The concur scoop adp majors july 2013


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The concur scoop adp majors july 2013

  1. 1. July, 2013 The Concur Scoop – ADP Major Account Services Volume 3, Issue 8 Partnering for Success Win: United States Olympic Committee Employees: 320 Industry: Non-Profit Sports Organization ADP Office: Denver, CO ADP Rep: Lance Sloan Concur RSE: Jessica Shane Product(s) Sold: Concur Travel & Expense with Intelligence, User Support Desk, TripIt Pro, Locate & Alert and Travel Request Transactions per Month: 1,200 Approximate ADP RC for Deal: $18,032 Lance Sloan at ADP contacted Concur’s Jessica Shane as he had previously been engaged with USOC and wanted to strategize about both of them getting in. He provided Jessica with names of key players at USOC and shed some light into their buying processes. He let her know that their CFO was very motivated to modernize their processes, and is a straight shooter who wants partnerships between their vendors. He also gave Jessica the initial insight that much of their purchasing and implementation is time-sensitive due to the timing of the games. This information was provided as she was approaching USOC to get them to look at Concur again, and therefore was tremendously helpful. Lance and Jessica stayed in contact throughout the entire sales process. Concur Travel & Expense is their current focus…but Jessica sees her partnership with ADP/Lance on USOC as only halfway there as next will be getting ADP HR in there too! What a Difference We Can Make! When it comes to ADP’s partnership with Concur, we often hear things like: “We have so many partners”; “It’s not enough roll call”; “There are lots of areas to focus”; “It’s a small portion of our business”. Think Concur can’t make a difference with its 35% RC credit to ADP DMs? Just ask anyone who made their month – or FY – or President’s Club – and they’ll tell you how impactful it can be! If you’re not passing leads to Concur, you’re missing out on incremental RC that can really add up. For doing what? Passing a lead, intel, contacts, etc. to Concur and continuing to focus on your own stuff. And, don’t forget that Concur RSEs can pass YOU leads for HCM…and we’re doing so in spades! Why wouldn’t you utilize every resource available to you, especially when it’s easy to do? Concur Mobile – Do You Have It on Your Phone?! Live by Example…just like you show prospective clients your ADP Mobile solution, this is a great tool to show prospective clients how easy Concur is to us! Be sure that you’re downloading it yourself onto your phones so you’re ready next time you’re in front of a prospect/client. Grab interest, submit a lead – how easy is that?! 1. First download the app (Concur Mobile) to your phone if you haven’t – it’s free! 2. Then log-in to the web access from your laptop and under the “Profile”, you will see a username. (FYI: It is not your email address.) 3. Create a PIN by clicking on the “Create a Mobile PIN”. 4. Go to your mobile app, enter your username and PIN, and you are in! Feature Highlight ExpenseIt True to Concur’s reputation for innovation, we are working on an application that helps make expense reporting EVEN easier. ExpenseIt allows users to take a picture of a receipt, submit the image, and have Concur Expense convert the receipt data into an expense line item. When credit card information comes into the system, it will get properly associated with the line item. The idea, of course, is to minimize user effort. This can be hugely beneficial for companies that have strict receipt policies, e.g. requiring receipts for most everything as ExpenseIt can do the heavy lifting for you! Did You Know? While ADP has moved into its Q1 FY14, Concur has just started its final FY13 quarter. Be sure to jumpstart your new FY while you help Concur finish its year strong. Concurians are on the hamster wheel - running ragged … you know the feeling! – trying to get as much business closed in what’s traditionally our strongest Q of the year. Be sure to help your RSEs with any leads you’ve passed so they can close won as much as possible by end of September!