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Conclusion of THCM magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation of THCM magazine<br />My magazine unlike others has decided to go for a simple and classic styled front cover and contents, these conventions challenge real media products for teenagers as most teenage magazines tend to add a lot of bright colours and add an almost childish touch to what is meant to look like a ‘young adult,’ magazine. I however have gone in the opposite direction and decided that if I want to attract teenagers (who like to see themselves as adults) then I should style it in an adult way, therefore using a classic title and simple colour almost making it look like a magazine like Vogue or Marie Claire. But I did not tamper with the colours of the images representing the articles as I wanted them to stay bright as an attraction to the audiences but because it is more likely that teenagers will look at brighter images. <br />My front cover and contents page develop the ideas of ‘the student,’ in conventions, such as the main background picture is a student looking rather bored over a pile of books, this representation the modern day student and how most students are represented to feel with all of the work that is assumed that we have. The picture in the background is of a ghostly appearance, this is to show that the main audience for this magazine is students, but the fact that she is ghostly shows that she is the least important thing that is on the student’s minds and the articles are more important. The contents page however is also representing students through the picture of the working stress out students, but it is a simple informative contents page so that students can just look at it quickly and get to the article they want to. <br />For my media institute I might choose a small magazine publisher as I would have to start of small and try and work my way up. It would have to be a local distributer as the magazine only applies to The Henley College students at this point in time. Maybe in the future it might have a shot at becoming a general student magazine, but for now not so much. On the other hand if no media institute would take my magazine I could offer it to the local newspaper (e.g. The Henley Standard) to distributed with their magazine as a free magazine and try and make it more popular from then on. <br />The audience for my media product would be that of students. As if the magazine is produced for The Henley College then it going to be a student magazine, however like I said above if the magazine were to become more popular it would be generalised to students everywhere. But the magazine entails articles that are only applicable to the college so it would not be of much use to any other student.<br />I attract my target audience by using images and articles that are stereotypical but also suitable for students to relate to. Such images as students tired/stressed out, energy drinks (which students are notoriously famous for drinking loads of to study), clothing (using this seasons clothing in a relaxed style is appropriate to the style at the moment and also to the stereotype of students not caring what they wearing and putting anything that is comfortable on) , by advertising a free Starbucks,( which happens to be a café famous for the amount of students to hanging out in their cafés) and finally by advertising articles on work stress and a chance to laugh at fellow students they are all things that college students take part in and can relate too. <br /> I have learnt from this and from past experience that not all computer software can be used for certain pieces of work. For example when writing up this evaluation it is easier to write on Microsoft Word than any other piece of software, but trying to create my front cover/contents page on this program would be difficult to achieve so when using a program called Microsoft Publisher is was easier to organise text and image and create a better quality edited piece.<br />