Big society by Design (Dott Cornwall)


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Dott Cornwall's take on big society. How can we get citizens involved in developing their own solutions using design and innovation techniques?

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Big society by Design (Dott Cornwall)

  1. 1. Big Society g y By Design Dott Cornwall
  2. 2. “We need the culture of We eed e cu u e o public policy-making to have p p y g innovation at its heart. That’s the way to get the best results. y g And that’s the way to get y g value for taxpayers’ money..” David Cameron, April
  3. 3. How can we harness the creativity and ingenuity ingen it of all the people? l ?
  4. 4. “Don’t hold back. Be innovative,, be radical, challenge the way things are done.” David Cameron, 24 June 2010
  5. 5. This ll Thi call resulted in... lt d i ideas from frontline workers in the UK in two weeks (Public Sector Spending Challenge, 7th July 2010)
  6. 6. This ll Thi call resulted in... lt d i ... ideas from the public (Public Sector Spending Challenge, 7th July 2010)
  7. 7. “piloting an online “a more common auction site sense approach to pp for f surplus and l d Criminal Record second hand Bureau checks” Government equipment” “replacing the plastic National l ti N ti l Insurance number card with a letter”
  8. 8. The Cabinet Office The change to CRB and the MOD will checks for junior doctors j launch a pilot project l h il j will save up to £1million this autumn that will a year for the NHS develop the existing MOD eDisposals service a letter will be sent instead of i d f replacement cards, saving £100 000 in £100,000 2010/11
  9. 9. “We want to give citizens, We wa o g ve c e s, communities and local g government the power and p information they need to y come together, solve the g problems they face and build the Britain they want.” Building the Big Society, May 2010
  10. 10. Is big society Iris Hynd from Fowey who took over her local bus stop?
  11. 11. Q: From the sandbag to the wheelie bin... Where do we draw the line? What services should we expect local government to provide? A: Neither are provided as a standard.
  12. 12. Design for g
  13. 13. local ingenuity Design with g
  14. 14. = Big change g g
  15. 15. How?
  16. 16. fiscal capital it l Top down: Capability based Innovation specialists Best of both worlds: Capacity building Increased resilience Centralised Potential to scale Innovation: professionals Bottom up:p localised innovation designing new Requires platforms for solutions for Collaborative diffusion people Innovation: co-design and development of User new solutions Innovation: with people New grass roots Professional solutions realm developed by people Public realm social capital
  17. 17. bold and visionary community centred projects t d j t
  18. 18. using collaborative design methods and techniques th d dt h i
  19. 19. that are informed by, and feed into national policies ti l li i
  20. 20. delivering against local priorities
  21. 21. where communities work with professional designers f i ld i “All in all I and the residents I have spoken to, found it to be a very pos e, e po e g e pe e ce positive, empowering experience” Claire Arymar – Neighbourhood Manager
  22. 22. following a creative, g collaborative design process
  23. 23. asking new ways
  24. 24. developing and delivering innovative solutions i ti l ti
  25. 25. that tackle the burning issues that define th t d fi our ti times
  26. 26. involving people throughout the creative process ti
  27. 27. and increase our social capital and capacity for change it f h
  28. 28. by coming up with solutions that deliver more for less d li f l
  29. 29. 10 projects + capacity building + skills kill