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Infusing digital creativity in design


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Slides used to present my short paper on digital creativity at Chi Sparks (june 23rd 2011)

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Infusing digital creativity in design

  1. 1. Infusing digitalcreativity in design the low fidelity way chi*sparks - june 23rd 2011
  2. 2. hello, my name isDriesArtesis University CollegeDept. Design SciencesCentre for User Experience Research (CUO)IBBT/K.U.Leuven
  3. 3. Research presented based on insights from: ✦ PhD Research at Artesis ✦ IBBT/CUO (KULeuven) ✦ IBBT/SMIT (VUB) ✦ Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs AntwerpITEA2 do it yourself smart
  4. 4. Digital creativity
  5. 5. Digital creativity✦ Confluence of digital and non-digital realms✦ Deskilling of technology ‣ More people have access ‣ Impact on society, stays in niches
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Digital creativity in design✦ Two (industrial) design tracks ‣ Digital ‣ Non-Digital✦ Potential is o en missed by not intertwining both
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Samsung Nexus-S
  10. 10.
  11. 11. “The low fidelity way”✦ An abundance of digital creation tools is available ‣ Certain attitude needed ‣ Certain (technical) skills needed✦ Levels of creativity are not supported by existing tools ‣ Need for layman introduction ‣ Need for other entry points than the technical
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Lillidots✦ Design probe/kit Hallo, ik ben een✦ Abstraction of technology✦ Focus on idea creation Een lillidot is iets van variabele grootte dat zichzelf aan eender w elk object, persoon of ‣ Slight focus on sensor based ruimte kan bevestigen lillidot praten en hij ka . Je kan tegen een n ook tegen jou praten application Een lillidot kan je alle weten over het ding, de s vertellen wat je wil . persoon of de ruimte waaraan hij vasthangt of die hij observeert. De lillidot kan ook samen werken en praten met andere lillidots onafha nkelijk van hun locatie.
  14. 14. Lillidots exploration✦ 5 respondents, 5 boxes ‣ ‘Social cra ers’ ‣ 4 weeks✦ Task ‣ Create lillidots for anything ‣ No limitations
  15. 15. Lillidots conclusion✦ Facilitates discussion ‣ Bypassing technology ‣ Creation ‘beyond the default’✦ Valuable ‘meta tool’ ‣ Engage ppl with no technical affinity ‣ Active participation in the confluence of digital and non-digital✦ No feeling for realism
  16. 16. Lillidots future✦ Re-evaluation with industrial designers ‣ Include digital artefacts in the box ‣ Encourage creation of own material
  17. 17. @driesderoeck