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Quick translation in English of 2013 trend issue
Jong H. Ko(Founder & DT Manager of DesignConvivial) worked at THE DNA, Seoul Korea
UX based Service Design company in Seoul Korea with more than 12 years of experience...
with designers perspective.

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2013 trendinsight English_quick_translation

  1. 1. Social trend issueTHE DNAyear 2013Eco-system trend issue13model trend issueBiz Trend insight
  2. 2. Process generating 13 trend issues Social Eco-system 50 100 3 13 Biz-model Research Generating Filtering Issuing • Major social phenomenon • Generating 2013 issues • Filtering based on • Define 13 trend issues in 2012 from extended 2012 major 3 categories, which of 2013 based on • Social foresee material issues through designer generated various issues 3 categories (research) in 2013 perspective of The DNA
  3. 3. Where we are focussing at SocialSocial trend 51. Let’s get physically social 72. Our share is stronger as we know each other 1 93. Cultural connection for real4. Do you really need more than Googling? 10 3Eco-system trend5. Recurrence of the principle6. Curate ahead of user experience 127. Beyond responsibility to creativity8. Iteration for our daily innovation9. Let’s talk in visual Physical On-line 8Biz model trend 1110. Queered hybrid innovation11. Internet for things12. Lay your hands on 213. Deal with surplus 13 6 4 Individual
  4. 4. Social trend (4 issues)Eco-system trend (5 issues)Biz model trend (4 issues)The DNA is UX based service design consulting company,which has over 12 years of field experiences andorganized by design thinker group. Also designinguniversal practitioner perspective based on wide ratio ofexperience such as academic and mutual exchange withinternational collaborators.Trend of 2013 was defined and analyzed from the trend of2012 through THE DNAs perspective. 3 categories ofmajor issues: Social, Eco-system and Biz model areaffinities based on 13 trend issues. Each issue hasconnected to explanation about social phenomenon andopinions of THE DNA perspective.Theses 13 trend issues are totally focused on THE DNA’sperspective and attitude as a design thinking group.
  5. 5. Socialphysically social1. Let’s get trend2. Our share is stronger as we know each other3. Cultural connection for real4. Do you really need more than Googling?Eco-system trend5. Recurrence of the principle6. Curate ahead of user experience7. Beyond responsibility to creativity8. Iteration for our daily innovation9. Let’s talk in visualBiz modelinnovation10. Queered hybrid trend11. Internet for things12. Lay your hands on13. Deal with surplus
  6. 6. Socialphysically social1. Let’s get trend2. Our share is stronger as we know each other3. Cultural connection for real4. Do you really need more than Googling?
  7. 7. Let’s getphysicallysocial 1 Reference: 서울시 디자인이 서울을 위해 무엇을 할수있을까 페이스북 페이지
  8. 8. Let’s get physically socialSocial design with SNS THE DNA perspectiveThe positive social synergy was created ‘‘Seoul attraction’ is SNS based tourand combined with social network and platform which operated by Seoul City.the human needs for quality life. This service is called ‘attraction spot’, it provides shared personal tourExpending the social experience from information with their own stories.simple experience such as sharing thereviews on existing products or services This will improve the connection for localto corporate’s social activities, design for business from crossed platforms. THEgovernment’s public policy. DNA is focusing on creating the new services through the convergence ofThese movements are based on various social and digital media. .media and platforms to providesustainable experience.Velib, public bicycle transportationservice of Paris, is the example ofreducing traffic jam in the city. Thisservice has been influenced with humanneeds and SNS.‘What can be done to help DesignSeoul?’ is the service for idea sharing tomake a better Seoul city. Social wields Referencestrong influence to our life as an •Paris ‘Velib’ Public bicycle/ Instagramexpended concept. •Social Design/ Ideo.org •Seoul city/ Facebook page
  9. 9. 2Our share isstronger as weknow each other Reference: 카카오톡 소셜 개임
  10. 10. Our share(bond) is strongeras we know each otherClosed group THE DNA perspectiveClosed group in SNS is not negative | RCS service designreaction of SNS or anti-social notion. It is New service model platform for mobilethe new way of evolution to improve the telecommunication based oninformation value in the sea of communication behavior. Share relatedinformation. information in closed group for value creation. Co-create with stakeholders to ‘Ani Pang’, one of the hottest game in secure the service opportunity elementstrend is a closed-group game service to create the common value.allow uses to play with their Kakaotalk(multi-platform texting app) friends.Closed group use case are created fromthe needs of making own contents withfriends and lovers to share. ‘Kakaostory’, ‘Band’, ‘Between’…etc. thesekinds of services are shape shifting fromwide range of social platform into face toface relations. It also improves the valueof information which shared or made byusers. Reference • ‘Kakaotalk’ game • Naver ‘Band’ • Path by Desk.com
  11. 11. Culturalconnectionfor real 3 Reference: 두레를 통해 6억 이상 펀딩 제작한 영화 ‘26년’
  12. 12. Cultural connection for realCultural connection THE DNA perspectiveWhat are the mediums that connect | Public Service Designpeople? In this year, people are Public service design is to provide locallyconnected to each other through the optimized services which based on theculture. People feeling sympathy through understanding of citizens and residents.the culture and make groups based on It aims for sustainably secured andthat. Even the contents of sharing and improved the culture of residents’ lifedonation can be a culture to connect quality. Identify and fully understand theeach other. cultural characteristics of the community members before design.Understanding non mainstream such asfringe groups, Rock festival, Indie bandsfestivals etc., to turns on the wide ratio | MICE Experience designacceptance of culture. It also securesdiversity the culture over the concept of Specialized service design of tourismmainstream and fringe. sector for Meeting, Incentives, Convention and Exhibition is needed.Story stores like ‘cleaned out your Identify the characteristics (expectationclosets’ project is a motivated donation and opportunities)of the MICE sector’sevent activated through stories that members. Design and expend theprovides sharing and fun experience. For experience out from the limits for a widethe movie ’26 years’, it has earned 6 range of new tour experience.hundred million Korean won by usingsocial funding and successfully delivered Referencethe strong social messages. • Story store • Movie ’26 Years’ funded by ‘Doore’People in this kind of culture • Social funding ‘Fundu’relationships which connected throughsocial activities are prompting the resultsand influences.
  13. 13. 4Do you really needmore thanGoogling? Reference: We feel fine; human emotion weblog search tool
  14. 14. Do you really needmore than googling?Social contextual search THE DNA perspectiveWeb search has become a big part of our | Expedition Service Web Platformdaily life. Context verification of results is Expedition service is one of thevery important when searches with characteristic services in THE DNA.keywords. The results will also show the After the organization, we steadilyirony, abbreviation words…etc., for easy progress to secure infrastructure, spreadunderstanding of the context. services and build up the web service platform. Social relationships withSearch personalization is an important stakeholders including scientists arefactor to ensure the value of search participated in free group discussion.results. Graph Search of Facebook is the Theme of the discussion was approvedkey issue as social search. Other SNS- through the search and analyzes of allbased services such as Path are also members interests. The participants willstarting to provide search services which also be assigned which based onbased on users’ own contacts. personal information. These processes will be expending the relationshipsMany standard, atypical data are utilized between stakeholders..in various forms can be provided throughthe business analysis process. Select andAnalyze users through the informationplatform by various ways, the evaluationof big data will be performed togetherthrough these processes. Reference“To select necessary information in big data era, itis necessary to consider variables based in social • We feel finerelations, not just rely on simple analysis.” human emotion weblog search – Steven Rosenbaum • Facebook social search • Tweeter advance setting • Path search
  15. 15. Eco-system trend5. Recurrence of the principle6. Curate ahead of user experience7. Beyond responsibility to creativity8. Iteration for our daily innovation9. Let’s talk in visual
  16. 16. 5Recurrenceof theprinciple Reference: Michael J. Sandel, Justice
  17. 17. Recurrence of the principleReturn of the “WHY” THE DNA perspectivePeople are starting to ask why! The needs | Thinking Playgroundfor the root have been expressed invarious fields, thats something people ‘Think playground’ is a regular events forused to feel unimportant in this fast sharing ideas in THE DNA. Variousgrowing social structure. expertise and DNA designers gathered in one place and share ideas, opinions andSome obviously important themes such propose the solutions. Through thisas ‘What is the justice’, ‘About Death’… activity, we can create new ideas to linketc. have been selected spontaneously as with different thinking and designerscriterion of personal or social decision. perspectives.Emerged from the short-sightedapproach, the new approach of politiciansis not to chose because selection isneeded but think about the fundamentalreason for selection. There are manymethod to share the thoughts andfundamental concerns within15 minutessuch as TED X. “Design Thinking” not only use for designbut also in various fields such aseconomy and education. By asking the Referencequestion Why? for the start, then to • Shelly Kagan, Deaththink, share and find the results and • 세상을 바꾸는 시간 15분 강연solutions together. • Michael J. Sandel, Justice • Faud Luke, Design Thinking • 안철수, 안철수의 생각
  18. 18. 6Curate • 2013 Trend Key by dna service design lab.ahead ofuser experience Reference: KLM Surprises campaign webpage
  19. 19. Curate ahead ofuser experienceSocial curation & Storytelling THE DNA perspectiveThe everyday overflowed information and | Brand experiencedata had become the reason for the Brand design, as the service touchpointdegradation of usability. is taking the lead of visual experiences such as logo, naming, service groupingIn such environment, users need the and construct I.A which are made basedstandard or guideline to make the on brand story.purchase decisions. The curation thatprovides experience with stories is By analyze target users brandleading the pre-during-after user experience and companys brandexperiences. expectation for balanced design.Pinterest is the case for personal image- | Spatial Service Designbased story telling curation of informationsharing and value extension.‘Eureka farm’ Story of spaces; elements such as theis another successes case which provide experience of the user can be inducedthe leading user experience by showing by natural circulation and environmentthe production environment of milk. configuration in the space. The space itself allow centered-elements such asKML Surprise(Royal Dutch Airlines) context, interaction (communication) andresearches customers’ preference through technology for user experience.SNS and conducted an on/offlinecampaign that gives out presents to thepassengers who waiting to board. 40 Referenceparticipated passengers, wildly spreads to • Eureka, Eureka farmhundred million people by twitter. • KLM, KLM Surprise • Nike, Nike Plus • Pinterset, PinterestThe curation provides service experiencesthrough SNS and it leads users to theunexpected satisfactory experience.
  20. 20. 7Beyondresponsibilityto creativity Reference: Michael Porter, Harvard Business Review
  21. 21. Beyond responsibilityto creativityCSV & CSR THE DNA perspectiveCreating Shared Value | Haatz B to C channel design& Corporate Social Responsibility; Haatz had changed their business channel from B2B to B2C. The businessBusiness strategy guru Michael Porter structure have been converted fromaccentuated the combined growth of product-centered to service-centered.society and company through communityand shred value over Corporate Social From production & consumption to theResponsibility. This concept is Creating new service experience structure ofShared Value that utilizes creation of management & user experience, tocommon win-win value for both company create a new form of relationships withand community, also improves the users.competitiveness of company investment Service infrastructure and eco-friendlystrategy. CSV are designed through expend service experience such as productNestle Nespresso made 30% growth of maintenance and quality control.technological prowess every year throughthe funding for NOGA education. CVSapplied not just as a simple charitable workbut as a company success strategy. Inaddition, the companies like GE havechanged their business structures to eco-friendly structure. That brings the positiveaffects to other related companies and the Referencewhole market system (eco system). • Michael Porter, Harvard Business Review • GE, EcoimaginationCSV continue sharing long-term • Nestle, Creating Shared Value Prizeperspective away from the existing frame,creating a new value of shareable ecosystem.
  22. 22. 8Iteration forour dailyinnovation Reference: Eric Ries, The LEAN Startup
  23. 23. Iteration forour daily innovationIterative developing process THE DNA perspectiveLEAN Startup & Design ThinkingFast fashion responses immediately to | Startup & Design Thinkingcustomer needs through quick rotation The integration of design and businessand timely concept of rapid customer thinking creates a unique supportdata analysis. It provides fair price and program for entrepreneurs. The Programshopping environment that enables the focuses on effective usage of fast proto-customers to consume in every season. typing which based on designer’s perspective and capability. Generates anFor mobile market, infrastructure-based innovative business model for idealow budget start-ups in application development through multiple evaluationdevelopment market have meet the process.needs of minimal cost applicationdevelopment, it also allowed user toevaluated directly. | Service Design process THE DNA applies iterative process in allThe public utilizes broadcast procedures which based on serviceinfrastructure such as podcasting is to design process for rapid verification andcreate and share information. It also improvements in results.initiates one person media era withtimeless production, information andissue sharing.Design Thinking, as the guide for fastverification and low budget Referencedevelopments iterative process, it • Eric Ries, The Lean Startupensured the diversity of the market and • Seoul City founding idea competitionthe freedom from the economies scale. • Empathy, Design thinking process • Fast fashion • Android app store • Apple app store • Wiley, Podcast for Dummies
  24. 24. 9Let’stalk inVisual Reference: Statista, Rise of Pinterest
  25. 25. Let’s talk in visualUniversal communication code THE DNA perspectiveFind universal code; The Key value for | GUI Developmentsuccessful Korean celebrities including Proceed information visualizationPsy is “visual”. The Youtube video of projects for various media such asPsy’s “Gangnam Style” so popular vehicles and mobile…etc.among the international viewers thatdespite the language barrier. The leading Differentiated the designs to improve thecommunication method to the famous is user experience according to contextualnot the lyrics but the visual language that and technical characteristic of eachpassed through the video. The Image- media.focused search service provide byCooliris is one of the major image searchengine. In addition, elements such as analysis of holistic user experience and post effectsImage sharing services such as Pinterest of usage are considered during designpractice real-time sharing service through procedure. The Integration of UX thinkingSNS infrastructure without professional and service design had applied to theassessment. The primary judgment of process.each user works as the most importantevaluation factor and create universalvalue in result.Big data sector also requires datavisualization. Defined structure tounderstand and manage large personal Referencedata as well. Personal social data • Visify, Personal SNS data visualizer • Alchemy50, 1 Sec Everydayvisualization service such as Visify is used • Cooliris inc, Cooliris appin the current market. • YouTube, Gangnam Style • Statista, Rise of Pinterest“World is making value togetherspontaneously in visual.”
  26. 26. Biz modelinnovation10. Queered hybrid trend11. Internet for things12. Lay your hands on13. Deal with surplus
  27. 27. 10Queeredhybridinnovation Reference: Grill5 & Adidas 타코식당 마케팅
  28. 28. Queered hybrid innovationUnfamiliar collaboration THE DNA perspectiveFinding a new thing has become more | Create experience consumptiondifficult in diversity era. Therefore service modelcollaboration with other domains are the User experience is intangible but it cannew ways of production. Collaboration be commercialize as a consumptionbetween business and academic domains product, THE DNA self-developedare often to implemented the strength and Expedition service project will be the bestmake up for the weakness. example as direct/indirect commercialized service.The combination of unfamiliar or strangedomains could be attractive. The | Physical SNScollaboration between the British cultishfashion brand Kangol and mobile phone Analyze the advantage/disadvantage ofbrand Aerial7 had created a headwear on-line SNS, leading into physical spacethat allows user to listen to the music to provide either on/off-line advantageswithout earphones. to users. Constructing the cloud based physical SNS for next generation throughPublishers are also creating new telecommunication between digitalbusiness model such as ‘Book café’. Like signage and mobile.the case of Adidas and Grill5, thecollaboration of different domainssometimes can create stronger effect thanone plus one. ReferenceService design has been leading and • 문학동네 publishing, café 꼼마(Book café)integrate thinking to create the common • Kangol & Arial7, headphone imbedded head wearvalue in design field, also expending into • Grill5 & Adidas, taco grill marketingdesign consulting field such as public • Louis Vuitton & Murakami Takashidesign and business design now.
  29. 29. 11Internetforthings Reference: THE DNA 자체 next generation digital signage service model
  30. 30. Internet for thingsEverything is connected THE DNA perspectiveas one sequence of serviceFrom livingroom to car, the simple | Converged home serviceuncomplicated logic based sensor By the internet based connectionstechnology has already been used in between in-house devices of thewide ranges of our daily lives. communication company, that leads client to develop the next generationThe sensor technology is not only product. At the same time, proposed theapplies to the smart electronic devices TV centered converged home servicebut also like furniture…etc. All the improvement solutions.products can recognized andcommunicated to each other for theconverged network services. | Next generation digital signageFor example, the health care channels Look at the digital signage from thelike ‘BSE bra’ checks users’ physical Smart Social Object perspective. Thoughconditions in real time, and ‘Nike Fuel market analysis and user-observation ofband’ checks users’ momentum and the existing products, develop the nextprovides health maintenance advices. generation digital signage service model which can satisfied various stakeholdersAlso like Nokias ‘smart tattoo’ including service provider.technology, by the vibration on the skinto alert the incoming calls. From the The government is supporting THE DNAmajor companys movements, we can for next generation digital signagetell that wearable or embodiment service model development project.technology is rapidly evolves in related Referencebusiness domain. • LG Converged Home Service • First warning system, BSE braDigital signage, the infrastructure of city • Nike, Fuel bandis also core element of smart thing which • Google, Google glass • THE DNA, Digital signage serviceis now focused not just on advertisingbut also as a communication media.
  31. 31. 12Layyourhands on Reference: TED X in a box, Toolkit
  32. 32. Lay your hands onToolkit for your own experience THE DNA perspectiveCustomer needs experience; curious of | Expedition Toolkitunknown outer space, reality show of Through the development of THE DNAssurviving in the wild or non artificial own Expedition service toolkit, its easyenvironment such as camping in the wild to create local service and practicallyare showing the needs of personally use as educational contents.experience expedition.By the use of the contents such as Virgin | Startup ToolkitGalactic space tourists experience, James The startup support education project,Cameron and National Geographys Deep ‘Startup Toolkit’ is developing forsea challenge (education, movie) convergence of business planning andexperiences from the users, sure are design thinking. After developing themaking direct/indirect consumption. Startup toolkit, it will be distributed not only in educational areas but also inMoreover, the needs for new experiences business areas to secure a wide range ofarise not only in natural exploration but applications.also in various areas. Therefore, the‘Experience toolkit’ will be able to guideand help the users to experience bythemselves.By providing Experience toolkit invarious areas not only can extend the Referenceknowledge of corresponding fields, but • 정글의 법칙, reality showalso share the experiences in various • Out door activitiesfields. • Curiosity, Mars rover • James Cameron, Deep sea challenge • TEDx in a box, Tool kit
  33. 33. 13Dealwithsurplus Reference: 서울시 디자인이 서울을 위해 무엇을 할수있을까 페이스북 페이지 카카오, 카카오톡 모바일 서비스
  34. 34. Deal with surplusMarket opportunity on surpluses THE DNA perspective; Contents & CommunicationDeal with surplus; most of people | RCS Service Designwatching web comics or playing mobile Contents & Communication; Design fromgames while they are on the subway. the perspective of the content forPeople are using smart phone contents Communication companys RCS service.for surplus time even they have chance totake a rest. Through various converged approaches such as Gamification for effectivelyEasy and simple contents are fulfilling the improvements of user experience.needs of people who are using mobilecontents during surplus time. By the combination of appropriated technologies to create the values forIn the past, communication services such both communication companies andas phone call, text message and mobile users.messenger was in charged of surplus The attainment of project´s goal is totime, but in these days, users are more create the sustainable co-operativepreferred the communication based relationship to satisfy every values.social games.This kind of "contents for communication"had gradually became a major marketopportunities. Reference • NAVER web comics, 역전! 야매요리 • NAVER web comics, 마음의 소리 • KAKAO game, Anipang • KAKAO, Kakao talk
  35. 35. Social trend issueThank you.Eco-system trend issue DNA onYou can know more THEwww.thedna.co.krBiz model trend issue