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The future of entrepreneurship education for schools in singapore


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Published in: Education
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The future of entrepreneurship education for schools in singapore

  1. 1. Established in Southeast Asia since 2003The Future of Entrepreneurship Education for Schools in Singapore Nurturing Young Leaders in Enterprise and Innovation
  2. 2. We envisionEntrepreneurship Education to Provide an alternative route to empowerment and success for students with different talents and aptitudes Grow and leverage every school’s entrepreneurial alumni network Support Singapore’s strategy to be a knowledge-based economy by positioning schools as hubs of open innovation Nurture future leaders who are motivated and competent in pursuing positive change for global or macro-level issues
  3. 3. We measureEntrepreneurial Performance with Number of students competent in entrepreneurial leadership and innovation thinking Experiential Learning & Discovery Number of innovations generated by the school Internal Startup Challenges Number of student-led spinoffs and social change initiatives Startup Incubation Club & Social Enterprise Programme Number of entrepreneurial success stories in alumni network Sustained Long-Term Entrepreneurial Success
  4. 4. Proposed Areas forCollaboration with Schools Experiential Learning & Discovery Enrichment Startup Incubation Club Co-curricular Activities Internal Startup Challenges Intra-school Competitions Youth Social Enterprise Programme Enrichment “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”
  5. 5. Experiential Learning & DiscoveryCurriculum, workshops and games for students and teachers Startup Angel Valley" Management Mahjong" iDEA@Name Idea to Investment 
 Social Innovation 
 (Lean Startup)" (Design Thinking)"
  6. 6. Startup Incubation ClubBuilding a supportive community for youth entrepreneurs Weekly Workshops & Talks" Industry Mentors" Prototyping Space" Online Innovation Network"
  7. 7. Internal Startup ChallengesLaunching innovative ideas using the Lean Startup approach Ideation & Team Formation" Plans, Pitches & Prototypes" Customer Discovery" Funding & Mentorship"
  8. 8. Youth Social Enterprise ProgrammeEmpowering the next generation of change agents Social Enterprise 
 Social Innovation 
 Service Learning" Challenge" iDEA@Name Workshops & Talks" Outreach & Showcases"
  9. 9. Funding for External CollaborationsSPRING launched the YES! School Funding in 2008With the aim of nurturing youths to be enterprising and innovativethrough hands-on entrepreneurship learning opportunities Up to $100, 000 yearly per Polytechnic Up to $50, 000 yearly per ITE college Up to $10, 000 yearly per JC / Secondary / Primary School
  10. 10. Funding for External CollaborationsYES! School Evaluation Criteria Highlight importance of innovation in entrepreneurship Holistic approach to cultivate mindset of students and/or teachers Demonstrate project feasibility and learning outcomes Indicate number of students who will benefit Mentors to provide guidance and inspire students Note: Training vendor cannot be the mentor.
  11. 11. Funding for External CollaborationsYES! School Supportable Items 100% Professional services < 50% Equipment, software, materials & consumables < 50% Manpower * For Polytechnics & ITEs 100% Other operating expenditure
  12. 12. Our Team Suwida " Douglas Abrams 
 CEO & Founder of Expara! Kingmuangkow" Managing Director! •  Extream Ventures – Co-founder and MD S$20 million VC fund! •  NUS – Adjunct Associate Professor, Business School, Entrepreneurship! •  Parallax Capital Mgmt – Co-founder and MD Venture investing! Rosalind Tan" •  JP Morgan – Vice President of 
 Incubation Manager! IB Technology, GM Internet Marketing!
  13. 13. Our Team Alicia Lye
 Germaine Inez
 Business International Business 
 Development! & Impact Investment! Cato Gullichsen
 Bonnie Lam
 Partner! Analyst!
  14. 14. Established Track Record
  15. 15. Contact Alicia LYE +65 6323 3084 | Blk 71 Ayer Rajah CrescentMediapolis #02-10/11, Singapore 139951