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Evaluations of my magazine

  1. 1. Evaluations of My Magazine<br />
  2. 2. Evaluation of Front Cover<br />I found that I was pleased with my front cover but not as pleased as I could have been a was a little disappoint with the colours on the front cover, because although I kept in theme with my house style I could not seem to add any colour to the background without it looking odd or too busy, the simplistic look is very fashionable, but I would have liked to make the magazine cover look a bit more rock-ish as there doesn't seem to be the right message coming across from it. <br />The flash box (Downloads inside) on the front cover was also a little pixelated because I couldn't seem to export or enhance the image enough in order to make it look neat, however this could help with giving it a rock-ish edge that I needed. <br />I was pleased with the little details like the issue number and date giving it a better look and the hand span almost looks like it was measured for the magazine exactly. The text is also all visible and I steered clear of trying to make all the text the same. <br />
  3. 3. Evaluation of Contents Page<br />My contents page turned out better than I ever expected as to me it looks like a professional contents page. The house style is still in keeping and there is more of a music magazine feel to the this than the front cover which is a good thing.<br />The picture goes really well with the contents and it gives a indie music feel.<br />If I were to change one thing I would definitely change the reviews section, because the text isn't that appealing, I did this because I had a certain amount of texts and I was trying to keep with three/four different texts and that was the only text out of the ones I had chosen that suited the column, but if possible I would have definitely changed the style of text I used. <br />Although I kind of think that the advertising flash at the bottom looks a bit out of place the black goes with the black and white picture and definitely is a rock style which is much needed in this magazine. <br />
  4. 4. Evaluation of DPS<br /><ul><li> I think that my double page spread (DPS) is definitely the best item out of all of my magazine that created. I manage to get all of the main elements that I wanted into the article for instance I inserted a Drop Cap which gives a professional feel and dramatic look. I wrote the article in the style of an interview so that the audience feel connected with the artist that I am interviewing and adds a personal effect.
  5. 5. I put quotes in the mast head and in between the text so that people can read the shocking quotes and it makes them want to read on.
  6. 6. I made sure that the picture was big enough so that it overlaps onto the next page which is what I found out in my research other magazines do.
  7. 7. And finally I created a quick fire ‘DID you know?,’ box to fill in some space and so that its not just all text and boring and the different colours to the house style makes it stand out against the rest of the text and pages. </li></li></ul><li>I definitely think that after all of the designing I am mostly impressed with the DPS as I think it looks very professional and there is no criticism I would give it myself and I wouldn't want to change it unlike the other pages.<br />Overall I feel that I did the best I could in the time I had, I might have made the extra effort on the front cover and contents page to get it up to the best standard if I had extra time, however I generally feel good about these items and think that they could be used in a real magazine with maybe a little bit of extra professional help. <br />