Simplified expense managementManaging expenses is quicker,easier and smarter with ConcurDealing with expense reports can b...
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Concur expense management


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Concur expense management

  1. 1. Simplified expense managementManaging expenses is quicker,easier and smarter with ConcurDealing with expense reports can be a time- and resource-consuming endeavor.Organizations using a manual, paper-based system can spend in excess of $28 per MANAGE EXPENSES FROMexpense report—and many line items on those reports might reflect out-of-policy YOUR MOBILE DEVICEspending. Our expense management solution drives down the cost of doing businessand reduces the risk of fraud. Our solution allows companies to increase control, Concur® for Mobile allows travelers tocompliance, and visibility into travel and entertainment (T&E) spend. leave paper receipts behind and manage expenses on the go. They can easily:Streamline expense reporting • Create and submit expense reportsConcur® Expense allows managers to easily review, approve, process and audit from card charges or cash entries.expense reports—they have control and visibility into T&E spend. Employees save • Photograph receipts and attach thesignificant time; they can create and submit accurate, in-policy expense reports with (IRS-compliant) images to the expense.little effort. Our Web-based and mobile solutions require no hardware or softwareto install or maintain and no expensive software licenses, upgrades or IT support. • dd car mileage to an expense report. AUsers can: • eview and approve or reject expenses. R• Increase T&E policy compliance by as much as 90 percent.• Reduce employee-reimbursement cycle time by two-thirds.• Decrease the cost of every expense transaction by over 78 percent*.Automate and reap the benefits• Save money – automation lowers transaction and processing costs• Save time – credit card charges automatically populate expense reports• Increase in-policy spending – enforce specific company policies• Increase satisfaction – with faster employee reimbursement• Eliminate paper – through online processing and e-receipts• Maximize card program rebates – through faster card remittanceOur Web-based and mobile solution Concur on yourstreamlines and automates the entire mobile deviceexpense-reporting process
  2. 2. Manage expenses Expenses are easy to track, manage and approve. Approve expenses Approving expenses is quick and convenient.Save time to corporate-card vendors and directly to their expense report with theirCompanies invest significant time and reimbursements to employees. This smartphone’s camera. No more saving,resources when they manually fill out, service eliminates manual re-keying into scanning, or faxing receipts, which helpsroute, approve, process and pay their other systems, standardizes payment ensure accuracy. Managers can use theirmonthly expense reports. Our solution platforms across business units, and cuts mobile device to review, approve or rejectstreamlines the entire reporting process payment times from weeks to mere days. expense reports.and automatically reconciles expense line Take control of spend Ensure expense accuracyitems with credit card spend data. Organizations are potentially overpaying We offer two types of auditing services—Make policy compliance automatic millions of dollars a year. Every business Concur® Receipt Audit and Concur®When employees incur charges that are pays up to 10 percent of its overhead Policy Audit. Concur Receipt Audit helpsoutside of an organization’s specific in T&E expenses—and over 20 percent organizations verify line-item expensesbusiness rules, those expenses are of that money spent is out of policy.* against submitted receipts. Concur Policyflagged. This notification helps ensure Visibility into employee spend is crucial Audit offers a deeper look into employeeemployee spend is within policy. (The if organizations truly want to enforce spend; in addition to validating line-itemsystem also helps reduce fraud.) We T&E policy compliance. Our powerful, expenses, a policy audit makes certaingive businesses a complete view easy-to-use on-demand data analysis that purchases are in compliance withinto all employee expense data, help and reporting capabilities transform raw your travel and expense policy. Ourorganizations globally enforce policies expense data into useful information. dedicated auditing resources ensure alland monitor compliance, and deliver Capture expenses on the go receipts are valid and properly classified,greater control and valuable insights. spend is properly allocated, and that Employees can conveniently track and expenses submitted by specific groupsReimburse employees and submit expenses with the Concur mobile (or individual employees) are given thevendors quickly app. Users can collect transaction data appropriate level of attention and control.Our automatic payment capability at the time they incur an expense—theyelectronically transfers payments can capture and attach a receipt image *Aberdeen GroupAbout ConcurConcur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Our adaptableWeb-based and mobile solutions help companies and their employees control costs and save time.Learn more at©2012 Concur, all rights reserved. Concur is a registered trademark of Concur Technologies. All other company and product names are the property of their respective manufacturers.Specifications and other details listed are accurate as of printing, but may change without notice. BR EXPENSE NA 2012/08