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EPAD 2017 - Jan Willem Van de Loo


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How EU funds have benefited research into PCa and future plans for FP9
Jan-Willem Van de Loo, DG Research and Innovation (EC)

Published in: Health & Medicine
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EPAD 2017 - Jan Willem Van de Loo

  1. 1. EU-funded research on prostate cancer: towards personalised medicine Jan-Willem van de Loo, PhD Scientific and Policy Officer in charge of cancer Directorate E – Health Research DG Research and Innovation European Commission EPAD, 27/09/2017
  2. 2. Research and Innovation Health research H2020 – what we do • Fund international collaborative health research with EU-added value • Initiate and support EU health policies
  3. 3. Research and Innovation 3 Os: • Open Innovation • Open Science • Open to the World Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation
  4. 4. Better health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems Personalised medicine – innovative healthcare industry – global health – sustainable and evidence– based health-and-care systems Decoding the role of the overall environment for health and well-being Human exposome – global changes and health Digital transformation in Health and Care eHealth and mHealth – ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing Trusted Big Data solutions and Cybersecurity for Health and Care Health, demographic change and wellbeing challenge for 2018-2020 Call 2018-2019- 2020: 1.8 B EUR
  5. 5. Collaborative projectsPublic-private partnership with big pharma Public-public partnerships with EU Member States & beyond Blue sky research, training Grants for small businesses Loans for small and big R&I companies Knowledge triangle: Higher education, business, R&I Different programmes serving different communities & purposes EU cancer research – where in H2020?
  6. 6. Prevention Aetiology Diagnosis / Prognosis Therapy Model Systems Survivorship / QoL Screening Stratification high-risk groups Molecular understanding of disease Molecular classification of cancer subtypes Risk factors Biomarker identification for: • Diagnosis • Prognosis • Prediction • Monitoring Eg: blood, urine, saliva, tissue, tumour, imaging Targeted drugs via biology-driven hypothesis bio-informatics to guide treatments Novel clinical trial design Wide range of animal models In silico models In vitro & ex-vivo models ('xenopatients') Solutions for side effects Quality-of-life: • Debilitation • Infertility • Fatigue • Early death • Second cancers Prostate cancer cohorts, screening Biology, risk factors, SNPs Modelling prognosis, prediction Image-guided radio and immunotherapy Identify radiosensi- tive breast, prostate, lung cancer patients Biomarkers, big data modelling, ultrasound Prostate cancer research: towards personalised medicine
  7. 7. • Linking 28 national/regional funding organisations in 20 countries working on translational cancer research (NO, TR, IL, TW, charities) • TRANSCAN and TRANSCAN-2 have mobilised EUR 56 million. Coordination of national research policies - Stronger together 1st joint call on 'Tumour heterogeneity' (17.4 million EUR) 2nd joint call on 'Immunotherapy' (8.9 million EUR) 3rd joint call on ' Early detection and/or progression' (16.3 million EUR)
  8. 8. * Biomarkers informing care Cancer indication Project Beneficiary EU funding What it will deliver prostate cancer BioGuidePcA MOSAIQUES DIAGNOSTICS GmbH € 50.000 diagnostic test prostate cancer for active surveillance prostate cancer PCSP CANVAX € 50.000 Olfactory-receptor and volatile organic compounds in urine based diagnostic Prostate cancer ProCanEx PT THERAGNOSTIC BV € 50.000 Diagnostic kit based on protein kinase activity profiling in exosomes prostate cancer OcProDX Otturos € 50.000 multiplexed protein diagnostic blood test for Organ-Confined Prostate cancer: OCProDx Glioma GLIOMARK CONSULTECH € 4.7 million Validation of blood-brain-barrier permeability of a 99mTc- tetrofosmin biomarker using SPECT-CT Pancreatic cancer IMMPACT Immunovia AB € 4.2 million Clinical validation serum protein biomarker for early diagnosis
  9. 9. Innovative Medicines Initiative private partnership between the EU and pharmaceutical industry launched in• Public-private partnership between the EU and pharmaceutical industry launched in 2008 • Cancer is strategic priority (Strategic Research Agenda 2014-2020) • Cancer research has benefited from IMI support: IMI2 topic open 'How Big Data could support better diagnosis and treatment outcomes for Prostate Cancer' Imaging biomarkers -omics; xenopatients In vitro models Circulating tumour cell based biomarkers Prostate cancer
  10. 10. Part of the Investment plan for Europe, underpinning EC President Jean Claude Juncker's agenda for Jobs, Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change Goal To overcome the current investment gap in the EU by mobilising private financing for strategic investments (~€ 315 billion). How Via Europe's leadership on health issues contributing to effective use of public finance and mobilising the private sector Via economically viable projects € 16 billion EU budget + € 5 billion European Investment Bank (EIB) capital Examples Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria: proton therapy centres Hungary: biosimilars for cancer and immunology indications Malta: state-of-the-art Oncology Centre Latvia: Production facility radio-isotopes (PET) EFSI - European Fund for Strategic Investment
  11. 11. Research and Innovation InnovFin - support to cancer vaccines
  12. 12. Research and Innovation Health - research and innovation policy
  13. 13. • Establish Europe as a global leader in PM research • Support PM science-base via a coordinated research approach • Support research to demonstrate benefits of PM to citizens and healthcare systems • Prepare for PM approaches for citizens International Consortium for Personalised Medicine Implementation based on PerMed Strategic Research Agenda ICPerMed Action Plan: 22 research, 8 support actions. Collaboration of 30 research funders and policy makers across the EU and beyond WHATWHYHOW ICPerMed
  14. 14. Keep in touch! All about Horizon 2020: visit our website Participant portal: all EU calls and topics Do you look beyond your favorite topic/programme?