applications and technology. Our experts deliver on Euro Consulting’s commitment: to ensure that you benefit from a trusted lifetime partnership with Euro consulting and to help you achieve your business goals not only for now however also for the future. We offer a unique focus on many different application and technology initiatives by combining leading expertise, broad coverage, global reach, and a flexible delivery model, which is designed for the needs of each client. At Euro Consulting EMEA, our aim is to ensure the success of EVERY project, We work with clients to help with the delivery of their project, through providing Professional and Expert Services, working with you to define simple or complicated enterprise solution architecture, world Class development, and being on-hand to provide best in class support when you really need it. We have a strong portfolio of System Integration offerings to provide increased added value for clients, as well as a source of better growth and profitability. Our enhanced distributed delivery model has quality, scalability, predictability and flexibility at low price point, and we have a strong onshore and offshore presence from both our “Advanced Oracle Service Centre” (AOSC) and IBM Maximo Centre of Excellence based out of our Edinburgh, Malta and Netherlands offices. “We pride ourself on the expert knowledge of its staff, the quality of its deliverable’s, value-add tools, methodologies and processes and the open, honest and trusting relationships established over the years with our clients and partners alike, this is vitally important for us in such a niche market.” Introduction “ ” 1 Maximo Professional and Expert Services
  4. 4. Euro Consulting EMEA is a leading IT Consulting and business services organisation. It provides business consulting, system integration and IT system support. Euro Consulting works closely with its customers to understand their IT needs, enabling change that increases their efficiency & productivity by applying our deep industry knowledge in the relevant areas. Globally we have built an established ECM, Oracle, EAM and Telecom Networks capability (including document and record management) delivered through our European practices (including UK) linked via an international network. Our network of almost 15,000 specialists world-wide and our legacy of over 100 completed projects to date, we are recognised as a specialist for all major enterprise applications that are available on todays competitive market. Our Oracle Practice is very specific to the Industry sectors we specialise in, over the years we have built an Oracle Competence Centre with expertise with Siebel CRM, OBIEE, Oracle Database. SOA Architecture, Fusion Middleware, Customer Data Integration (CDI) and the only Competence Centre in the UK with experienced CC&B (formally Cordaptix) and lodestar MDM expertise. With the level of expertise we feel we have created a ONE Stop Shop for services, which is a unique service to offer our clients today. “Our approach is relationship driven – we regard ourselves both as consultant and partner, and geared to provide you with positive outcomes at all stages of our relationship.” About Us “ ” Maximo Professional and Expert Services2
  5. 5. Euro Consulting EMEA Maximo Professional Services offers best in class services to support you and your Maximo solution, from assessment through implementation and support.
Our consultants have a minimum 8 years skill and experience, they have delivered more Maximo projects than any other Maximo Business Partner in Europe. They also have extensive industry knowledge in asset-intensive businesses and organisations such as Chemicals and Petroleum, Energy and Utilities (Including Smart Metering and Smart Grids), Transportation, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Government. In addition our Maximo Experts draw from the strength of Euro Consulting EAM Centre of Excellence, coupling deep insight of asset management with deep technical expertise in the product, and applying this knowledge to your specific challenges and needs. We have functional Business experts to work with you across all lines of business, and technical experts to help with infrastructure, integration solutions to all major enterprise and bespoke applications, for new implementations or for migrations or upgrades. Our global reach facilitates multi-site implementation, Multi Language, almost anywhere in the world. Euro Consulting EMEA has delivered Maximo rollout for over 27 sites worldwide covering 8 different languages across 3 continents for the largest Maximo Manufacturing Projects in Europe to date. “We work closely with its customers to understand the companies needs.” Maximo Professional Services “ ” 3 Maximo Professional and Expert Services
  6. 6. Maximo Professional Services also offers Accelerators 
for targeted Maximo industry solutions. These Accelerators, available only through Maximo Professional Services for specific Industry Solutions Such as Maximo for Transportation, Maximo for Oil and Gas, augment frequently-requested Maximo capabilities and expedite Maximo delivery, helping your business retrieve ROI more quickly and less expensively. Euro Consulting EMEA Accelerators employ best in practice industry standards fields and require little-to-no configuration or tailoring, and no customisation. They are a growing family of tools thatdelivervaluefaster,atlesscost.EuroConsulting EMEA have the Maximo Experience to deploy a non Customised solution across your business ensuring less business risks for the future of your Maximo Business Solution. “Maximo for Oil & Gas helps manage production equipment, facilities,transportation and IT assets on one single platform.” Accelerate “ ” Maximo Professional and Expert Services4
  7. 7. As part of Euro Consulting EMEA our Maximo consultants utilise proven methods and tools to support their expertise. Our Best of Practice EAM Delivery Methodology “MaxdeplyTM”employs the collective knowledge of our entire organisation, drawing from more
than ten years of experience with Maximo and IBM project engagements. The “Maxdploy” Methodology has multiple phases our consultants use to implement Maximo across multiple asset classes and industries with no or little customisation. It contains a consistent set of processes, procedures and tools that address client needs for Maximo solution services. The “Maxdeploy” Methodology ensures the highest quality non Customised solution, the best support for your organisation and a delivery with minimum Project Problems The methodology continues to evolve as we learn from each project. Why use our Professional Services? Euro Consulting Professional Services experts are uniquely Certified in Maximo to assist you with Maximo Deployment. They Having actual hands on experience and Industry specific knowledge, and proven skills within EAM organisations we have the know how to develop every solution under the most tightest timeframes. Our Maximo consultants, Maximo industry experience and our “MaxidployTM” methodology are all supported by our Asset Management Maximo Center of Excellence and our Advanced Oracle Service Center (AOSC), assures consistent solution delivery anywhere in the world. As part of the Euro Group of companies Euro Consulting EMEA we will work with you to implement the most transformative asset management solution possible – one that will make your organisation more efficient. Proven Delivery Methodology “ ” 5 Maximo Professional and Expert Services
  8. 8. Why Our Professional Services? “ ” • Asset Management Health check– Define asset management maturity and opportunity • Business Case Development– Return-on-investment evaluation • Maximo Implementations and Upgrades– Comprehensive solution development and deployment, including global templates, Multi Site Deployment, Multi language, Global ERP Integration to any ERP application • Program/Project Management– Managing engagements from simple to complex, local to global • GIS Integration– Integration with ESRI, and other spatial solutions • RFID Integration– Real time asset tracking • Inventory Optimization– Managing MRO inventory • Technical Services– Integration, customization and technical infrastructure services • Training– Enabling proficiency and reinforcing best practices • Maximo Accelerators– Pre-packaged extensions for enhanced functionality and accelerated benefits realization • “Maxdploy TM” Methodology– Consistent and proven delivery methodology • Current Skills– Ongoing training, and access to latest product information • Global Reach– Network of over 1000 Maximo consultants worldwide. Core Offerings Other Offerings Differentiators Maximo Professional and Expert Services6
  9. 9. Pharmaceutical Our Consulting Partners Oil, Gas, Energy & Utilities Finance Manufacturing Hospitality Transport “On Demand IT Solutions” Our Clients & Consulting Partners Maximo Professional and Expert Services7 Telecom
  10. 10. Contact Us “ ” Maximo Professional and Expert Services8 © copyright Euro Consulting EMEA Produced in Malta, EU, 2012 All Rights Reserved Euro Consulting EMEA and the Euro Consulting EMEA logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. References in this publication to Euro Consulting EMEA productsor services do not imply that Euro Consulting EMEA intends to make them available in all countries in which Euro Consulting EMEA operates. Euro Consulting EMEA Head Office (UK): +44 (0)131 220 2820 Malta Office: +356 2778 0717 e: w: