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Mankind cannot and will never make it in this life as an Overcomer without CHRIST JESUS. If you want true success then you must be introduced to the only One where success resides and HIS name is JESUS.

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  1. 1. So often there are many who are rejecting JESUS daily. Yet, when all hell breaks loose in their lives the first person people scream for is GOD. JESUS is not nor will HE ever be anyone’s part-time lover. It is my sincere prayer that as you read this magazine. You will ask JESUS into your heart Today. Now is the acceptable time. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Your tomorrow may never come.
  2. 2. Acts 9, JESUS asked Saul while he was on the road of Damascus “Why are you persecuting ME?”
  3. 3. The question was asked of Saul and is still being asked today. However, most people who are persecuting JESUS don’t really know or understand just why they are persecuting HIM. At least Saul had an excuse not a very good excuse but none the less an excuse. Saul was a very well educated man in all things of GOD and the laws so in his perception he was defending the ways of GOD and most definitely the laws. What’s our excuse? We can’t say we are defending anything because we are not knowledgeable of anything. Most of what we speak about; are things we overheard from others. How many of us can truly say that we have spent most of our lives studying the scriptures as Saul had? You see every time a person rejects the JESUS within us; rejects hearing the unadulterated truth; reject our walk of faith in CHRIST JESUS or any likeness we reflect of JESUS we are not the ones being persecuted.
  4. 4. No, it’s JESUS being persecuted! JESUS is the one being rejected not you personally. The salvation grace that resides within us is so very pure that sinful people don’t want to be around us; they are repelled by us; we are a constant reminder of their unrighteousness or at least we should be . The salvation of JESUS can’t be ignored; salvation is more real than your very name, than the touch of your flesh; salvation is eternal and a requirement.
  5. 5. This gives us eternal life if we don’t trust that JESUS and JESUS alone is the only true way we will die in our sins. JESUS is the absolute and total truth and knowing this will set us free. JESUS is a life giver each and every day it is HIS mission for us that we have an abundant life in HIM. JESUS, HIMself said to us that HE is the Way; the Truth and the Life and that no one will come to the FATHER except through HIM. Now all day long people are always talking about god this and god that (I wrote GOD in small cases because I don’t know which GOD most people are talking about). Well if you want to see the True and Living GOD you need to accept the True and Living GOD’s SON; JESUS. If you don’t you won’t see GOD.
  6. 6. JESUS was not some mortal man born of mortal parents who was enlightened by GOD as many self proclaimed deities were. JESUS was glorified in the beginning with the FATHER in heaven before he left heaven. John 17:5 Give ME the same glory I had with YOU before the world existed. In the salvation of CHRIST JESUS we are loved and shown such a kindness as never known; this helps us to trust JESUS all the more from day to day and with salvation comes deliverance. We must all come to a realization that without salvation we are all helpless. This is why JESUS came to die for you and me because we are or were ungodly people. We are ungodly when we are without JESUS CHRIST we are godly when we have JESUS CHRIST.
  7. 7. Humans with all our intelligence and smartness or common sense our actions show just how much we lack in all the above. Example: A pack of cigarettes has a side message from the surgeon general that reads.  Caution: Cigarette Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health (1966–1970)  Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined that Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health (1970–1985)  SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy. (1985–)  SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health. (1985–)  SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight. (1985–)  SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide. (1985–)
  8. 8. Now my question is this; how can we rely on our common sense, intelligence and being smart when we don’t adhere to the warnings on a pack of cigarettes or cigars or smokeless tobacco? I'm told that drug use speeds up cancer in the human body eight times faster. You don’t have to believe me; take a look in the mirror; how old are you? How old do you look? Sin ages our organs but salvation renews our youth. This is why JESUS died for us because we are in desperate need of HIM and HIS salvation in our lives. We are sinners; we need to be forgiven; we need to be saved by the Grace of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. HIS wonderful unmerited favor toward us; we need to be washed clean in the blood of the Lamb. And we need to put sin far behind us.
  9. 9. We can’t make ourselves righteous only JESUS can do this. JESUS will deliver you just like HE delivered me and so many others from GOD’s anger and judgment. JESUS will reconcile us back to the FATHER were we so rightfully belong. I am thankful for the death of my Savior CHRIST JESUS because without HIS death I would be eternally dead but more than that I'm more grateful for HIS getting up because without HIS rising I would forever be in my grave. Reader if JESUS is not in your heart don’t feel as if you are the only one; every person born on the planet is born without CHRIST JESUS in our lives. We all have to hear of HIM; then we have to make a free will choice to invite JESUS into our hearts and lives.
  10. 10. Just as everyone is a sinner everyone could be righteous in CHRIST JESUS if they chose to be; if they heard the truth of JESUS, accepted and trust in HIM. The salvation of JESUS is a free gift to us but it cost the FATHER HIS all. When you purchase a gift for another; you don’t charge the person for the gift do you? No, you give the gift to the person; it’s free to that person but it cost you something. In the gift of salvation our past is totally blown up; annihilated. Our past and sin no longer has authority over us any longer; we are now under the grace of GOD.
  11. 11. So if you want to remember your past use your past to help others don’t use your past to be condemned or don’t allow others to condemn you. Every day is a new day one that you have never experienced before so you get to renew your mind afresh in the Word of GOD. You messed up yesterday; oh well; today is a new day try not to repeat that same mistake. Go forward not backward and don’t sidestep. Life is not a shortcut. Now that you have accepted CHRIST into your life don’t be fooled bad company ruins good character. I never wrote that you have to erase your friends and then again you may need too. However, you need to make up in your mind who is more important to you; JESUS and your relationship with HIM or your friends and your relationship with them? Which god will you serve; who or what lords will you bow down too? Will it be your bad and evil habits that are your idols; because that is what GOD calls them? Or will you serve and bow down to the True and Living GOD?
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