•	     Concur Expense Pay     Streamline credit-card remittance and employee reimbursement     to save time, cut costs and...
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Concur expense pay


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  • Hello Elliot. I have learned that Concur expense pay is not available in Europe. Please explain.
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Concur expense pay

  1. 1. • Concur Expense Pay Streamline credit-card remittance and employee reimbursement to save time, cut costs and control cash flow How much does it cost to generate an expense reimbursement When organizations use this end-to-end system to monitor their or corporate-card payment? Probably more than you think. entire expense-reimbursement process, their administrative Increasing demands on your limited resources can slow and management costs associated with payments are reduced. payment-cycle time to corporate-card providers and employees. No integration with other payment systems is required, which The Concur® Expense Pay service automates and streamlines means electronic payments clear fast (in three bank-processing the procurement-to-pay cycle. days for most regions). What is Expense Pay? Why Expense Pay? Our Expense Pay service—part of a powerful, integrated Our Expense Pay service offers a completely integrated travel and expense management process—automatically pays payment solution—from procurement through payment. employees and corporate cards. Freed from tedious tasks, your Companies are ensured employees comply with corporate- staff can focus on other business-critical initiatives. With both spend policies; submitted expenses are validated against in-country and cross-border Eurozone payment functionality, business rules and policies prior to payment. organizations can increase employee satisfaction, strengthen The Benefits compliance and simplify the time-consuming, costly payment process. We are committed to increasing the number Reduce the tedium of processing payments of countries where this service is available; we’re currently in • Eliminate the need for administrators to manage seventeen countries and support seven currencies. payment returns for employees who provide inaccurate banking information. Expense Pay - North America • Eliminate the need to re-key expense information into United States (USD) Canada (CAD) Mexico (MXN) other systems (AP, payroll, bank, etc.). Expense Pay - Europe • Remove employees as vendors in the AP system. Austria (EUR) Greece (EUR) Spain (EUR) • Simplify the payment process and save your staff time. Belgium (EUR) Ireland (EUR) Sweden (SEK and EUR) Finland (EUR) Italy (EUR) Switzerland Optimize your corporate-card program France (EUR) The Netherlands (EUR) (CHF and EUR) • Automate corporate-card remittance and encourage United Kingdom employee adoption of corporate-card programs. Germany (EUR) Portugal (EUR) (GBP and EUR) • Control cash flow, maximize rebate potential and reduce Expense Pay - APA late fees and penalties. Australia (AUD) Singapore (SGD) New Zealand (NZD) • Ensure timely corporate-card payments. Hong Kong (HKD) Increase control and cost savings How Does it Work? • Reduce costs—unite business units on one standardized • We tell your company the amount required to pay for payment platform. approved expense reports. • Quickly and easily track expense payments. • Funds are transferred from your organization’s designated • Eliminate costs associated with error-prone re-keying bank account. of expense data in multiple systems. • We electronically transfer payments to your corporate-card Learn more at www.concur.com provider and to employees. ©2012 Concur, Redmond, WA U.S.A. all rights reserved. All other company and product names are the property of their respective manufacturers. Specifications and other details listed are accurate as of printing, but may change without notice. BR EXPENSE PAY NA 2012/08