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What Should Your Home Look Like by Eternity


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What Should Your Home Look Like by Eternity

  1. 1. H C *_t“-l -C l .5 ‘C {i _ L l _i -3 I 7 77' ‘‘'v. '’l , . l fie! /‘jg: I/ , I '1: . i 0 {fr You make your house a home. You define howyou live and how you want to live. You have always wanted tolive adream life. The ultimate question is - WHEN WILL YOU START LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE? The dream life is not too far away you thought of living in a beautiful home, we| |—managed, well- decorated, everything in order, perfect colour combination, excellent light effects and very comfortable for all living in it. You can easilydo all this and itdoes not take too long ! !! All you need is a STRONG WILL to reallylivethatdream. I can understand how difficult it is when it comes to making choices, especially when there are so many alternatives available. Even a seemingly simple decision like choosing the right paint color can be very complex to getthat perfect look. To make things easyforyou, let me putthis in a simple manner. This is your home and you have a particular kind of lifestyle. You have your own tastes and choices, which are very much correct ! !! Your choices are a representation of all that you have seen and learnt, all that you are comfortable with. So, all that needs to get done is that you have to filterthem properly and use your choices in best possible manner. Your home should be a reflection ofyour own individual tastes and not a copy ofwhat someone else did! !! You need not copythe designs from someone or somewhere because those designs would represent that particular individual. You need to explore your own selfand create things foryour OWN HOME. And this is exactly what a true interior designer can do for you! !! An interior designer actually tries to understand your set of requirements, your tastes and preferences and combines it with his knowledge and experience to prepare a perfect blend of colors, designs, patterns and shapes. He studies the spaces available and theirfunctional requirements. It is then that a picture perfect home gets made tofulfill your dreams. ... If you think you can do all this correctly then congratulations you are really so near to creating your own dream home. ... . If you feel you would find it difficult to do this correctly and there exist chances oferror, we| | don't be sad because we are always there to helpyou. .. Happy Dreaming ! !! W. //‘ W, P
  2. 2. W ETERNITY DESIGNING TIMELESS SPACES Vaneesh Mittal Eternity Designers Interior Designer G-59 Vardhman Mall "‘ ‘ +91 ' 9818484744 . Sector 19, Faridabad - 121001 e : vaneesh@eternltydeslgners. com www. eternitydesigners. com