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Aebt fact sheet


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Aebt fact sheet

  1. 1. Are you achieving the maximum return onyour business travel investment?American Express Global Business Travelchallenges you to view your travel and ■ How would unlimited access to the bestentertainment program as an investment in your rates for travel benefit your business?company’s future. Whether it is meeting with ■ How much money does your companyprospective clients, servicing key accounts inperson, or representing your value at industry forfeit annually on unused tickets?events, travel is about connecting with people and ■ Do you receive Double Membershipgrowing your business. Rewards points for every dollar bookedAn effective travel management program offers on airfare?simplicity to your travelers and fiscal insight for ■ Do you know what percentage of tripsleadership. Ultimately, you can travel more withoutincreasing the costs in time or administration. booked comply with your travel policy? ■ How confident are you in the safety andBefore embarking on your travel managementjourney, consider the following: security of your travelers – and your ability to reach them in an emergency?Your business is unique. As a result, you need a travel management company with the capability todevelop a travel solution tailored to your business objectives. Contact us today to schedule acomplimentary customized program assessment.30-Oct-2012 AXP Internal Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. BENEFITS 2x Membership Rewards® points for air travel booked on an enrolled American Express card* Immediate access to American Express-negotiated air, hotel and car discounts (including 30 carriers and more than 115,000 hotels) – with no volume hurdles Preferred Extras air discounts of up to 15% off domestic fares and up to 60% off international fares Cutting-edge online booking tools and our Webfare guarantee** A program tailored to your unique business initiatives and goals that is scalable and easily implementedSuperior savings and efficiencies of global travelmanagement are achievable for small and mediumsized enterprisesOur AXCENTIS suite of solutions is designed to meet the needs of organizations like yours.Once we help you to quantify the savings potential in dollars and time, you can plan the ways toreinvest in your business – achieving an even greater benefit to your bottom line. Let us show you howyour return on investment in travel and entertainment can grow exponentially by partnering withAmerican Express Global Business Travel.* Offer valid for qualifying Middle Market Direct clients only. We reserve the right to change, modify or cancel the Double Membership Rewards promotion at any time. To beeligible to earn bonus points, you must be enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program at the time of purchase of an airline ticket through American Express BusinessTravel, and charge your airline ticket to an eligible, enrolled American Express Card. Bonus points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account within 10–12 weeksafter charges appear on monthly billing statement.** Webfare Guarantee Terms & Conditions: Client must provide flight information that will confirm that a lower Web airfare was available for same routing (within plus or minusone hour of the departure times on the American Express itinerary) of the lowest airfare offered by American Express. The web airfare and the American Express fare must bequoted on the same day. Consolidator soft dollar tickets and auction Web sites such as Priceline and Hotwire are excluded from the guarantee. Client must purchase theairline ticket through American Express to be eligible for the Webfare Guarantee. American Express reserves the right to cancel, modify, or otherwise change this guaranteeat any time, with or without notice.30-Oct-2012 AXP Internal Page 2 of 2