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FDT Consulting Engineers – Michael Clancy


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Flash presentation given by Michael Clancy, FDT Consulting Engineers, at the 2015 Horizon 2020 SC5 Information Day, 21/10/2015, Herbert Park Hotel, Dublin

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FDT Consulting Engineers – Michael Clancy

  1. 1. FDT are a specialist Engineering Consultancy with strong Process Engineering Emphasis, operating in the Irish, European, African and American markets. We have more than 300 man years of Beverage Industry Experience in-house. We help to make our client’s enterprise more competitive by efficient capital spend, optimisation of processes, improving quality, reducing operational costs and meeting compliance requirements.
  2. 2. PHASE 1: FDT Caustic Recovery Feasibility (2003) PHASE 2: Diageo Caustic Recovery Implementation Galco Spent Pickle Acid Recovery Feasibility PHASE 4: Galco Continuous Flux Treatment Implementation PHASE 5: FDT Water Recovery Feasibility (2011/12) FDT CO2 Recovery Feasibility (2011/12) FDT Resource Efficiency History Improved Treatment of Distillery Co- Products 2013-15
  3. 3. PUReOPE
  4. 4. Contact FDT • +353-1-2960022 Michael Clancy • • Twitter: @FDTConsulting @mikeclancy10 • • Follow PUReOPE Group on 2 Degrees • -group/registration/refs/4bC/ • Twitter: @PUReOPE • Visit