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Tririga Detailed Presentation


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IBM Tririga
Euro Consulting EMEA offer a unique focus on many different application and technology initiatives by combining leading expertise, broad coverage, global reach, and a flexible delivery model, which is designed for the needs of each client.

IBM’s solution for workplace data integration is IBM®TRIRIGA®. This solution provides an integrated workplace management system (IWMS).

IBM®TRIRIGA® integrates functional models across:

Real Estate
Capital Projects,
Facilities Space Management,
Facility Maintenance
Environmental & Energy Management

Euro Consulting EMEA is an IBM® Business Partner and offer the full TRIRIGA® suite of products. Offering professional and expert, business and technical support services, Euro Consulting EMEA will successfully implement a solution designed to the client’s specific requirements.

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Tririga Detailed Presentation

  1. 1. “On Demand IT Solutions”Euro Consulting EMEAIBM• TRIRIGAUnited KingdomEuro Consulting EMEA Head Office,23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, UKNetherlandsEuro Consulting, EMEA, Leeuwerikplein101, 144HZ, Purmerend, HollandMaltaEuro Consulting EMEA, 104 Old CollegeStreet, Sliema, SLM 1377, Malta, EU
  2. 2. ContentsEuro Consulting EMEA • Introduction 1Euro Consulting EMEA • About Us 2IBM • TRIRIGA 3IBM TRIRIGA • Real Estate Management 4IBM TRIRIGA • Capital Projects Management 6IBM TRIRIGA • Facilities Space Management 7IBM TRIRIGA • Facility Maintenance 8IBM TRIRIGA • Environmental & Energy Management 9Euro Consulting EMEA • Our Clients 10Euro Consulting EMEA • Contact Us 11IBM®TRIRIGA® integrating functional models across: • Real Estate • Capital Projects, • Facilities Space Management • Facility Maintenance • Environmental & Energy Management“On Demand IT Solutions”
  3. 3. Euro Consulting EMEA focuses exclusivelyon the success of companies deployingenterprise Applications and technology.Our experts deliver on Euro Consulting’scommitment: to ensure that you benefitfrom a trusted lifetime partnership with Euroconsulting and to help you achieve yourbusiness goals not only for now however alsofor the future.We offer a unique focus on many differentapplication and technology initiativesby combining leading expertise, broadcoverage, global reach, and a flexible deliverymodel, which is designed for the needsof each client. At Euro Consulting EMEA,our aim is to ensure the success of EVERYproject, We work with clients to help with thedelivery of their project, through providingProfessional and Expert Services, workingwith you to define simple or complicatedenterprise solution architecture, world Classdevelopment, and being on-hand to providebest in class support when you really need it.We have a strong portfolio of SystemIntegration offerings to provide increasedadded value for clients, as well as asource of better growth and profitability.Our enhanced distributed delivery modelhas quality, scalability, predictability andflexibility at low price point, and we have astrong onshore and offshore presence fromboth our “Advanced Oracle Service Centre”(AOSC) and IBM Centre of Excellence basedout of our Edinburgh, Malta and Netherlandsoffices.“We pride ourself on the expert knowledge of itsstaff, the quality of its deliverable’s, value-add tools,methodologies and processes and the open, honestand trusting relationships established over the yearswith our clients and partners alike, this is vitallyimportant for us in such a niche market.”IntroductionEuro Consulting EMEA •1
  4. 4. Euro Consulting EMEA is a leadingIT Consulting and business servicesorganisation. It provides businessconsulting, system integration and IT systemsupport. Euro Consulting works closelywith its customers to understand their ITneeds, enabling change that increases theirefficiency & productivity by applying our deepindustry knowledge in the relevant areas.Globally we have built an establishedECM, Oracle, EAM and Telecom Networkscapability (including document and recordmanagement) delivered through ourEuropean practices (including UK) linkedvia an international network. Our network ofalmost 15,000 specialists world-wide andour legacy of over 100 completed projectsto date, we are recognised as a specialistfor all major enterprise applications that areavailable on todays competitive market.Our Oracle Practice is very specific to theIndustry sectors we specialise in, over theyears we have built an Oracle CompetenceCentrewithexpertisewithSiebelCRM,OBIEE,Oracle Database. SOA Architecture, FusionMiddleware, Customer Data Integration (CDI)and the only Competence Centre in the UKwith experienced CC&B (formally Cordaptix)and lodestar MDM expertise. With the levelof expertise we feel we have created a ONEStop Shop for services, which is a uniqueservice to offer our clients today.“Our approach is relationship driven – we regardourselves both as consultant and partner, and gearedto provide you with positive outcomes at all stages ofour relationship.”About UsEuro Consulting EMEA • 2
  5. 5. Euro Consultant EMEA offer a unique focus on many different application and technologyinitiatives by combining leading expertise, broad coverage, global reach, and a flexibledelivery model, which is designed for the needs of each client.IBM’s solution for workplace data integration is IBM®TRIRIGA®. This solution provides anintegrated workplace management system (IWMS).IBM®TRIRIGA® integrates functional models across: •Real Estate •Capital Projects, •Facilities Space Management, •Facility Maintenance •Environmental & Energy ManagementEuro Consulting EMEA is an IBM® Business Partner and offer the full TRIRIGA® suite ofproducts. Offering professional and expert, business and technical support services, EuroConsulting EMEA will successfully implement a solution designed to the client’s specificrequirements. Euro Consulting EMEA has extensive experience with the full TRIRIGAproduct. Our TRIRIGA-certified consultants work closely with our clients, delivering on thecommitment of Euro Consulting, providing the highest results. Our clients can be assured ofa quality services through, up-to-date and detailed progress reports. “We work closely with its customers to understand thecompanies needs.”IBM • TRIRIGAEuro Consulting EMEA • 3
  6. 6. IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Management’s compelling, adjustable and user-friendly featurescompare lease and purchase transactions. This alerts to potential CAM/OPEX overpaymentsand automate compliance with FAS 13 and internal audits.Due to TRIRIGA Real Estate Management, our clients are able make quicker, more precisedecisions, bringing increased value to their organizations. This is done though high-returnreal estate transactions, lease accounting controls and automated lease payment resolution.IBM TRIRIGA opens new opportunities for improved real estate management in three keyareas: •Transaction Management •Lease Administration •Lease AccountingIBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager assists, reduce overall costs, increase return on assetsand achieve higher profitability.IBM TRIRIGA • Real Estate ManagementEuro Consulting EMEA • 4
  7. 7. IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager is enterprise-wide software. Through advancedproject planning, accelerating project schedules and management features, organisationsare benefiting from the highest possible returns from capital projects.The three areas reeling the rewards from TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager: •Project Portfolio •Management Project Planning •Project Schedule ManagementTRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager identifies priorities and opportunities for allocation offunding within capital programs, provides project risk analysis.IBM TRIRIGA ensures advanced project implementation and control capabilities required tosuccessfully complete projects early or on time, within budget and with the desired quality.IBM TRIRIGA • Capital Projects ManagementEuro Consulting EMEA • 5
  8. 8. IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Space Manager is an essential part of Computer Aided FacilityManagement (CAFM), this will enable your organisation to manage your space the mostefficient way. Space efficiency is achieved by optimising occupancy, by charging organisationsfor the space that they occupy, the return on investment is maximised.TRIRIGA Facilities Space Manager optimises the following aspects: •Strategic Facility Planning •Move Management •Reservation & Hoteling ManagementWith a baseline precise record of your space footprint, you are provided with advancedutilisation of Space Planning. Move Management capabilities of the application allow you totrack all elements and complex relationships of moves within your organisation. Operationalcosts are reduced by efficiently tracking moves, small and large; you are able to reduce theChurn Rate.TRIRIGA Facilities Manager and TRIRIGA CAD Integrator facilitates, accurately identifiesSpace Occupancy. TRIRIGA provides a reservation system in order to eliminate inefficientspace resulting in improved work productivity.IBM TRIRIGA • Facilities Space ManagementEuro Consulting EMEA • 6
  9. 9. IBM TRIRIGA Facilities and Operations Manager is a full-bodied Computerised MaintenanceManagement System (CMMS) improving these key components: •Service Life Cycle Management •Preventive Maintenance •Condition Based Maintenance •Environmental & Energy AnalysisTRIRIGA Facilities and Operations Manager enables organisations to manage their assetsover their lifecycle in order to reduce maintenance expenses and deliver high-quality service.It provides organisations with significant data needed to not only preserve, but also enhancethe utility, safety and value of their property and assets.TRIRIGA Facility Assessment tracks and evaluates buildings, equipment, the conditionof assets and life expectancy, recording deficiencies and environmental opportunities toimprove the condition of real estate assets. Accurate Facility Condition Index (FCI) data isavailable, resulting with improved capital planning.IBM TRIRIGA • Facilities MaintenanceEuro Consulting EMEA • 5
  10. 10. IBM TRIRIGA Environmental Manager concentrates on improving the following areas: •Environmental and Energy Analysis •Environmental and Energy Project Planning •Integrated Facility ManagementTRIRIGA Environmental Manager offers organisations the ways to achieve their sustainabilitytargets. This can be done, by tracking and managing the use of energy and environmentalperformance across their facilities and assets. It provides environmental data that is usedto manage, track and improve environmental performance, evaluate opportunities, reducingcosts and manage project implementation.IBM TRIRIGA • Environmental & Energy ManagementEuro Consulting EMEA • 8
  11. 11. PharmaceuticalOur Consulting PartnersOil, Gas, Energy & UtilitiesFinanceManufacturingHospitalityTransportEuro Consulting EMEA • 9Telecom“On Demand IT Solutions”Our Clients
  12. 12. Euro Consulting EMEAHead Office (UK): +44 (0)131 220 2820Malta Office: +356 2778 0717e: info@euroconsulting-emea.euw:© copyright Euro Consulting EMEAProduced in Malta, EU, 2013All Rights ReservedEuro Consulting EMEA and the Euro Consulting EMEA logo are trademarks orregistered trademarks of International Business.Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or servicemarks of others.References in this publication to Euro Consulting EMEA productsor servicesdo not imply that Euro Consulting EMEA intends to make them available in allcountries in which Euro Consulting EMEA operates.Contact Us“On Demand IT Solutions”