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Nsac jcp 2011_final

  1. 1. flaunt your penney’s Grand Valley State University 2011
  2. 2. We are magic beans, and we are growing.The media of our age is unfamiliar to many, but we have been cultivated to understand this change. Change isinevitable. The choice is whether to allow a changing world to unpredictably impact the future or to proactivelytake a powerful and inspired force to positively impact others. Our time is now. We will break through the cloudsto meet the giants. We are redesigning the landscape of advertising—how it is communicated and embraced. Weare maturing with a new perspective that is redefining how people think. This is our revolution.Small things change the world.2011 NSAC // Grand Valley State University // “flaunt your penney’s” Campaign
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Advertising is the process we engage in to drive and inspire action. At one time, companies would blast messages out and consumers would buy based on what they needed. Competition and similar products made it necessary for companies to begin to stand for something greater than the tangible. Hence, branding became a crucial part of the mix. Today’s brands are called to interact with their customers as well as create an emotional connection with the product. Creative packaging, commercials and magazine ads are no longer enough to bring a brand to life. What inspires this interactive relationship? The solution is the Longtail Effect: effective branding by way of total inclusion. Half of the country’s population lives in 30 cities. The other half live in a mix of second cities, suburban communities, and rural towns. The use of guerrilla tactics shows understanding of the idea that attracting and engaging minds is not accomplished by simply saying “we offer the best product.” However, the interesting and engaging advertising that has recently become popular in the major markets never reaches half of the population. RWLongtail has been given the challenge to craft an integrated national campaign for JCPenney—to acquire, retain and increase share of wallet for females, age 25-34. JCPenney has built their brand up from the Golden Rule; therefore, we have reemphasized the importance of relationships. This is the foundation and essence of the “flaunt your penney’s” campaign. We’ve conducted primary and secondary research, developed inspiring traditional media, incorporated interactive non-traditional tactics, built an extensive media plan and defined a clear method for evaluation that will intensify JCPenney’s success. The Longtail Effect results in a campaign where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Utilizing the Longtail Effect, while keeping the Golden Rule in mind, RWLongtail will propel JCPenney to the forefront of the digital age.02 | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  5. 5. RESEARCH introduction JCPenney has provided RWLongtail with the challenge to attract and retain female consumers in the 25-34 age group. The department store market is saturated and competitive so JCPenney wishes to increase their share of wallet among the 19.88 million women in the United States that make up this target market. In order to reach these goals through our advertising communications, we’ve conducted extensive primary and secondary research. Through this research we have: {1} Discovered what the target audience holds most important in their lives. {2} Segmented the target audience by relationships and life experiences. {3} Found what the target audience values in a brand and its company. This research has inspired the development of our creative campaign, media placement, and integrated promotional efforts.03 | RESEARCH
  6. 6. secondary researchThrough our secondary research, we discovered what our target audience values the most, what influences theirpurchasing decisions, and in which media they notice advertisements.We found that the average American woman, age 25-34, values relationships and emotional connections.Research has shown that 74% of our target audience would help others even if there were no direct benefits-believing it’s important for companies to do the same. OF THELasting relationships are very important to them. They enjoy keeping in touch with their friends and includingthem in their purchase decisions. It’s important for them to ask for advice before buying new things with 23% womengetting a second opinion from a friend before purchasing something.Of the women in the target audience, 80.4% are likely to experience one or more milestones in the upcoming IN THE12 months, 12.5% of the audience will get a better job, 9.4% will make a major home improvement and 6% will target audienceget married.These women are always on the lookout for a good deal. They plan ahead for expensive purchases and 71% are 80% AREwilling to shop at different stores for the best price. When they enter a store 55% tend to head straight to theclearance section. They value comfort and durability in the clothing they buy, and like to stick with the styles LIKELY TOthat have stood the test of time. Rather than impressing others 42% of the target audience shops and dresses toplease themselves. experienceWomen in the target audience use a variety of media to stay informed and entertained. Of the target audience ONE OR MOREpopulation, 56.25% claimed to have noticed a large billboard in the last 30 days and 54.11% claimed thatthey pay attention to billboard advertising. It was also found that 23.55% of these women notice bus shelter milestonesadvertising. We found that 28.64% of the target audience are average television watchers and 31.4% are alwayslistening to the radio. Finally, 27.39% of the target audience are high involvement magazine readers. IN THE upcoming 12 months04 | RESEARCH
  7. 7. primary researchprimary researchPrimary Research was divided intowas divided into two sections: behavioral surveyinterviews. interviews. Primary Research two sections: behavioral survey and personal and personal DO YOU DOWNLOADBEHAVIORAL SURVEY BEHAVIORAL SURVEY MOBILE PHONE APPS?We distributed a survey to the target audience online through social media and social mediasurvey askedThe survey We distributed a survey to the target audience online through e-mail. The and e-mail. questionsabout lifestyle, shopping behavior, preferences,shopping behavior, preferences, and media consumption habits. It asked questions about lifestyle, and media consumption habits. It was found that 80% of thewomen surveyed was found that 80% of the women surveyed work full-time. Furthermore, 90%Associate’ssurveyed work full-time. Furthermore, 90% of women surveyed have a 2-year college of women degree,while 60% have earned 2-year college Associate’s respondents, 60% have earned Bachelor’s married. have a a Bachelor’s degree. Of the degree, while 20% have childrenaand 35% aredegree. Of the respondents, 20% have children and 35% are married.Current JCPenney shoppers comprised 60% of the completed surveys; however, 55% of the women claimed toshop there “almost never.”JCPenney shoppers comprised 60% of surveyed, 1.6 hours per week was 55% ofto bewomen Current Results also showed that of the women the completed surveys; however, shown the spent claimed to shop there “almost never.” Results also showed that of the women surveyed, 1.6 hoursshopping online and 3.55 hours surfing the web— 85% claimed they would rather shop in-store than online. 40%Women in the target would rather shop in-store than average of 3.85 hours on digital social media networking they audience said they spend an online. 60%websites per week. They spend 1.45 hours reading magazines, and of the women surveyed, 55% of them claimed to Women in the target audience said they spend an average of 3.85 hours on digital social mediaspend five or more hours perwebsites per week.the radio. An additional 55% said magazines, and of thefavorite networking week listening to They spend 1.45 hours reading that they watch their womentelevision shows online. Similarly, 80% of women responded that they watch five hours or more of television per week.PERSONAL INTERVIEWSsaid that they watch their favorite television shows online. Similarly, 80% of women additional 55%Personal interviews were conducted to better understand the consumer’s current perception of JCPenney. Itwas discovered that most women think of JCPenney as a place to go for something specific, a dress for a special PERSONAL INTERVIEWS YES NOoccasion or a purse for a night out. Most women wereto betterrecall shopping at JCPenneycurrent perception it Personal interviews were conducted able to understand the consumer’s as a child. Again, ofwas supported that they shopped there for special most women think of JCPenney as night out withfor something JCPenney. It was discovered that occasions: dances, weddings, or a a place to go friends. HOURS PER WEEK SPENTOne child-bearing respondent had been as long-timeAgain, it was supported that they “I can’t wait to shop there shopping at JCPenney a a child. Penney’s shopper and expressed, shopped there for specialas a mom!” ON SOCIAL NETWORKS occasions: dances, weddings, or a night out with friends. 5HRS OR MOREConsumers were One child-bearing respondent clothing and house wares retailer; however,expressed, “I can’t wait well aware of JCPenney as a had been a long-time Penney’s shopper and only 15% were aware 55%of JCPenney’s furniture selection. mom!” to shop there as a 4HRSWhen asked about her satisfaction with the of JCPenney as a clothing and house wares confessed, “it’s consistent Consumers were well aware in-store experience, one respondent had retailer; however, only 15% 5%with what you pay for, aware ofsuper nice, but I am always able to get what I want.” Furthermore, that respondent were it’s not JCPenney’s furniture selection. 3HRSalso stated “the ones I have been in all had the same store layout, so that made it easy for me to find what I waslooking for in a hurry.” asked about her satisfaction with the in-store experience, one respondent had confessed, When 20% “it’s consistent with what you pay for, it’s not super nice, but I am always able to get what I want.” 2HRS Furthermore, that respondent also stated “the ones I have been in all had the same store layout, so 10% 1HRS 10% 05 | RESEARCH05 | RESEARCH
  8. 8. swot & top designated market areas STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES TOP 20 MARKETS In-store customer service satisfaction Second lowest brand ranking inINTERNAL Social responsibility efforts comparison to competitors (Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Sears) 100+ years of business Perception of JCP’s style/quality is One-stop destination lower than certain direct competitors 1 NEW YORK, NY Goods at a lower manageable cost (Target and Kohl’s) 2 LOS ANGELES, CA In-store experience inconsistent 3 CHICAGO, IL Fourth highest ranked online department store among with advertising 4 PHILADELPHIA, PA consumers 25 - 34 (behind Amazon, 5 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Walmart and Target 6 DALLAS-FT.WORTH, TX 7 ATLANTA, GA 8 BOSTON, MA 9 WASHINGTON, DC 10 HOUSTON, TX 11 PHOENIX, AZ 12 DETROIT, MI 13 SEATTLE-TACOMA, WA OPPORTUNITIES THREATS 14 MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, MN 15 TAMPA, FL 16 MIAMI-FT. LAUDERDALE, FL Brand introductions: Sephora, Direct competition: Target, Walmart, 17 SACRAMENTO, CAEXTERNAL MNG by Mango (only in certain stores), Kohl’s and Macy’s 18 DENVER, CO Allen B., Liz Claiborne, I <3 Ronson, Indirect competition: Express, New York 19 CLEVELAND, OH Irreverent, Article 365 and Studio & Co., Banana Republic, Gap, 20 ORLANDO, FL Improve social media presence Victoria Secret, Old Navy, IKEA, Economical recession, opportunity to Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn emphasize quality/price Negative consumer brand perception Mobile media application popularity Make the complete brand experience consistent and engaging06 | RESEARCH
  9. 9. THE BEST brand FOR THESE women target audience IS A BRAND THAT CAN Women ages 25-34 are mostly Caucasian, but Asian and Hispanic women make up increasingly large segments. They are typically college educated and most work full time. They are participants in the migration WEAR ITS back to America’s urban areas, including second cities. However, while these women are renting more, significant portions are homeowners. In 2006, homeowners represented 40% of the marriages in America heart and 50% of the births. We found that women in this group desire relationships. Based on the number of births and marriages, their lives are full of change and discovery. Yet when it comes to the products they buy, they expect more than ON ITS one-stop, in-and-out experiences – they expect relationships. Trust isn’t just a pivotal part of the consumer- brand experience; it’s what women want. The best brand for these women is a brand that can wear its heart on its sleeve and truly “be there” for every moment. sleeve Life is changing and the big events keep hitting: college graduation, engagement, marriage, first home, pregnancy, having a baby...the list goes on and intensifies as young women begin balancing their work and their family. We’ve identified three groups that deserve special attention in our communications: Raising America, the family-focused woman; Balancing Act, representing women with both budding careers and significant family commitments; and Young Career, the professional-focused woman.07 | RESEARCH
  10. 10. segmentsRAISING AMERICA BALANCING ACT YOUNG CAREERLike most women 25-34, she works full time, most She wants it all. She splits her time between a career A young career focused woman is unlikely to havelikely a new wife or mother. She is devoted to the that provides for her family and time with the people children. Though many in this group are married,care of her children. She spends much of her time who are most important to her. She is employed in they see a career as the most significant part ofwith her parents and extended family. These family white or blue-collar jobs and lives in a suburban their identity. A young career woman’s relationshipsfigures heavily influence the way she lives her life and exurban town. She works to further her career are based in her family of work and neighborhoodand the products that she purchases. Life is all about because it will increase opportunities for her family. friends. Living in urban areas lets her stay close to herfamily—she wouldn’t have it any other way. This Because of her hectic schedule the convenience of office and enjoy the fast-paced, active lifestyle of thesegment makes up 8.4% of the total target audience. online shopping and other time-saving technology city. She tends to make more money, and advance to appeal to her. This woman knows there’s a good life higher career levels, than “balanced” or family- to live and her goal is to build that for herself and focused women. Despite her higher income, her life isn’t her family. She does it all with confidence. This only about the money, the house, or the shopping. Like segment makes up 23% of the target audience and other women 25-34, she’s interested in discovering is the group with the most potential for growth as genuine truths. For now, her career is in the spotlight, JCPenney shoppers. but she believes that anything is possible. This group makes up 6% of the total target audience.08 | RESEARCH
  11. 11. CAMPAIGN traditional JCPenney is a relationship-builder. The target audience has grown up with the brand, turning to it at one or more of the classic milestones: getting a job, getting married, or buying a house. Over the years, JCPenney has attracted a lower-than-desired brand perception. We are going to change that by inspiring consumers to “flaunt your penney’s.” The “flaunt your penney’s” message is comprised of three components: (1) “flaunt,” which directly addresses the negative brand perception, encourages the target audience to be confident—confident in what they purchase from JCPenney, what they wear from JCPenney, and shopping at JCPenney. (2) “your” represents relationships between the brand and the consumer, as well as between the consumers and the various relationships with family and friends. (3) “penney’s” is the call to action that drives consumers to shop at JCPenney. 80.4% of the target audience is likely to go through one or more “big changes” in the next 12 months. The “flaunt your penney’s” campaign will increase share of wallet among the target audience by making the brand top of mind during life’s milestones and linking JCPenney to their personal growth. After a thorough analysis of typefaces, we decided that Bodoni Std (“flaunt your”) communicates fun, success and confidence. We pair that “confidence” with the modern look and feel of Gotham HTF, which is used for all other copy throughout the campaign. Through traditional media we will show the target audience progressing through several relevant milestones. Each milestone is inherently connected with a sense of self discovery that we will link to JCPenney. Just as your first car gave you independence, JCPenney gives you the confidence to take on what’s next.09 | CAMPAIGN
  12. 12. magazineGATEFOLD INSERT – STRATEGYShowing your target audience as they progress through life’s milestones will help (on average) at a time. These magazines were identified based on three criteria:situate the JCPenney brand socially and increase message retention rates. Womenin the target audience will see themselves in these ads and connect with the 1. High frequency of readership among the target audience“flaunt your penney’s” way of life. 2. High reachOur spread will feature a single-page print ad on the left-hand page and a gatefold 3. Low costinsert on the right-hand page. A reader is more likely to directly open up to thegatefold insert. Additionally, a gatefold will help differentiate and bring attention We feel that this mix of placements will be the most efficient means by which toto an advertisement and help it stand out from the clutter in a magazine. reach and convey the JCPenney brand and message to your target audience.The gatefold insert will show emotional responses occurring at each milestone. Wewill remind people of those moments in their life when they truly felt confidentand link that feeling directly to JCPenney with creative copy.Young Career | Your first job gave you independence, your fiancé gave youbutterflies and your new home gave you comfort. We give you the confidence totake on what’s next. flaunt your penney’s.Balancing Act | Your career gives you fulfillment, your husband gives yousupport, and your daughter gives you pride. We give you the confidence to take onwhat’s next. flaunt your penney’s. flauntRaising America | Your husband gave you a promise, your home gives youpeace of mind, and your son gives you gratification. We give you the confidence to YOURtake on what’s next. flaunt your penney’s. lifeAn analysis of hundreds of typefaces was conducted. We decided on Bodoni StdPoster Italic (“flaunt your”) which is a flirty typeface that helps communicateour message of fun, success and confidence. We pair that confidence with the YOUR YOUR YOURsophistication of the sans serif Gotham HTF which, beyond building a great b ancé YOUR YOUR new homelooking ad, brings a modern/contemporary feel to the picture. VE YOU GAVE YOU GIVES YOU independence ancé es new home comfort GAVE YOU GIVES YOU es comfortIMPLEMENTATIONA cost/benefit analysis yielded the following 10 magazines: People, Star, Oprah,Parents, Better Homes and Garden, Glamour, Allure, US Weekly, Cosmopolitanand In Touch. The ads will be placed in each of these magazines for two months10 | CAMPAIGN
  13. 13. STRATEGY – SINGLE PAGE Separate single-page ads will be created, each targeting a different segment of the audience. As part of the two-page spread, the copy for each one page ad will be YOUR first job emphasized to show the benefit of one relevant life milestone to a particular target GIVES YOU possibilites audience segment. WE GIVE Young Career | Your first job gives you possibilities. We give you the confidence YOU THE confidence to take on what’s next. flaunt your penney’s. TO TAKE ON what’s next Balancing Act | Your new home gives you a canvas. We give you the confidence flaunt your to take on what’s next. flaunt your penney’s. penney’s Raising America | Your child gives you unity. We give you the confidence to take on what’s next. flaunt your penney’s. .com WE GIVE WE GIVE YOUR YOUR YOUR YOUR YOUR YOU THE YOU THE YOUR WE GIVE YOUR rst jobYOUR rst job ancéancé YOUR new home new home YOU THEce c ce GAVE YOU new home YOU WE GIVE GAVE YOU YOU GAVE YOU GIVES YOU GIVES YOUR GAVE rst job YOURancé es es independence independence YOUR comfort YOU THE ON comfort c TO TAKEce TAKEON GIVES YOU what’s next GAVE YOU GAVE YOU ancé what’s next rst job independence es new home comfort c TO TAKE ON ce TOwhat’s next GAVE YOU GAVE YOU GIVES YOU comfort TAKE ON independence es flaunt your what’s next penney’s11 | CAMPAIGN
  14. 14. televisionSTRATEGYInspire action and link the key benefit of shopping at JCPenney (confidence Young Career | The spot begins with a woman walkingthrough relationships) to the brand by situating the product socially.WHAT IT IS starts setting out decorations on her desk and the cameraWith three traditional advertising spots targeting towards our three audience zooms into a picture of her and her husband. The picturesegments, we will show the confidence that the JCPenney brand helps establish. morphs as if it has been turned into a watercolor paintingJCPenney is there for every woman’s new beginning. This new beginning can and reforms into a scene of the couple on the day hebe defined as a new milestone in life –whether it’s a new career, new point in arelationship, or a new addition to the family. These milestones are made complete proposed. They are having a picnic. He proposes to her,with the JCPenney brand always being prepared to help. they kiss and the woman’s sun hat (that has a large redDESCRIPTIONSRaising America | The spot begins with a woman having dinner with herboyfriend at a fancy restaurant. She looks down with surprise as her boyfriendproposes to her (they’re wearing dress clothes and look like they’re ready to go unpacking the last of their moving boxes. The spot ends asdancing). The camera zooms into the ring. As it zooms out the two are at their the camera pans to a red JCPenney bag on the counter withnew house. It’s void of all decoration, but they’re carrying big JCPenney bags.They take out lamps and throw pillows and arrange them in their living room. Thecamera zooms in on a yellow lampshade. As it zooms out a nursery is revealed.She’s pregnant and is arranging baby clothes in the nursery (while wearing stylishmaternity clothing). The spot ends as the camera pans to a red JCPenney bag onthe counter with the JCPenney logo and “flaunt your penney’s” underneath.Balancing Act | The spot begins with a confident woman walking into a full boardroom (she’s wearing a beautiful suit and carrying a stylish briefcase). The camera IMPLEMENTATIONzooms in on her face as she starts her presentation. The scene morphs as if it were These advertisements will be shown in 132 local television spots in the top-a watercolor painting and reforms on her face. The background has transformed 10 DMAs as well as Tampa, along with 64 national slots throughout the entireinto the steps of a big building. She looks down with surprise as her boyfriend campaign. The 64 national spots will be broken up equally between the fall andproposes to her (they’re wearing dress clothes and look like they just came from winter television seasons. Further, the spots will occur twice a week for 16 weeks.the opera). The camera zooms into the ring and morphs again. It reforms on her This allows us to advertise on two major shows each season. All commercials willhand and the ring. As the camera zooms out, it reveals that her hand is on her be shown during prime time on major networks.pregnant belly (she’s wearing stylish maternity clothing). She’s arranging furniturein the nursery. The spot ends as the camera pans to a red JCPenney bag on thecounter with the JCPenney logo and “flaunt your penney’s” underneath.12 | CAMPAIGN
  15. 15. flaunt your penney’s13 | CAMPAIGN
  16. 16. billboardSTRATEGYBe visible! The “flaunt your penney’s” message isone that can easily be translated through visualcommunication. We have found through researchthat women in the target audience are exceptionallyhigh viewers of billboards. We have taken theseadvantages and designed an effective billboardcampaign.WHAT IT ISThese billboards will be a simplified versionof the magazine ads. The most effective way tocommunicate the “flaunt your penney’s” messagethrough this medium is by using bold and emotionalimages with simple and clear copy.Copy for these billboards will be the same for all DMAs.“Confidence for what’s next. flaunt your penney’s.”14 | CAMPAIGN
  17. 17. integrated promotions Guerilla and otherwise non-traditional communications are a way for JCPenney to “get out and meet the people” and let its true personality come through. Due to the high percentage of the target audience that does not reside in major DMAs, it is important to bring as many brand interaction experiences to the web and social media. JCPenney has stores all over the country, and in many diverse markets. Let’s not forget those that live in small town USA – they want to have fun too. Leave the shirt and tie behind, we are going casual on this one. Social media has given companies a unique opportunity – create valuable material that your target audience finds relevant, inspiring and enjoyable then let them share it with their friends and essentially do the advertising for you. For each person that “shares” your brand on Facebook, you gain an additional 150 impressions (the average Facebook user has 150 friends). Just think of the reach you can achieve, for free, if you are able to create the right experience. Putting this into perspective, JCPenney has 1.5 million Facebook followers. In theory, if each of those followers “shared” a post made by JCPenney that would yield 225,000,000 impressions – for absolutely no cost. Please pause, this idea is fundamental and simple, however it is where we will be spending the next years of our professional lives. The tactics we have created for you work to harness the power of social media “sharing” and brand interaction opportunities. We feel that the correct mix of experience and entertainment is represented here and we are excited to share it with you. Remember, if you build your brand to be fun, attractive and engaging, people will take notice. These small things will change the world.15 | CAMPAIGN
  18. 18. hulu & pandoraSTRATEGY RESEARCH SHOWSBring the “flaunt your penney’s” message to the web! Large portions of the target Target audience members are known for watching medical and crime dramasaudience use the web to view and listen to their favorite television shows and radio (such as Grey’s Anatomy, House, and CSI)programming. Consumers are migrating online for all of their media consumption,the advertising needs to shift as well. According to our primary research, Rock and Pop are the two most listened to music genres by your target audience.WHAT IT ISThe traditional advertisements used to reach the three audience segments willappear on Hulu and Pandora, reaching the consumers who use online media towatch television shows, movies, and listen to music. The online commercials willbe accompanied by static banner advertisements that attract users by promotingan online sale at JCP.com. The banner ad will direct users to the JCPenneywebsite where they can take advantage of these offers. These banner ads will be anexcellent way to track the value and visibility of Hulu and Pandora advertisements.IMPLEMENTATIONAdvertisements will run throughout the entire campaign and appear on shows thatconsumers are known to watch along with music they are known to listen to.16 | CAMPAIGN
  19. 19. fashion weekSTRATEGY – FASHION WEEK PART IGain free media exposure and word of mouth awareness for the JCPenney brand is on such a large stage, and showcase “everyday fashion.” All of the signs thatby unexpectedly participating in a well-known event. originally said “flaunt your nature” will change to “flaunt your penney’s.”HOW IT WORKS WHAT IT IS – ADDISON BROOKE BILLBOARDSJCPenney is going to “crash” Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Digital billboards will feature Addison Brooke, the fake designer, before andSince Fashion Week takes place at the beginning of our campaign it is an excellent during her show. The billboards will read “Flaunt Your Nature” and host a closeopportunity to launch “flaunt your penney’s.” We are going to promote a fake up image of Addison’s eyes. After the “takeover” the billboards will be changed todesigner, Addison Brooke, and then “take over” her runway show. the Penney’s style. The visual will have zoomed out to reveal Addison as an early 30’s professional women and the copy changed to “flaunt your penney’s.”For this tactic we will hire an actress to play Addison Brooke, an up-and-comingdesigner, making her debut at New York Fashion Week. We will arrange to promote IMPLEMENTATIONher while never mentioning JCPenney; the goal is to generate buzz about her and One billboard will be located in each of the top 20 target audience-populatedher message, which is “Flaunt Your Nature.” The show starts as usual with models DMAs in February and March.walking the runway in avant-garde clothing. Suddenly, there will be a dramaticchange in the room. A JCPenney banner will be revealed and models will come WHAT IT IS – TIMES SQUARE DIGITAL BILLBOARDfrom backstage and out of the audience to flaunt their JCPenney clothing. The A series of images will be displayed one-by-one on a digital billboard located inmodels will be a range of sizes and ethnicities to reflect diversity among the target Times Square. The images will show the red silhouette of a model progressivelyaudience. The shock of this change will get people talking, especially because it emerging from the New York skyline, as if walking a runway toward the viewer.17 | CAMPAIGN
  20. 20. fashion week {continued}She continues walking until the entire screen becomes red. positive and negative, are shown. The video finishes with the words “We can’t wait for what’s next. flaunt your penney’s.”Before Addison’s show the billboard will display the words “Addison BrookeExclusively at Fashion Week. flaunt your nature.” After the show, the display will IMPLEMENTATIONchange to “Confidence for what’s next. flaunt your penney’s” These ads will air from the middle of February until the end of March during 10 prime time television slots on some of our audience’s favorite networks such asThis billboard will further increase the presence of JCPenney and mentally link TLC, USA, A&E, Food Network, and TBS.the concepts of “flaunt” and “confidence” to the brand. WHAT IT IS – FASHION WEEK INTERNET ADSSTRATEGY – FASHION WEEK PART II We will buy ad space on each of the network websites that we have televisionCreate a mini-campaign to support the Fashion Week takeover. These tactics work spots. The digital Times Square billboard will be adjusted to fit this web space.to aggressively bring the “flaunt your penney’s” message to the half of Americansthat do not live in major cities while encouraging brand interaction. In addition to banner ads, we will put the Fashion Week television ads on Hulu and Pandora. The television ad looks very much like a viral video. When that videoWHAT IT IS – FASHION WEEK TELEVISION ADS is put onto a digital platform it will give the impression that is being shared, evenVideo from Addison’s fashion show will be compiled and turned into a commercial. though it is a paid media placement. This natural feel should remove some of theThe video begins with the words “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” and the date of natural hesitation online users have when opting-in to viewing an advertisement.the show on a black background. A hand-held camera view is seen of the show:models walking on the runway, photographers taking photos and spectatorswatching. After the “big change” hits, the camera pans around the auditoriumand the camera operator is clearly excited about what is going on. The reactions,18 | CAMPAIGN
  21. 21. fashion week {continued}IMPLEMENTATION WHAT IT IS – SEMIANNUAL FASHION WEEK SALEThese ads will air from the middle of February until the end of March. JCPenney will hold an annual sale in February and September coinciding with the two New York Fashion Weeks. Here we can remind consumers of our FashionRESEARCH SHOWS Week “takeover” and remind them why they need to flaunt their style, their life,Our audience spends more time online than watching television. Let’s get the and their relationships. Successful promotion of this sale will lead to its placementmessage to them in the most efficient manner possible. as a regularly occurring event. Women in the target audience will know that these sales are approaching and anticipation for them will build.WHAT IT IS – LOCAL “WALK THE RUNWAY” COMPETITIONWe will be holding a competition where JCPenney shoppers can come and walk IMPLEMENTATIONa real runway in-store. Each participant will have their picture taken and, if they We will make use of the “flaunt your penney’s” television advertisements aroundwant, that picture will be sent to a local digital billboard in their DMA. Fashion, the time of the sale to bring people in store, similar to how JCPenney currentlyconfidence and character have nothing to do with being a “top model.” Real runs sale ads.greatness comes from inside.IMPLEMENTATIONRunways will be in the 20 DMAs with the highest population of our targetaudience. The billboards and runway will run for all of March and April.19 | CAMPAIGN
  22. 22. flaunt your penney’ssubway flip-bookSTRATEGY IMPLEMENTATIONPush the “flaunt your penney’s” lifestyle in a surprising way. The ad will be placed in four of the top-populated cities throughout the US. This tactic will run throughout the entire year and each city will run the ad for twoHOW IT WORKS months at a time. The flights will be offset so that there are always at least twoIndividual frames of a 15-second commercial will be hung on the wall of a subway active cities.tunnel and as the train passes the images will form one moving picture. The cities are:The commercial will feature a side view of a subway car, giving the impression that New Yorkanother train has entered the tunnel. A professional woman walks into view with Washington D.C.a large boom-box under her arm. She turns on music and the other passengers, a Chicagomix of races and genders, become confused and appear fearful. The passengers’ San Franciscoreservations subside and they begin to feel the music. They spring from their seatsand start dancing. Lights and confetti come down from the ceiling of the subway RESEARCH SHOWScar and it’s obvious these people are having a great time. A man on roller skates Nearly 3.5 million women in our target audience rely on public transportation towith a vibrant colored tank top, leggings and a multi-colored afro-wig dances move them. Now, we will use one of those modes of transportation to inspire them.in the frame. The words “flaunt your commute” will appear followed quickly by“flaunt your penney’s” and the JCPenney logo.20 | CAMPAIGN
  23. 23. dare to wear tagsSTRATEGYCreate a situation that will drive consumers to JCPenneyby engaging them with the brand. This will increasebrand awareness and visitation to the store.HOW IT WORKSThere will be one model representing the brand in stand-alone JCPenney stores and ten models representingJCPenney located in larger malls. Models wearingthe latest fashions from JCPenney will walk aroundwith a special JCPenney tag attached to their shirtthat doubles as a coupon and gift card. Shopperswill approach the model to tell them their tag isstill attached. The tag will be ripped off and given tothe individual. Upon their next JCPenney purchasevalued at $20 or more, a random amount between$10-$500 will be activated. Consumers will beinformed of this tactic via television, radio and scanbillboard advertising. ANDIMPLEMENTATIONThere will be four events in each of the top-10 DMAs. saveThe events will be advertised locally through fivetelevision early fringe slots. Three radio stations Bring th is cardin each DMA will advertise one week prior to the Scan it to any and sav asevent. Five billboards in each DMA will represent of $20 o e that a sociate at jcp r more. mount o enney. Possible n aneach local event. savings y purchase of $10-$ 500!RESEARCH SHOWS flauntA significant portion of our target audience refrains penneyour y’sfrom purchasing items until they go on sale. Womenaged 25-29 claim they are far above average when .comit comes to being a smart shopper and women aged30-34 claim they are average to above average.21 | CAMPAIGN
  24. 24. penney warsSTRATEGYPenney Wars was created in order to strengthen and promote the partnershipbetween JCPenney and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The essence of thistactic calls for people to work together to build relationships in their communities.HOW IT WORKSAt least one selected city in each state will compete with the rest of the nationto raise money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Every DMA will have 10billboards on display for three months. The billboards will encourage competitionbetween cities by showing total donations updated in real time for selectedmarkets. Motivational city-specific messages will appear on the board in eachlocal area. The contest is open to the public; people can text their donation toa number displayed on the billboard. JCPenney will match the amount raisedup to $200,000 for the top three cities nationally. At the end of the competitionJCPenney will donate the money that was raised within each state to the Boys &Girls Club that participated.Ten million dollars will be spent to rent space on landmarks in the top-10 DMAs. RESEARCH SHOWSEx: The Hancock Building in Chicago, IL and the Empire State Building in NY. Women respond positively to philanthropic work and JCPenney Afterschool isEach landmark will have a progress meter projected on it. The entire city will then committed to enhancing the lives of children through their partnership with Boysbe able to track the progress of their city at any moment. Projecting “flaunt your & Girls Clubs of America.penney’s” alongside the progress meter will increase brand perception, messageretention, and keeps JCPenney top of mind. The size of this tactic guarantees freemedia attention.IMPLEMENTATIONThis tactic will be supported by television, radio, billboard, magazine, Hulu and Pandoraads. There will be 22 local television news spots targeting each participating DMAand 22 national prime time television spots. Three radio stations in each state willbe used to inform participants of donation methods for 12 weeks. Ad space will bepurchased for three months in Parenting magazine. All 50 states will have at leastone participating city; Florida, Texas and California will have two. The cities withthe highest population of the target audience will be selected.22 | CAMPAIGN
  25. 25. bus shelterSTRATEGYCreative use of bus shelters will increase brand interaction, visibility andawareness of JCPenney’s “Home Store” section. It will also encourage brand“sharing” by providing a unique brand experience which the user can then bringto their friends and family.WHAT IT ISTwo walls of a bus shelter will be replaced with interactive video screens. Onescreen will be an interactive display of the JCPenney website. Users will be ableto select different household products and furnish a room shown on the largestwall of the shelter. Users with smart phones can then download their shopping listvia a QR code.This tactic will be visible to everyone walking, driving, and moving on the streetsof major cities. This type of brand experience is likely to gain attention throughvarious media outlets, specifically social media.IMPLEMENTATIONThese shelters will be visible from May to the end of September, the peak ofwalking-traffic season. 32 shelters will be positioned through the following DMAs:{ } Miami, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Panama City, FL; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX; San Diego, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Sacramento, CA; Berkley, CA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Ithaca, NY; Boston, MA; Minneapolis, MN; Madison, WS; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Richmond, VA; Portland, OR; RESEARCH SHOWS Washington D.C.; St. Louis, MO; Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; Burlington, Secondary research has shown that your target audience notices and remembers VT; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA bus shelter advertising. Electronic advertising of this fashion has been proven to be successful in previous campaigns; typically in terms of the unpaid mediaThese cities were selected to achieve the maximum reach possible while providing attention achieved.specific emphasis on California, Florida and Texas (as indicated by JCPenney.) Eachbus shelter will be accompanied by a digital billboard. The bus shelter will bedirectly linked to the billboard. The billboard will display the user generatedscenes. Users will literally be able to flaunt their home and creativity to the whole city!Those that do not pass by a bus shelter in their daily routine will be reached by useof radio advertisements. Three radio stations per DMA will run spots promotingthe bus shelter for a total of 18 weeks.23 | CAMPAIGN
  26. 26. kioskSTRATEGYUse up-and-coming technology that allows consumers to experience and interactwith JCPenney in an interesting new way, in-store and online.HOW IT WORKS - PART IWe will add a new twist to JCPenney’s current in-store kiosk. The new feature willallow consumers to create a mosaic of themselves and share it with their friendsthrough social media. Users can choose several different JCPenney merchandise,and then take a picture of themselves with the camera on the kiosk. The kiosk willreconstruct the picture as a mosaic made up of the JCPenney products. After themosaic has been made, users will be able to post the mosaic on their Facebookand Twitter. This mosaic, if consumers so choose, will be featured on a digitalbillboard near that JCPenney store. An at-home version will also be available.Consumers who use the mosaic feature can receive coupons and information aboutcurrent promotions.HOW IT WORKS - PART IIThe second innovative technology to this kiosk is augmented reality. Consumerswill use a cut-out of jewelry that they find in magazines to digitally try onaccessories. By using augmented reality users have the opportunity to try onhundreds of different products without ever having to physically change. Thisfeature will also be available at-home through the website.IMPLEMENTATIONThe kiosk will be implemented in stores throughout the entire campaign. In orderto promote and advertise the updates, several different media will be utilized. Fivenational prime time television spots will introduce the new technology. Alongwith the prime time spots, there will be three local television slots per week for thetop-10 DMAs as well as Tampa for six months. There will be 70 digital billboardsacross the nation where shoppers can flaunt their mosaic.In addition to the kiosk media, there will be an advertisement with the paper cut-outs that will appear in three magazines for 12 months to support the augmentedreality feature.24 | CAMPAIGN
  27. 27. mobile appsSTRATEGY – FLAUNT YOUR CHOICES TABLET APPApps promote brand interaction through a rapidly emerging medium. We want peopleto become involved with the brand on an emerging digital platform, easily allowingJCPenney to tag along with shoppers in their everyday lives as well as providingthem another social forum to share their experiences with family and friends.This app revolves around common purchase triggers of the target audience.HOW IT WORKSThis “adventure book” app provides our target audience a unique and interactiveway to experience the brand and its products. The application allows users tocreate their own story by making various life decisions for Penney, the maincharacter. She is posed with a question on each page and the user guides herthough life’s milestones. Each of Penney’s answers lead her in a different lifedirection where she is presented with relevant JCPenney products. All possiblestory lines emphasize relationships, style and the variety of products at JCPenney.Each JCPenney product featured includes a link to the website where the item canthen be purchased. Discounts will also be available for featured products.IMPLEMENTATIONThe app will be available on tablets, and can also be accessed through socialmedia as well as JCP.com throughout the entire campaign.STRATEGY – BEST FRIEND PHONE APPThe Best Friend Mobile App is JCPenney’s launch for a new mobile campaignthat brings the target audience a digitally-social shopping experience. This app salon ideas, and contests. This app lets users know for certain the clothes will fit;provides on-the-go features by emphasizing the unique functionality of today’s the only questions left to answer are what to mix and match.mobile device. The brand will come alive in the eyes of consumers, inspiringthem with the latest ideas of what’s in style. It will enable them to buy JCPenney IMPLEMENTATIONclothing and accessories through a seamless, social commerce experience. The Best Friend Mobile App will be featured on the Android, iphone, and Blackberry app markets. Consumers can access the app at any point throughoutHOW IT WORKS the campaign.A scanner takes measurements of the participant’s body to create a virtual 3-Ddouble. By means of their virtual double, this app allows consumers to try on RESEARCH SHOWSclothes with the click of a button. Clothes can be added by scanning the barcode The target audience of women ages 25-34 rank second in top mobile usage.on product tags in store, through their digital wardrobe online at JCP.com, or byfinding them through the app. Features of the mobile app include: instant feedbackon outfits from friends via social media, coupons, an outfit idea generator, beauty25 | CAMPAIGN
  28. 28. web presence updatesFACEBOOKSocial media, specifically Facebook, is one of the most powerful tools available today. The ability to bring yourbrand’s personality to a nearly endless number of consumers is priceless. Online users can interact with your brandthrough personal and public discussion, games, apps and videos. Social media has only recently become a placefor business to operate, and because the rules of the web are so loosely defined, it is easy for companies to fallbehind in their online media efforts. THE ABILITY TOWe have developed several recommendations that will increase the user’s social media experience shared with JCPenney. {1} Interact directly with your fans more often. We have noticed several circumstances when the JCPenney Facebook page was inconsistently updated. Facebook has become the new consumer help-line. Therefore, bring unsatisfied customer complaints ought to be addressed and handled in a timely manner. Rather than ignoring posts, direct them to a place where they can receive a solution to their problem. YOUR BRAND’S {2} Update the aesthetic. We recommend creating a landing page, similar to a welcome page, so that when a fan clicks on the JCPenney name they known immediately what the brand is all about. Use that landing personality page to tell fans what they can do on the page. {3} Post content that the target audience finds exciting. A great way to gain new followers and bring current TO A NEARLY endless fans to your page is by posting web content that your target audience will want to see. Think about what viral videos your target audience might find funny.JCP.COMThrough secondary research we learned that the JCPenney website is the highest ranked department store NUMBER OFwebsite in terms of functionality and ease of use. This gives JCPenney a firm base on which to build a dynamicweb presence. Our recommendations revolve around building positive brand interaction with consumers and consumers — IS —empowering users to do the advertising through “sharing.” {1} Flaunt your apps. These are all opportunities for you to attract and retain consumers by offering engaging branded content. These apps will also translate seamlessly to other social media platforms. {2} Personalize content by logging in through Facebook. We recommend JCPenney to emphasize the company’s priceless focus on relationships by greeting each web visitor individually and personalizing the homepage to the user’s lifestyle. Upon opening the homepage users will be prompted to log-in through Facebook. For example, if a customer is listed as “married” and she has interests in “cooking” and “decorating,” highlight the “home store” section and offer local promotions.26 | CAMPAIGN
  29. 29. viral videosSTRATEGY – FLASH FASHION SHOWGain free brand exposure through the use of digital social networks. This video not only will relate to the targetaudience, but will also entertain them to the point that they will feel compelled to share it with their friends. VIRAL VIDEOHOW IT WORKS IMPRESSIONSFashion-conscious women in your target audience will enter a busy city center mid-day around lunch and blend 27,127,857into the crowd. Crew workers will appear, seemingly out of nowhere, and very quickly construct a basic fashion T-MOBILE FLASH DANCErunway. The fashionable women will emerge from the crowd and begin walking the runway, strutting their stuff, 7,934,811and bringing “flaunt your penney’s” to life. The runway-walkers will encourage average women to join in and T-MOBILE WELCOME BACKshow off how they flaunt their everyday fashion. The whole event will be filmed and posted on JCP.com, YouTube,and the Facebook page. The JCPenney logo and “flaunt your penney’s” slogan will appear at the very end of the 25,549,216video so users know who to thank for their two minutes of entertainment. IMPROV EVERYWHERE FROZEN GRAND CENTRAL STATIONSTRATEGY – FLASH LIVING ROOM 6,915,380The flash living room will generate buzz about JCPenney’s home décor department with an entertaining viral IMPROV EVERYWHERE FOODvideo that inspires your target audience to share the experience with their friends. COURT MUSICAL 1,562,588HOW IT WORKS OFFICIAL SEATTLE GLEESeveral people dressed in single-colored tight fitted body suits will quickly set up a living room in the middle FLASH MOB VIDEOof a park to elicit surprised and confused emotions from the surrounding people. The “wow!” comes from seeing 8,447,953oddly-dressed people doing something completely unexpected. The strength of this video is in the surrounding MICHAEL JACKSONbystanders’ reaction to the new living room. Interactions with the static room will be filmed throughout the day. DANCE TRIBUTEThe video will show people using the room to recover from a hard run, lounge about for a peaceful day in thepark and cuddle together while on a romantic date. The video concludes with “These moments brought to you by 4,584,773JCPenney. flaunt your penney’s.” The video will be uploaded on YouTube, Facebook and the JCP.com SUPERMARKET FLASHMOB 22,550,564RESEARCH SHOWS SOUND OF MUSIC CENTRALStatistically, 55% of your target audience spends five hours or more per week on social networking websites. STATION ANTWERPViral videos have nearly endless possibilities for word of mouth awareness. 7,787,326 BEYONCE 100 SINGLE LADIES FLASH-DANCE 31,926,193 CHRISTMAS FOOD COURT FLASH MOB27 | CAMPAIGN
  30. 30. MEDIA PLAN strategy This media schedule was created to maximize the visibility and message retention rates of “flaunt your penney’s.” Most integrated promotional efforts have been supported by a traditional media flight that brings the energy and confidence of this campaign to the half of Americans that are never involved in guerrilla tactics. Each tactic listed in the Gantt chart has all costs included. A breakdown of media buys can be found on each tactic page. JCPenney gave us the challenge of reaching an average of 46 million viewers per week. We have succeeded in this and anticipate an average of 68.3 million impressions per week. Total estimated impressions for each tactic are listed on the right side of the following page.28 | MEDIA
  31. 31. gantt chart FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY COST IMPRESSIONS PER WEEKTACTICMAGAZINE 18,149,776 121,760,000PeopleStarOprahParentsBetter HomesGlamourAllureUS WeeklyCosmopolitianIn TouchTELEVISION 19,959,508 984,990,000BILLBOARD 3,233,754 408,791,880HULU 5,000,000 288,000,000PANDORA 900,000 240,000,000FASHION WEEK 2,909,376 165,781,055FLIPBOOK 2,700,000 112,500,000New YorkNew York to New JerseyChicagoSan FranciscoWashington D.C.DARE TO WEAR 2,697,150 229,270,185PENNEY WARS 18,874,016 658,716,372BUS SHELTERS 10,114,880 58,650,400KIOSK 13,112,372 256,595,500MOBILE APPS N/A N/ASOCIAL MEDIA N/A N/AVIRAL VIDEOS 30,000,000Flash Living RoomFlash Fashion ShowCONTINGENCY 1,400,000TOTAL 99,960,833 3,555,055,392TOTAL PER WEEK 68,366,449.8529 | MEDIA
  32. 32. EVALUATION overview A solid plan is only as good as its evaluation. A post-review of each tactic after its completion is highly recommended and critical in order to see what was gained, and what could have been done better. Let’s recap the three goals set forth by JCPenney: {1} Attract female consumers age 25–34. {2} Retain current female consumers age 25–34. {3} Increase share of wallet among female consumers age 25–34. Each tactic was created to solve some portion of this overall challenge. However, no one tactic alone will make this plan a success. The strength of our plan is truly in the way it brings excitement and opportunity to a wide range of consumers by seamlessly blending traditional and non-traditional tactics. Eventually, the line between what is a traditional and what is a guerrilla will disappear. In this day and age, there is no longer a differentiation between online and offline, rather one-line – one-line that connects a brand to a consumer. This relationship will change the world.30 | EVALUATION
  33. 33. evaluationTRADITIONAL BUS SHELTERSDo the number of impressions earned equal the number estimated? Do the number of impressions earned equal the number estimated?How well was the “flaunt your penney’s” message imprinted and retained in the How much has this tactic increased the consumers overall perception of JCPenney?audiences’ mind? How many times was this experience “shared” through other media?Is JCPenney the top of mind brand within the target audience? SUBWAY FLIP BOOKHULU Do the number of impressions earned equal the number estimated?Do the number of impressions earned equal the number estimated? How much has this tactic increased the consumers overall perception of JCPenney?How many unique click-throughs were gained through this media? How much free media exposure was gained?How many sales were generated directly through these click-throughs? KIOSK UPDATESPANDORA How often does the target audience use the updates?Do the number of impressions earned equal the number estimated? How many times was this experience “shared” through other media?How many unique click-throughs were gained through this media? How much has this tactic increased the consumers overall perception of JCPenney?How many sales were generated directly through these click-throughs? MOBILE APPSFASHION WEEK How many times have the apps been downloaded?How much free media exposure was gained? How often does the target audience use the apps?How has top of mind awareness for department stores changed? Is JCPenney the top of mind brand within the target audience for shopping apps?What is the retention rate for “flaunt your penney’s?” How much has this tactic increased the consumers overall perception of JCPenney?DARE TO WEAR TAGS SOCIAL MEDIADo the number of impressions earned equal the number estimated? How has the Level of interaction between JCPenney and fans changed?How many sales were directly generated through this tactic? How many times is the Facebook page viewed? How many followers does the Facebook page have? PENNEY WARS How many times is JCPenney content re-posted by the target audience?What was the total participation? How well was the “flaunt your penney’s” message imprinted and retained in theHow much has this tactic increased the consumers overall perception of JCPenney? audiences’ mind?How much free media exposure was gained?Is JCPenney the top of mind brand within the target audience for socially VIRAL VIDEOSresponsible stores? How many times was each video viewed?How well was the “flaunt your penney’s” message imprinted and retained in the How much traffic to the web site was generated by this tactic?audiences’ mind? How much has this tactic increased the consumers overall perception of JCPenney?31 | EVALUATION
  34. 34. IT IS crucial THAT THE consumer’s EXPECTATION in-store recommendations OF THE Our secondary research has shown that 73.85% of the target audience feels that the store environment makes a difference on whether or not they shop. The experience in-store needs to be engaging, exciting and consistent brand with the advertised brand. Recently built or renovated JCPenney stores do these things very well. The stores are bright, full of color, clean and well laid out. We recommend investing in renovations that will bring older JCPenney stores to the new modern look and feel. BE MET OR Stores tend to be cluttered and lack effective navigation resources. We see two main problems with JCPenney: {1} The visual displays throughout the store are not consistent with the products sold in the same area. surpassed {2} Finding the advertised products is difficult. UPON SHOPPING First, we suggest highlighting each section of the store to make them easier to travel between. Second, we suggest updating the promotional displays more frequently to make the images shown more relevant to the products on in-store display. Lastly, it is important to bring the “flaunt your penney’s” mindset to the store. One simple way to do this is by using the same typefaces from the ads in your in-store signage. It is crucial that the consumer’s expectation of the brand be met or surpassed upon shopping in-store. JCPenney does a great job of providing excellent customer service. The attitude of the building needs to be updated to match the excitement JCPenney has for giving consumers the confidence to take on what’s next.32 | EVALUATION