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Narrative report


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Narrative report

  1. 1. BAMBOO INDUSTRY FORUM AND PROVINCIAL PLANNING WORKSHOP February 16-18, 2011 Fred Ann’s Food Haus, City of Koronadal NARRATIVE REPORTIntroduction As the Philippine government is committed to promote and establish bambooindustry in the country, Executive Order No. 879, series of 2010 was crafted andpromulgated, creating the Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Council(PBIDC) to promote the bamboo industry development project and directing the useof bamboo for at least twenty five (25%) percent of the desk and other furniturerequirements of public elementary and secondary schools and prioritizing the use ofbamboo in furniture, fixtures and allocating funds therefor and for other purposes. The Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies,(NGAs), and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) envisioned a collaborativeeffort in pursuing a convergence approach in the bamboo industry developmentwhich will significantly contribute to the mitigation of climate change and protectionof environment. It is therefore understood that this synergy or forging of commonunderstanding of all sectors/stakeholders will bring about a cohesive partnership inachieving government goals and objectives. Along this premise, the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, by virtue ofExecutive Order No. 05, series of 2011, created the South Cotabato IndustryDevelopment Council and Institutionalization of the Kawayan Festival to provide theover-all policy and program directions for all the bamboo industry stakeholders. In this endeavor, to drumbeat the advocacy on bamboo industrydevelopment, the Rural Micro Enterprise Promotions Program (RuMEPP), a specialprogram of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and International Fund forAgricultural Development, in partnership with the Provincial Government of SouthCotabato, had conducted the three-day Provincial Bamboo Forum and IndustryPlanning Workshop. This initiative is funded under the RuMEPP of DTI.ProceedingsDay 1 – February 16 The activity commenced with preliminaries. Hon. Arthur “Dodo” Y. Pingoy, Jr.,governor of South Cotabato welcomed the participants and guests in the ProvincialBamboo Forum and Planning Workshop. He said that he is proud of PEMO forgiving support to this activity particularly in the reforestation program using bamboo.
  2. 2. 2He stated that the provincial government will try to include in the supplementalbudget the provision of bamboo seedlings / planting materials. He stressed that theprovincial government will give its share in the development of bamboo industry.PD Flora P. Gabunales, Provincial Director of DTI South Cotabato introduced theKeynote Speaker.Mr. Franklin Bunoan, Executive Director of DTI-Cottage Industry Technology Center(CITC), the Keynote Speaker presented the E-Bambu Philippines (Appendix A). Hesaid that bamboo helps mitigate climate change and it helps protect theenvironment. He further said that bamboo is a great help in the economy, disasterrisk management and it helps generate job opportunities 160 times than lumberdoes.Mr. Ernesto C. Casiple, Jr., RPO of DTI-RuMEPP presented the PersonalCommitments: Networking & Climate Action Session.Input 1: The Provincial Bamboo Situationer and the Recommended Actions waspresented by Mr. Ramon B. Ponce De Leon, Provincial Environment ManagementOfficer (Appendix B).Input 2: The topics on Revisiting Community-Based Forest ManagementAgreement: The Role of PENRO in Promoting Bamboo Industry and ClimateChange Adaptation was tackled by Forester Efren Hibaler of PENRO SouthCotabato (Appendix C).Input 3: The Business of Environmental Protection was discussed by Mr. RictonielReginio, CTIDS of DTI South Cotabato (Appendix D).Day 1 - OPEN FORUM (Part 1)Panel Members: 1. Mr. Franklin Bunoan 2. Mr. Ramon Ponce De Leon 3. Mr. Rictoniel Reginio After the presentation, the following issues and concerns were raised by theparticipants:NO. ISSUES AND CONCERNS / RESPONSE / ACTION TAKEN DISCUSSION1 Mr. Fruto Sumagaysay of PIO - DTI Mr. Franklin Bunoan- I was encourages the propagation of bamboo. emphasizing on engineered We observed that there are lots of bamboo. It will transform bamboo farmers who are using bamboo or its into six clumps in one to three years “tambo” as food substitute. If you are old. Its implication is yong sobra sa espousing the propagation of bamboo- anim kelangan iharvest yon, five pillars, what is your plan regarding karamihan ng local govt units
  3. 3. 3 that matter? “Ipagbabawal ba ang nagpapasa ng ordinance. Bawal pagpanambo ng mga farmers”? yon. They should teach the farmers how to harvest “tambo”. If dalawa ang bamboo, harvesin yong maliit. That is one point na itinuturo sa clump mngt . Ang annual harvest mo nag-aaverage 1 thou to 2thou tons. Not all kawayan as masarap yong tambo.2 Dir. Maisalam G. Macarimbang of Mr. Bunoan – distillate chemicals TESDA – May I know if you have a from bamboo. In other countries, study about bamboo medicinal/health where bamboo industry has been benefits? developed, they have studies on that. In the Phil., we have no study yet on the bamboo medicinal benefits. “Mataas yong capital requirements sa industry nito for textile. Tinitingnan natin kung saan po tayo uunlad agad3 Participant (Jo) – Requested PEMO to Mr. Ramon Ponce De Leon of include the Samahan ng Magsasaka PEMO - RA 9184 (Government Cooperative in the procurement of Procurement Reform Act). May I bamboos in order to less the hauling fee suggest for the Samahan to write the governor thru the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) in order that the Samahan will be included in the canvass/bidding. The problem there is, does the Samahan have complete papers? Last time, we were able to buy bamboos in Gensan from the individual bamboo growers. We were not allowed by BAC to do it again because it should undergo bidding process, yet we can arrange that. They allow now a MOA between the suppliers and the buyer especially Samahan is a cooperative or people’s organization.4 Dir. Macarimbang of TESDA- In the Mr. Bunoan- Not all occupations are fields of Carpentry NC-2 and Carpentryin the formal sectors. The NC-3, you (referring to Mr. Bunoan) emergence of the technologies have presented the harvesting, splitting always comes first before giving of bamboos, are those skills highly definitions to occupations. technical? There is no training regulations yet, “Pag nacompose na yong kawayan, “Kasi nangyari eh, hindi na-dedevelop doon i-create yong occupational title. yong training regulations”. A this point in time, the bamboo
  4. 4. 4 industry devt council has not yet look into the devt of training courses for this occupation primarily because “pabago-bago sia”.5 Mrs. Alejandra Villacampa of LGU- PEMO - based on “bahay-kubo”, Polomolok – Why is it that the Jane Manlisis invited Polomolok. municipality of Polomolok was not Anyway, we recognized Polomolok included in the list of bamboo crafters? as one of the crafters. -Do we have a technology in bamboo Mr. Bunoan- What do you want in charcoal making? “Paano nautilize ang technology, is it high-cost or low-cost waste na hindi masasayang” technology? Gusto mo ba na waste material mo lang iboboil-kung ano yong makukuha mong uling, ilalagay don, charcoal decaying machine. Napakarami ng schematics/working drawings for low-cost charcoal making, I hope that DOST can give input on that.6 Mr. Benigno Aquino from TESDA PEMO – That depends on the South Cotabato – What is the reason efficiency of MENRO to request. why the municipality of Tantangan is not We are not forgetting Tantangan, a beneficiary of bamboo crafting? actually we have provided many planting materials in Tantangan. You can request for it.7 Casiple – Do we have data on bamboo- PEMO – The data is not complete how many are planted? because it was only two weeks when the inventory has conducted.8 Participant from DENR – We will be conducting an inventory on bamboo. We can assure the local govt units in region 12 that we will be providing the data. Not yet identify the bamboo species. Specie 1, specie 2 That is a very important information – Mr. Bunoan- problems encountered that the time the local govt wl come in in pricing, there must be a method on rationalizing it. -you should know the accessibility9 Mrs. Victoria Farrol, MENRO Mr. Bunoan – I have said during my designate-Sto. Niño– I have attended all presentation that right now, we have the trainings conducted by DTI. many potential investors na
  5. 5. 5 matatakot, ilang dept /sangay ng “Ito bang kawayan natin ma-sustain govt na nagsasabi na magtanim ng natin? Halimbawa, magtanim tayo kawayan. ngayon, the DTI will give us the Sa Benguet, yong kanilang “afus”, if technology, baka pagdating sa punto na they will be sending out invitation, ito marami na kaming harvest, wala na yong tinatawag namin na kaming buyer. Like what happened sa confidential building market, mas kaong na tonetonelada, marami na competitive ang open market, kaming ginawa. Ang rate ng kawayan sa puno pa lang is Mr. Reginio- iba ang sitwasyon P70. Mas matibay ang bayog-150. Baka nong nata de coco. indi maganda wala naman kaming buyer. Malaki ang yong quality ng product natin, kaya gastos sa kawayan. naapektuhan ang producers. Kelangan naming ng technology nio Tungkol sa kawayan, there should hanggang sa katapusan. be a collaborative effort among gov’t agencies to initiate market opportunities. If the market opportunity could be accessed then, it would be dynamic. We cannot hold the investors. It is a risk taking endeavor. Mr. Casiple- yong mga potential growers ng gimelina indi na nag- cocommunicate. It is our role to connect w/ investors.Input 4: Mrs. Maisalam G. Macarimbang Provincial Director of TESDA SouthCotabato presented the topics on Upgrading Technical Skills Towards ImproveBamboo Based Products. (Appendix E)Input 6: DBP Programs for MSMEs and Bamboo Industry was presented by Ms. IvieSabellano and Mr. Oscar E Sarmineto, Jr. of DBP Southern Mindanao, GSC.(Appendix F)Input 7: Ms. Jocelyn P. Celda from DepED Division of South Cotabato discussedthe Education Commitment to Environment Protection Focus on Bamboo.(Appendix G)Input 8: The Role of Agriculture in Bamboo Industry Development was tackled byMr. Reynaldo H. Legaste, Provincial Agriculturist of the province (Appendix H).Day 1 – Open Forum (Part 2)Panel Members:
  6. 6. 6 1. Mr. Reynaldo H. Legaste 2. Mrs. Maisalam G. Macarimbang 3. DBP Team 4. Mrs. Jocelyn CeldaNO. ISSUES AND CONCERNS RESPONSE / ACTION TAKEN1 Mrs. Jane Manlisis - DBP reforestation program, DBP - hanggang 30%, hanggang ilang taon tayo magkakaroon ng mabayaran ang terms of ganong scheme? reference2 Mr. Casiple- Climate financing facility Ms. Ivie of DBP - Head office project yan sia. To register the project itself, as of now, documentation is still on going, will inform if ok na yong project.3 Participant form DENR- massive production of Mr. Legaste of PAGRI –In bamboo, concerned agencies to establish, we nursery production, we need a very efficient nursery when we can have to identify what type produce, maybe we can encourage LGU to of bamboo to produce and establish nurseries where to plant. DBP partnership- grant w/ DBP, our target area is purposely for reforestation. Criteria ng DBP dapat malapit sia sa kalsada. Road map. Critical is the hauling of cut lings. 50% mortality ng seedlings.4 Mrs. Andang- ano ang marketing opportunity ng DBP-wala po kami na- bamboo sa ngayon? identify ng ganyan. Kung may na-identify kau ng sure market / buyer, mas madaling magfinance. Mr. Casiple - kung may ara na ta market, DBP will help us plan our strategy. Critical concern in bamboo industry.5 Mr. Casiple - Two weeks ago, I have heard from DepED - 25% of our a national office naga-canvass ng school chairs chairs is made up of and desks ang DepED. Kulang ang supply ng bamboo-limited pa ang bamboo desks and chairs. Let us know para supply mainform namin ang growers. CENRO-Kor - expanding plantation of bamboo, Mr. Legaste- farmers are pag-nalaman ng committee na mayroong need, best decision makers, if
  7. 7. 7baka maraming magtatanim,lumiliit po yong they shift the crop.pinagtatamnan ng rice and corn, I don’t know if we Bamboo suited to semi-have a policy in the province to limit the marginal to marginal area.plantation--- Our target is if we tie up w/ province, uunahin namin yong bundok, reforestation of watershed area. Dalawa matatamaan natin: economic aspect and environmental aspect. Honestly, wala pa tayong klaro na commercial planting of bamboo. Focus muna tayo sa reforestation project.Mr. Jumilla of PPDO - I like the program of DepED- we could startDepED concerning propagation of massive campaigning with ourreforestation. Kelan maumpisahan yon district supervisors. Weconsidering na malapit na ang school year? can involve them in our advocacies, planting bamboos. We need also to linkage with other agencies. Some of our schools are using bamboos as support to prevention of flood. This can be done also in lesson and in project making. DepED is the best avenue for advocacy / information disseminationMr. Casiple - Do you have training for carpentry in Tesda-we have two (2)bamboo? graduates last year in carpentry. We are waiting for scholarship. We have a community- based technology program. We can tap other agencies. Kung mayroon tayong training, dapat yong trainer ay certified ng Tesda. We have an income generating program. Hindi bibilhin ng DepED if di maganda ang performance/quality. Dapat ang trainer ay NC-2
  8. 8. 8 Mr. Casiple- there will be assistance from Mr. Legaste- we can draw RuMEPP to upgrade bamboo crafting/industry. bamboo road map.Day 2 – Feb 17Recapitulation by Mrs. Loida S. VillaInput 9: Appreciating Value Chain Analysis in Industry Development Planning wasdiscussed by Mr. Rictoniel T. Reginio. (Appendix I)Input 10: The Bamboo Industry Value Chain was presented by Mr. Richard IshmaelArceño, Bamboo Point Person / STIDS of DTI South Cotabato. (Appendix J)PROVINCIAL BAMBOO PLANNING / OPEN FORUM / GROUP DISCUSSIONS &OUTPUT PRESENTATIONSMr. Ramon Ponce De Leon facilitated the provincial bamboo planning workshop. Heasked the participants to identify the problems and constraints encountered in thebamboo industry.DISCUSSION RESPONSEMr. Doming of CENRO Kor - We have many PEMO-There is a gap inexisting bamboo productions, all we need is a market. When you say market,sure market. it is a marketing of raw materials. We have a great supply of bamboo but lack of marketing schemes.Tribal Asso., Tboli – We need a proper Inventory/datadocumentation and inventory of existing bamboostands and newly planted bamboo in order for usto make a realistic project.LGU Surallah - Area to be planted, in Surallahalong the riverbanks, wala nabuhi didto siguro saflow ng tubig. Siguro sa bukid na lang namonitanom ky kung sa river bank indi kami kapabuhi.Tutukan yong project. There should be a focal We take the commitment of theperson –nurturing the planted seeds land owners. Ginapaclaro gid ina sa adaptors, MOA/ pledge of commitmentAileen- lack of quality nursery for bamboo Accredited bamboo nurseryseedlings
  9. 9. 9Elmer- low participation/ attitude of farmers Those who are not committed, indi pagtagaan sang seedlingsRoger Acosta- pag institutionalize sa ini nga One of the functions of theindustry, legislative support from barangay/, Bamboo industry council is themunicipality, magsulod na ang funding. May mga formulation of the guidelines.native products, wala kita sang legislation na i- One of the key result areas ofprevent ang pagputol sg bamboo kay damo gamit our planning is policybi ang kawayan “pusog” legislative sa cutting sa formulation. It will be neededexisting na punuan. Kung wala basi mag abot ang para ma-institutionalize. Wepanahon na mawala. can ask the SP to pass an ordinance in support of the bamboo industry council.Ang mga manguguma concern gid sila sa presyo. Price control council forTani ma-regulate ang price. Pagnakita bi na bamboosuccessful ang marketing sag bamboo damomasulod na investorsBarangay awareness on the importance of IECbamboo, kelangan IECLack of skills training to produce creative items , Skills trainingsuch as bags, shoes, key chainsFarrol- dapat i-train and see to it the good quality- Product developmentProduct developmentOrganizational aspect of our producers.Technical/ Empowerment of bamboofunding assistance growers & craftersCrafter-Jojo-Banga Funding supportLack of funding supportLack of research center for bamboo, some other Research studiesuses of bamboo, medicinal ba ang bambooSummary of Problems and Constraints Identified by the ParticipantsNO. PROBLEMS AND CONSTRAINTS ENCOUNTERED
  10. 10. 101 Lack of marketing schemes for raw materials (bamboo poles, slats, etc.)2 No database information systems on: • Bamboo inventory (newly planted and existing bamboo clumps) • Potential / identified areas to be planted (not only along riparian areas)3 Lack of accredited bamboo nurseries4 Lack of appreciation/ low participation of target beneficiaries5 Lack of enhancement and know-how on management capabilities in nurturing of bamboo6 Poor support of local government units and other agencies (for funding support)7 Unregulated utilization of bamboos (burning of clumps, “pusog”)8 Price stability9 Lack of advocacy on bamboo10 Lack of skills training and product development (quality, other uses) for bamboo11 No existing organizations for bamboo growers (organizational strengthening for bamboo crafters)12 No fund support for bamboo craftersMr. Ponce De Leon showed the KRA- South Cotabato BambooIndustry/Development PlanThe participants were divided into four groups by sector based on the presentedKRA of South Cotabato Bamboo Industry/Development Plan.After a thorough discussion, Group A, B, C & D presented their BambooIndustry/Development Plan (Appendix K)Group A – Presentation – Resource ManagementComments / Suggestions: 1. Time Frame on planting Suggestion: May 2011-2016 -Mr. Jumilla- He commented that “Habang nagaconduct ng data gathering, umpisahan na ang nursery/planting because we cant wait . We have to consider na damo kulang, sa crops, kulang gid kaayo, kung hulaton result ng data, kulang gid. Basi magbaha na sa South Cotabato before planting”. 2. Indicate quantity on Indicators/Expected Output 3. Mr. Casiple asked the specific or detailed amount / budget for the particular activity. DTI intervention in bamboo industry. Convergence mechanism – details of budget from where to get the funds/budget. Concrete document for a fund. Indicative cost is not an existing fund.
  11. 11. 11 4. Mrs. Manlisis- suggested for adding the “Source of funds” in the column of a dev’t plan. 5. Mr. Doming- Training to be facilitated by province, para isa na lang yong pag hold nila. 6. PEMO- we will conduct the trainer’s trainingMr. Casiple suggested that the submission of budget will be a week after theconduct of the planning workshop. The body agreed on that suggestion.Municipal/City Commitments on Establishing Nurseries1. Marbel- 13 upland brgys. basically all brgys.2. Tampakan-all brgys3. Sto. Nino-4 barangays lang5. Surallah- all brgys.6. Lake Sebu 19 brgys.7. Tboli-8. Banga- 39. Tantangan-210.Norala-511. Polomolok-3Mr. Ponce De Leon stressed that the municipality must be realistic to fund theirrespective nurseries. He said that the PEMO has a budget of Php 600,000 per yearfor 5 years-from bamboo alone. He further said that PEMO does not establishnursery, it is the PAGRI. The PEMO will only buy.One of the participants asked that, “in case magkaroon ng decision ang LGU toestablish nursery, pwede po ba maka-share ang PEMO kahit na cellophane”? Mr.Ponce De Leon told that they will see if PEMO has supplies. He stated that “ walakaming nursery kaya hindi kami bumibili ng black cellophane. I’l talk to PAOregarding that”.Group B – Presentation- Technology, Technical Skills…NO. COMMENTS / DISCUSSION RESPONSE / ACTION TAKEN Mr. Casiple-may budget ba ang munisipyo sa None training on bamboo crafting Polomolok-pag indi pumasok sa training, don na yan sa LCE
  12. 12. 12Mr. Casiple-4.6M last year, dahil na-appreciatenila ang counterpartMr. Casiple –example, Tampakan’s budget is only40,000, nakapangako kami for funding 250,000Mr. Doming- nakayama requirement 2M simplemachine, kung sobra-sobrana ang production,what will happen?Mr. Casiple-we are not preparing for nakayama,we are looking for a whole bamboo industry.Polomolok, LGU – Kanina sa presentation, Mr. Casiple- will help thenandon yong inventory of crafters, gusto kong non-registered to complytingan kasi totoo lahat yon, sa registered, may ara with the requirements. Wepa BIR, Kelangan proteksyunan yong mga have to let themregistered. understand how the business should be. Will help all bamboo crafters to capture market requirement. We have to help the entire industry. Business compliance.PEMO- what specific activities of the developmentof prototype?Mr. Jumilla - will have to look into na pwede marenovate yong protech at the back and we canacquire basic facilities to be used for trainings.PEMO-New product designs must submit forcliniquingMr. Jojo (Crafter) - 30 designs in 1 year-individual PEMO-we settled at 60designMr. Jumilla - we are imposing the challenge tothem. If one of them can produce 1 new productper month.PEMO – We are talking for what product? Mr. Jumilla- any bamboo products. We are. encouraging them to display their products in ProtechMr. Casiple- when you display a prototype, there Mr. Jumilla- showcase theshould be a continued production. product. Not only during. Kawayan and Tnalak
  13. 13. 13 festivals, all festivals Mr. Jumilla- to be able to market the products, we need basic information from the producers.Group C - MarketingNO. COMMENTS / DISCUSSION RESPONSE / ACTION TAKEN Mr. Casiple- mahal ang marketing na cost, too Mr. Jumilla- danger of expensive, pila ang i-market match? Ang hirap ng marketing a product market matching na activity.Group D- PolicyNO. COMMENTS / DISCUSSION RESPONSE / ACTION TAKEN Mr. Casiple- wala bang generic policy na kelangan Mr. Jumilla - I have a na lang i-enhance? problem regarding the regulations concerning Halimba, nasunog, another task force ulit? transport -kung i-restrict pano mo i- encourage ang tao na magtanom, na damo sia baraydan. PEMO-I think we can talk about that in the Council. PEMO- what do you suggest? Mr. Casiple- Strengthen these laws: 1. Environmental protection Law, 2. Law protecting the micro entrepreneur . Mr. Casiple - ginadakop ng LTO ang may PEMO-ang pwede lang kawayan magdakop sa kawayan ang LGU. CENRO, DENR
  14. 14. 14Day 3 - Feb 18Recap by Ms. Fracel MagnoMessage 1: Challenging Stakeholders on Resources on Resources Mobilization andEnvironmental ProtectionBy: Dr. Bighani Manipula, RTD Research of DENR XIIThe bamboo industry in the Philippines is becoming lower in production due toreluctance of our bamboo growers. There are still a lot of things that we should do.Big challenge on the part of stakeholders, we should tap also the bigger market orlocal/ domestic market. That will be sustained particularly the issuance of EO of ourPresident. There is a shift from traditional to non-timber products. This is where thechallenge lies. We should know these stakeholders, since bamboo contributes a lotin the protection of environment. We should put the bamboo industry in the limelightagain. Who are these people, the farmers, growers; lot of them owned a land. Howmany percent of our population are belonging to rural areas? The problem is how tomobilize these resources. There should be a complimentary action on the part of theorganizations to assist the land farmers. The attitude of our farmers is to plant andsee. Change the paradigm. They have to create business, create market, andchallenge the private companies. Private landowners, who are just speculating, mustbe abandoned. How could we mobilize them? We should create export market.There are lots of gov’t agencies who are encouraged to develop bamboo industry.From the provincial gov’t level down to the municipal. Identification of potentialareas. Land use plan is not yet in placed. They can also prepare project proposaland they also have budget to fund it. They can provide infra support. They needroad, bridges, efficient nurseries, tissue culture laboratory; they can strengthenbamboo industry organization. I remember during the time of Zamora, he’s acongressman of Compostela Valley. He was able to put up tissue culture for banana.In cooperation of DOST, they have able to help them. The economy is very muchworking. The local development council, have the resources in crafting resources.That will lead to dev’t in industry. Executive Order 879 creating the PBIC. The SP-by having their own aligned policies, The DA, DENR. EO 23. The DA, DAR initiativein collaboration or sharing or resources, data base, providing technology extensionwork and trainings. The DENR like Sitio Acub, They are the one supplying theplanting materials. That helps the economy, which generates employment. The DAprovides financial assistance. WE CHALLENGE THE LINE AGENCIES like DILG,DTI in providing technology for bamboo processing. And of course, we have thestate colleges and universities-they are providing extension works, Dept ofAgriculture for information/education campaign. Chambers of furniture in thePhilippines on handicrafts industry- linking these organizations or exchangeprograms, sharing expertise. Technical support, trainings, document best practices.They are promoting sales marketing. In South Cotabato, we have a lot of ruralbanks, local portfolio to small growers. Like, Mang Inasal, they are accepting ordersfor bamboo sticks. They are consuming millions of bamboo sticks. A very goodmarket for us. They can also extend some resources in some areas. The processoris coming from Iloilo, producing in somewhere in Luzon, the processor alreadydesign a machine for a particular requirement of Mang Inasal. We have the media.
  15. 15. 15We can challenge the media. They can advocate in terms of bamboo industry.There are some programs in radio talking in nonsense. They can introducesomething different-change paradigm. Partnerships, all endeavors will end upnothing. They loosely organized. All stakeholders already involved should helpalleviate poverty condition of our people. Challenging challenge. Let us worktogether better if not best in the future. We assure you that DENR has already donesomething. The DENR had initiated a project submitted to BIMP-EAGA bamboo andrattan center. Jesus Doreza wants it Mindanao-wide. I made a proposal only in dev’tof bamboo industry in Sarangani. It was submitted to Asian Foundation. The DENRis already doing it shares. I hope that other agencies will cooperate in thisundertaking.Message 2: Mrs. Flora Gabunales (Appendix L)We have adopted a clustering approach.This approach was approved by BambooIndustry Council. In terms of commitment of DTI, we are mandated to comply withthe Executive Order signed by our governor. The signing of Kawayan festival. Aspart of advocacy of DTI, we have identified point person in our agency. Werecognized DENR as the lead agency. With that, other agencies have also theircounterpart. We have our RuMEPP where we put our bamboo industry programs.We are targeting the poor provinces. What RUMEPP did? We do provide businessenterprises. We give emphasis on engineered bamboo. I thank the school board.Part of the advocacy is the e-bambu roadshows.LGU Tupi immediately provide us the data of bamboo. Dir. Frank said that we shouldlook forward for more interventions. We will be linking to Nakayama and agencies.We are assured of the participation of all stakeholders. In this three-day activity thedifferent agencies showed already their commitments.Message 3: Strengthening Economic Development through Regional ConnectivityBy: Ms. Felicidad Guerrero of NEDA XII. (Appendix M)
  16. 16. 16Day 3 – Open ForumMembers of the Panel: 1. PD Gabunales 2. Dr. Manipula 3. Ms. GuerreroBefore the forum was started, Dr. Manipula stated that the DENR is conducting aninventory this year that they can share to other agencies.NO. ISSUES AND CONCERNS / DISCUSSION RESPONSE / ACTION TAKEN Mr. Casiple – propose a project for funding of NEDA- we have a book there NEDA of different sources which could access for assistance. Kung walang pera yong industry- to lobby the NEDA-provided that you have plan to existing agencies for funding the PBIC, good project proposal, we the council can endorse a resolution have to follow the requirements of the funding agencies to access on their funds. Dr. Manipula – In DENR, our stakeholders are being provided a livelihood project It is only on the matter of preparation. That’s a very good avenue. NEDA-ligwasan mars riparian reforestation they used bamboo. Mrs. Jo Gabucan of Tupi – requested for the DTI- we have a massive provision of reading materials / IEC regarding conduct of roadshows. We will bamboos for the farmers in their barangay. be providing booklets, cd and other reading materials. DENR- we have a division on technology transfer information in-charge of conducting training, producing and giving of leaflets. In tupi, we have a publication about the “poor bamboo”. I prepared the proposal submitted to support fund for that. We can
  17. 17. 17 provide training on that. DTI- DTI has counterpart in the roadshows, nandon na yong materials na pwedeng ibigay.Mr. Nono of PAGRI - suggested putting up the DTI- we have made a websitebamboo network in agencies and the Bamboo information network- to guide everyone. It’s acollaboration of agencies & stakeholders- matter of linking on this info sites. DTI-Isali sa roadshowMr. Sumagaysay – With the formalization of Dir. Gabunales - indi tayothis bamboo, can you make a conservative nakagawa ng gimelinaestimate how many years from now this industry before.bamboo will be in full swing? He stated that, Isinali nating target market“ang gimelina, sa simula mabuti, but die in yong DepED. Furniturenatural death”. makers that will be organizing soon. Part of our fund support for furniture makers - sila gagamit ng engineered bamboo. Hindi na tayo magestablish ng---- This is not only the concern of DTI-with the help of everybody sigurado may pupuntahan. Learnings from the past. Iaayos ang direction setting. Mr. Frank Bunoan mentioned that naiiba ang strategy natin. Nagseset na tayo ng direction with enactment of executive order, the provincial governor is there, titingnan natin kung naaayon tayo sa set na direction. We’d like to see this project succeed.Mr. Sumagaysay – This is not a question but a DTI- sinabi ni Frank Bunoan-suggestion that NEDA could act. Iloilo I’l be bringing more, Kasali namagagaling na gumawa ng bamboo craft. sa inventory ang players,Regional connectivity, pwede siguro makuha crafters…natin yong magagaling na craftsman nailonggo na makakatulong din sa atin. Iba kasiyong ability nila. Gumagawa sila ng bahay nawalang pako-bamboo din yong pako. Expertsilang gumawa ng “amakan”. Suggestion –mag-amakan tayo kaysa drier na cement.
  18. 18. 18NEDA- How is the durability of the bamboo? It depends upon the bamboo.What is the life span of bamboo if it will use in If it is Kayawan, it will last upmaking furniture? to 30 yrs. DTI-part of skills training whenIs the technology expensive? to harvest and how to treat bamboos DTI- The equipment is very simple. This is portable or can be brought in the area to come up w/ bamboo slices.Request for lakbay-aral DTI-benchmarking/learning mission to take a look at what happened in Abra.NEDA- how much is the cost of the desks? DTI-mas strong ang bambooCasiple mahal ang bamboo ng P12 kaysa sa wood DENR-cost variable- There is a lot of factors to consider. If we can establish pole, hub, the cheaper. We can lower the cost.Casiple- The study tour “lakbay-aral” will be on DTI - the governor is askingApril. We cannot afford to pay for everybody. about the cost. Magkano ngaSecond, when we go back after the study ba kung gagawa ng hub?mission, the “hub” must be established CITC to share the design. Anoimmediately. yong mga available na technologies. We have a lot of fabricators. It’s a matter of having a prototype. DENR- may worry lang ako sa bamboo as a commodity. Bamboos are being propagated—the sources of materials are very very old. More than 200 yrs. We cannot say that plant is very young. Genetically, that is very very old. If that come that genes will proceed to --- stage. They will all die. The reason why some scientists worried about that. How to determine the
  19. 19. 19factors that may affect thebamboo flowering. It shouldbe reported if the bambookeeps on flowering.Production natin,macrosmatic, the samegenetic age. You will noticethat some clumps tinik areflowering. If you observed thatparticular clump is flowering,that is still alive. Please giveus information. Penology ofbamboo.