UCSD Adwave 2014 National Student Advertising Competition Casebook


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UCDS Adwave's award winning marketing casebook outlining the innovative and research-based, year-long campaign.

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UCSD Adwave 2014 National Student Advertising Competition Casebook

  1. 1. Moments
  2. 2. 1 1 2 4 8 9 10 14 18 22 23 24 50 years speak for themselves. Since its foundation, Mary Kay has broken the boundaries between buyer and seller, and has enriched women’s lives with caring and personalized service. Today, Mary Kay takes on the challenge of connecting with a new generation of females that we call NOW Millennials – Generation Y females that are Networked, Open-minded, and Worldly. Through six months of market research on various platforms, including focus groups, on-site interviews, and online surveys, we identify that the primary disconnect between these NOW Millennials and Mary Kay is the perception that Mary Kay is not a brand that caters to the millennial generation. After thorough assessment of this problem, our team has conceptualized a solution that will captivate the NOW Millennial, a girl that we’ve identified as a cultural aficionado, a creative innovator, an experience seeker and most of all, a girl who lives in the moment and for the moment. Based on these observations, our team has crafted the Moments campaign - a movement that realizes and embraces how each NOW Millennial defines her moment. In this targeted campaign, traditional advertisements, PR events, and social media will be utilized to shape the persona of the “Mary Kay girl” and help the NOW Millennial imagine, create, document, and share their own “Mary Kay Moments.” In order to be a part of every moment that NOW Millennials interact with in this ever-changing world, we will leverage several creative channels in our campaign, from print advertisements, to music and video streaming, to mobile applications. Executive Summary Research Insights Positioning Creative Brief Executions Public Relations Media Budget Timeline Evaluations Executive SummaryTable of Contents
  3. 3. 35% 45% 10% 5% 3% 2% Nielson Database Social Media Platforms Bureau of Labor Statistics Other US Census Bureau Euromonior International * *See page 4 2 834 344 100 15 7 Understanding the detachment between Millennials and Mary Kay, the goal of our research was to find the source of this disconnect and determine how to establish a connection. We constructed our research strategies and questions around two categories – the Mary Kay Company and the Millennial consumers – in order to identify similar values shared between the two. Online Surveys Onsite Surveys Social Media Impressions Focus Groups In-Depth IBC Interviews Primary Research Key Questions Secondary Research Millennials Research Objectives • What qualities do NOW Millennials value when purchasing beauty products? • What influences NOW Millennials purchasing habits the most? • Which social media platforms do the NOW Millennials use as their main means of daily Mary Kay Research Objectives • How do millennials perceive Mary Kay as a brand? • Are millennials aware of Mary Kay’s affordability, accessibility, and product variety? • What is the impression of Independent Beauty Consultants among millennials? • Where does Mary Kay stand in the beauty product market and how does it compare to other Research Objectives
  5. 5. Original Tweets Retweets @Message Tweets 4 Social Media Research Tools Objectives Trackur + TweetDeck + Pinpuff + Social Mention + Follow Trendsetters Track and predict emerging trends and popular terms in social media. Gain insight on what customers are discussing online. Ex: Conduct hashtag searches on Twitter and Instagram Use the Real-Time Aspect of Social Media for Quick Research to immediately analyze effectiveness of a campaign or product launch Google Trends Hashtracking Insights Learn the Language of Our Audience to analyze how customers express their values. Learn how NOW millennials speak about Mary Kay HootSuite’s Conversation Stream We compared Mary Kay’s social media popularity with other competitors in terms of hashtag mentions, retweet rates, and original tweets. The biggest challenge of Mary Kay is unengaging organic posts indicated by low percentage of retweets and @Message Tweets. #MaryKay #Avon #Lancome #Neutrogena #Olay 60% 38% 8% 79%19% 2% 80%14% 6% 73%19% 2% 84% 14% 2% A 2011 report by Nielsen states that approximately 80 percent of people with Internet access are social media users. We recognized that social media has increasingly become more representative of the mindset and behavior of millennials, and therefore went beyond traditional market research by conducting social media market research as well. Below is the table that presents our social media research tatic:
  6. 6. • Relatively low Facebook “Likes” • Low level of engagement indicated by 89,344 “Talk About’ (Only 5% return on engagement) • Mary Kay’s active Facebook followers are older While Mary Kay has large numbers of followers on Instagram and Pinterest, their Facebook statistic reveals challenges: 34% 31% 35% The table below provides a comparative look at Mary Kay’s social media presence, and other similarly situated brands. While Mary Kay has large numbers of followers on Instagram and Pinterest, their Facebook statistics reveal challenges: Social Media Presence Mary Kay AVON Lancome Neutrogena Olay 1,541,413* 8,021,089* 4,965,393* 1,407,419* 2,247,296* 25-34 18-24 25-34 18-24 25-44 Facebook (Likes) Average age of Facebook followers Insights To better understand both the bigger picture and finer details, we have refined our research results into several key research insights. These insights provided the guidelines to which we built our campaign. Opinions on IBC as a Career IBC is a great temporary job to finance my expenses IBC is a promising entry-level job IBC is not an attractive career path* Statistics for Facebook followers was collected on Feb 15th 2014, 2pm. Purchasing Behaviors 39% Familiar with MK and think it’s affordable 19% Familiar with MK and think it’s not affordable 42% Not familiar with MK 63% 29% 26% Purchases different brands of beauty products Care about ingredients of beauty products Care about affordability 5
  7. 7. Millennial Profiles These NOW Millennial profiles are the culmination of our research and insights, and take into account not only general target market findings, but also specific tendencies and traits that give them personality and life. Jessica is 19 years old and is a full-time student at a university immersed in campus life and involved in several organizations and has many friends. Additionally, she is fascinated with the world outside of campus and uses various social media platforms to keep herself updated with world news, travel blogs, and social justice issues. Jessica is working as an unpaid intern, so money matters to her. She makes sure to budget enough to go out with friends and pamper herself a little. Marisa is 21 years old and a part- time student at a community college, who also works part-time at a cafe to support herself. Her strong interpersonal skills helped build close relationships with her co-workers and customers. Balancing her student and work life, she is well-organized, financially responsible, and driven. Although she is busy, she uses social media to stay connected to her friends and family. She engages in an active lifestyle and always buys the latest beauty products. Kristen is 24 years old and works full-time at a rapidly expanding start-up company. Admired among her peers for her confidence and exuberant personality, she is a leader in the office and an expert in her field. Although she has student loans to pay off, her income allows enough discretionary income for her to lead an independent life and travel occasionally. Not just a participant, she’s an influencer on social media, where she publishes her own creative content on her blog. Jessica Marisa Kristen Where Millennials find makeup recommendations 29% 27% Blogs and Social Media YouTube Other 22% Product variety Improvements Millenials want to see in Mary Kay 44% Accessibility 33% Color Choice 44% 6
  8. 8. S W O T • Wide variety of skin products and color choices • Internationally recognized brand • Lack of brand awareness among younger Millennials • Product packaging • Brand recognition generates a sense of trust for future product releases • Mary Kay brand often associated with Gen X, losing its appeal to the younger generation • Diverse set of price points • 42% of Millennials are not aware of Mary Kay’s price range • New products can appeal to a larger market • Affordability associated with low quality product • Mary Kay can offer more personalized and interactive buying process • Promotes brand loyalty • Direct-selling holds only 11% of the total beauty product market • Accessibility is limited in direct-selling • Use personalized services to build customer rapport • Utilize social media as a tool to bridge direct-selling accessibility • Perception of Mary Kay’s direct selling model as a “pyramid scheme” • High Pinterest followers and interactions compared to competitors • Lack of Millennial-centered content in mainstream social media • Appeal to more Millennials through interaction and engagment in social media • May compromise Mary Kay’s brand authenticity if content is not carefully managed • Large task force who are well-networked and provides support • IBCs have an unpopular presence among Millennials • IBCs often mispercieved as door-to-door salespeople • Catalysts and influencers for the Mary Kay brand • Student IBC program that emphasizes networking and business experience • Customer’s impression of Mary Kay can be damaged by poor IBC performance • Strong associations with corporate social responsibility • Lack of partnerships with millennial-centric organizations and media platforms • Partnerships with organizations and media platforms thats is representative to Millennial interests (Spotify, Youtube) • Compromising brand image with non-traditional partnerships 80% of Millennials are on some form of social media. -Nielsen PROMOTION Social Media Presence IBC (Influencers) Partnerships PLACE PRODUCT PRICING Direct-Selling 7
  9. 9. • Product lines targeted for Millennials, such as the At PlayTM,= line, are not attracting new Millennial customers • Low percentage of retweets and @marykay posts translates to a need for interactive engagment between Mary Kay and their customers. • Concentrated marketing on Mary Kay At PlayTM line with a contemporary brand image to boost market share among NOW Millennials. • Develop a stronger Mary Kay presence in social media that generates trending content and spark more millennial interaction Quantitatively: Raise awareness of Mary Kay’s affordable beauty products. Qualitatively: Raise awareness of the quality ingredients Mary Kay uses. Communicate Mary Kay’s commitment to quality and enrichment of women’s lives. • Prolific and controlled brand image promotion will not only increase IBC exposure, but also appeal to millennials the rewards of a hands-on role of being a beauty consultant Quantitatively: 42% of people are not familiar with Mary Kay’s prices. Qualitatively: Considerable amount of Millennials in our focus groups mistaken Mary kay’s affordable prices with low product quality. • IBCs are often percieved as door-to-door salespeople, multilevel marketers, etc. • Lack of millennial-centric brand image and familiarity with millenial trends • 44% of Millennials suggested accessibility was an aspect for improvement. • Lacks partnerships with trending high tech companies and emerging media platforms • Promote awareness of the MK online store and promote IBC accessibility through various social media campaigns • Bolster image of IBCs through PR projects. • Boost youthful edge of Mary Kay by partnering with rising start-ups, while maintaining partnerships with socially responsible organizations. Product Social Media Price IBC (influencers) Place Partnership Posititioning and Solution 8 Problem Problem Solution Solution
  10. 10. The Big Idea:Extraordinary moments don’t just happen. They are made. Our creative campaign emphasizes this very point, by drawing inspiration not from the products themselves, but rather, from the girl wearing them. Celebrating those who revel in and share even the smallest occasion, our ad campaign encourages every Millennial to “Make Up Your Moment” with Mary Kay. Creative Brief This message has the unique opportunity to tap into a vibrant market of young females who are in the process of creating their own story, moment by moment. Our campaign acknowledges and celebrates this generation that is living life in the now by being a part of these moments with them. As Mary Kay is not a traditional cosmetics company, it is our intention to defy the norms of conventional makeup advertising. Mirroring the person-to-person connection that IBCs have with their customers, our campaign has been designed as a dialogue. As intimate as a recommendation made by a friend, we hope to connect to our audience on a deeper level and establish a relationship beyond the page. Strategically utilizing both traditional and non-traditional platforms to connect to NOW millennials, our advertising is focused on following the spontaneous, confident, and innovative life of the “Mary Kay girl”. Specifically through strong social media efforts, we will further develop this persona to become an identity NOW Millennials can connect to. The “Moments” campaign will increase online sales and perpetuate positive brand awareness by positioning Mary Kay as a leading beauty brand that is both knowledgeable and personable. 9
  11. 11. The print ads for our creative campaign capture the essence of making the most of everyday moments. They demonstrate the concept of an ordinary day that opens itself to extraordinary interactions by the will of a Mary Kay girl who makes the most of every chance. These moments represent the delicate depth a small, yet significant interaction can bring into a Mary Kay girl’s life, even if just for a day. Embodying the crux of our campaign, our commercial will communicate how Mary Kay can assist Millennials in making up their moments, by following a Mary Kay girl throughout her day. Starting with the application of her makeup, the audience will see how the confidence and inner and outward beauty of this Mary Kay girl allow her to make up the little moments of her daily routine. Unlike typical beauty commercials, where the focus is on the application and details of the makeup, our focus is on the girl who wears the makeup. Because of this, our commercial will be shot directly behind our Mary Kay girl to highlight, not her face, but the reactions of the people she interacts with. The audience will see her beauty and confidence through the moments she encounters throughout the day. We will tease the audience with fleeting glimpses of her face, but will not reveal her face and her makeup until the very end. Through this commercial we will define a Mary Kay girl beyond just her outward beauty, and will encourage Millennials to enhance their inner beauty, their outward confidence, and their everyday moments with Mary Kay makeup. Print Commercial 10
  12. 12. Bus Stop Ad Allowing the busy commuter to take a few moments to contemplate their current look and destination, this is targeted towards audience integration and interpellation. By granting an individual this brief glimpse of their day, this can allow them to determine a greater destination and more extraordinary look for later in the day with the help of Mary Kay. 11 Website The IBC personal pages will be overhauled with a stylish upgrade to offer cohesion with other marketing efforts such as the Mobile App and YouTube channel. These efforts are then combined with a revamp of the current blog. Mary Kay blog will now create original editorial posts to discuss latest fashions and styles while venturing away from product pushing. Blogging, with new techniques of content marketing in mind, will have a substantive effect on the accessibility of Mary Kay by becoming a resource to consumers beyond the products as they share blog posts across social media.
  13. 13. Users will have the freedom to share their own story and create captions and hashtags for their specific moments which will then be uploaded onto the official Mary Kay Instagram page. Instagram’s high level of creativity and spontaneity and those values fit perfectly with our Mary Kay campaign. Not only will these efforts hype awareness online, but create a platform for word-of-mouth discussion in-person.. Our Twitter page will represent the voice of Mary Kay. Friendly, bold, and interesting tweets that personify Mary Kay's values will ask followers about pop culture, thoughts and daily insights. Fun questions and interactive posts will build a stronger brand connection and generate firsthand feedback. The page itself will be listed as a “suggested page” on Facebook and there will be a dissemination of Facebook advertising which will increase exposure to a variety of market segments. Consistently publishing “little moments,” much like those portrayed in our print ads as well as interacting with the greater community through sharing and liking related pages for followers. Social Media Strategy The big idea behind this campaign is all about the smaller moments. Through a frequently updated social media campaign, we aim to stay focused and connected to our followers with simple, thought-provoking imagery and messaging. This contributes to the Mary Kay girl persona over a cross-platform social media campaign. 12
  14. 14. Klique’s likes and favorite items Live chat and messaging IBC locatorIBC profiles Search IBCs by style, and product specialities Event calendars 11 13 Building upon the MyMK section of the official website, Klique enhances the utility of MyMK with a stylish, new interface that is relatable to millennial females. The application will redefine the current perception of IBC’s from a salesperson to a trusted friend through a social media like interface that gives IBCs more opportunity to show their personality and taste. This mobile app is also anticipated to entice millennial women to become IBCs, as they will be provided with a fresh, innovative platform for meaningful connections with the NOW Generation. Having connected with these IBCs via Klique, millennials will be encouraged to succeed the ranks of their consultants and begin their own futures as a beauty specialist. Mobile App
  15. 15. Public Relations How it works Mary Kay Student IBC Program Ten scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded to female undergraduates who can produce a 500 word essay, 30 second video, photograph, or physical art work that embraces the idea of “Moments.” The scholarships will be awarded based on originality, creativity of expression, and execution. Scholarships Our semester-long program will occur bi-annually on 20 selected campuses.* Two campus managers from each campus will be selected from student applicants to report to a representative from Mary Kay Corporate. These student managers must recruit at least 5 Student IBCs and execute at least 3 Mary Kay events on campus, including the Mary Kay Instagram Campaign, within one semester. 14 On top of the existing benefits of IBCs, students will be given opportunities to win the following: • $20 gift card each month to individuals that reach the monthly target goal of $200 • Cross-campus Competition: $100 worth of Mary Kay makeup per team member for the campus with the highest sales at the end of the program Perks In our focus group studies, college students revealed interest in becoming IBCs under the following conditions: • Customized system designed for students • Lower initial order cost within the range $200-$300 • IBCs receive incentives such as free Mary Kay makeup Using these findings, we have developed a Student IBC program customized for college students - individuals who aren’t just connected to, but are a part of the NOW millennials. We project that the popularity for Mary Kay garnered from the “Moments” campaign will increase interest among females 18-25 in becoming Student IBCs. Combining the marketing concept of brand ambassadors and Mary Kay IBCs, our program will provide an opportunity for students to engage with Mary Kay and learn valuable professional skills. Implemented in target colleges and universities selected based on the total population of female students and location in relation to our target DMAs, our Student IBC program will adapt to college student lifestyles. For instance, to address affordability, we will lower the required inventory purchase from $600 to $200.
  16. 16. 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 9 8 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Target Demographic 1. Arizona State University 2. University of Central Florida 3. University of Texas at Austin 4. Ohio State University 5. Texas A&M University 6. Michigan State University 7. Penn State University 8. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 14,. University of California, Berkeley 15. Purdue University 16. University of California, San Diego 17. Boston University 18. University of Southern California 19. SUNY University at Buffalo 20. University of Nebraska 9. University of California, Los Angeles 10. University of Washington, Seattle 11. University of Illionois, Urbana Champaign 12. Temple University 13. New York University 1. New York, NY 2. Los Angeles, CA 3. Chicago, IL 4. Miami, FL 5. Philadelphia, PA 6. Houston, TX 7. Seattle, WA 8. Boston, MA 9. San Francisco, CA Cities Colleges The target DMAs were selected to encompass the overall population of NOW millennials. These urban locations are strategically chosen and geographically dispersed to capture the large population of 18-25 females as well as the active social media users across the country. 15
  17. 17. The Moments Instagram Campaign will be hosted by the Student IBCs of the 20 selected colleges bi-annually - once during each semester. Student IBCs will give students makeovers and take Instagram photos of students with an Instagram frame and the hashtag “#mkmoments.” Sharing, one of their favorite moments as a caption on the frame, each student who takes a picture will be awarded a raffle ticket for a chance to win Mary Kay products during every hour of the event. A follow-up survey will be sent to collect feedback on of the event and on the Mary Kay brand. Instagram “What’s your favorite moment?” YouTube IBC Makeup Tutorials To connect with the creative and connected NOW Millennials, Mary Kay needs to position itself as a source of inspiration. Mary Kay will spark inspiration through makeup tutorials on YouTube, the styles that people see in all advertisements, and the latest trends. Each video tutorial will star an IBC, who is carefully selected through the regional chapter. The renovated Mary Kay Youtube channel will give IBCs an opportunity to showcase their specific looks and areas of expertise. A well-organized and professional team produced and monitored by Mary Kay will ensure quality and cohesiveness. In this way, we will help our followers create special moments in their lives with Mary Kay at their side. Spotify “Capture the Moment” Mary Kay’s “Capture the Moment” Spotify application will culminate in the “Capture the Moment” playlist competition. Users will then have two months to vote on their favorite playlists. The winner with the highest votes for each category will win $500 of Mary Kay makeup. The application will offer a chance for Spotify users to submit a playlist for one of the three selected moments: Mary Kay at Play, Mary Kay On the Road, and Mary Kay Rewind. 16
  18. 18. In a partnership with Rent the Runway and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Mary Kay will organize a fashion show to inspire NOW millennials to help the community of breast cancer survivors. While the main purpose of this event is fundraising and raising awareness for breast cancer, this fashion show will also showcase clothing from start-up boutiques in New York, with models using the core line of makeup from Mary Kay. This collaborative fundraiser will follow in Mary Kay’s tradition of giving back to local communities. An advertisement designed to promote this event will be posted on Mary Kay’s Facebook page. For every share from 10/1/15 - 10/16/15, $1 will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for up to $20,000. Partnerships Mary Kay x Rent the Runway x Susan G. Komen To capture the growing trend of bike sharing in metropolitan cities, Mary Kay will become the title sponsor of Philadelphia’s bike share program. Philadelphia currently does not have a bike share program, yet has the nation’s largest percentage of female commuters and is one of the nation’s safest bike cities. More importantly, many universities and colleges are located within Philadelphia, maximizing exposure to the target market. Mary Kay Bike Share @ Philadephia 17
  19. 19. The execution of our Moments campaign will strategically coincide with seasonal changes and the college academic calendar to effectively reach the target market. The campaign will begin advertising the vibrant colors of the Mary Kay At Play line, which mirror hues of the spring and summer seasons, and will subsequently advertise the core line of products beginning in October, to complement the darker colors for autumn and winter. Campaign components that involve college students, such as the Student IBC and Mary Kay Instagram campaign, are scheduled according to the academic calendar. Media Plan Among our target market, female consumers ages 18-25: • Increase brand awareness to develop positive perception consistent with Mary Kay’s brand identity • Promote sales of Mary Kay products • Familiarize the target market with Mary Kay’s direct selling model • Encourage potential customers to take advantage of the Mary Kay career opportunity IMPROVEMENTS TO MARY KAY’S EXISTING PLATFORMS Rationale In order to utilize Mary Kay’s existing online platforms to their fullest potential, we will renovate them with engaging, millennial-directed material, and integrate the hashtag, #mkmoments, across all platforms to create a cohesive and uniform campaign. ONLINE: $3,343,613 FACEBOOK $730,000 148,281,250 Gross Impressions Demographically targeted pay-per-click page likes Rationale Mary Kay should increase non-product related posts on their Facebook page, such as health tips, pop culture references, or makeup inspiration. Content should also act as a call to action to get people to engage through likes, shares or comments. Posts that are polls (i.e. like if you think…), or ask questions about products are effective in stirring engagement. Mary Kay can also promote the IBC career by posting stories and photos of the rewarding work of current IBCs. YOUTUBE $547,500 1,755,520,000 Gross Impressions 30 second video ads placed before YouTube videos begin Rationale The IBC YouTube Makeup Tutorials will increase views and followers for the Mary Kay YouTube channel. Media Strategies Objectives 18
  20. 20. PINTEREST FREE 583,375 Gross Impressions Rationale Compared to top pinners in the beauty category, Mary Kay’s content looks too complex to feel visually pleasing. During the “Make Up Your Moment” campaign, Mary Kay will pin simpler and cleaner images in order to optimize the tablet user’s experience, as Pinterest drives almost 50% of all social network- sharing on iPads. Furthermore, we will add a “Pin It” button to Mary Kay’s website to promote sharing images from Mary Kay’s “Looks” and “Tips and Trends.” INSTAGRAM FREE 643,014 Gross Impressions Rationale Most of Mary Kay’s existing photos have only one or no hashtags at all. Even a few hashtags greatly increases “Likes” on Instagram, with the optimum number being seven hashtags. Instead of just posting pictures of makeup, Mary Kay can focus on the “moments” by including more pictures of Mary Kay behind the scenes, influencers, or Mary Kay events.The Mary Kay Instagram Campaign event will also drive user engagement. SPOTIFY $300,000 12,000,000 Gross Impressions Demographically targeted audio and display ads Rationale Each month, there’s over 1.5 million unique females aged 18-29 that use Spotify. Considering that approximately 77% of Spotify users are non-paying, Mary Kay has the opportunity to advertise the “Mary Kay’s Capture the Moment” Contest as well as the Mary Kay brand itself to a majority of these 1.5 million millennials. BUZZFEED $200,000 20,000,000 Gross Impressions Mary Kay custom social content Rationale Buzzfeed attracts over 2.6 million unique 18-29 year old females per month to its website. Because 75% of Buzzfeed users look to share content, Mary Kay can sponsor content related to beauty and fashion. On average, for every 100,000 paid views, 30,000 more are gained from users sharing the content. NEW ONLINE PLATFORMS TWITTER $516,113 46,778,432 Gross Impressions Promoted trend with pay-per-click promoted followers Rationale Mary Kay will create lists to build a community of influencers within the beauty industry, (i.e. Michelle Phan). By mentioning influencers in tweets, it is more likely the influencer will engage with Mary Kay. Mary Kay will also post creative tweets about viral trends and events posted by these influencers. This strategy will allow Mary Kay to reach the fans of these influencers. Finally, Mary Kay will also tweet more pictures, as tweets with a photo are retweeted 12 times more than regular tweets. 19
  21. 21. TRADITIONAL: $4,790,647 PANDORA $300,000 8,333,333 Gross Impressions Demographically targeted audio and display ads Rationale Pandora’s monthly unique visitors add up to a fourth of the country’s population. A large portion of these listeners are aged 18-25 and more than half of Pandora’s user base is female. HULU $450,000 10,000,000 Gross Impressions Demographically targeted 30 second commercials Rationale Hulu is #1 in the online premium video marketplace and 54% of the audience is female. Each month, Hulu has over 2 million unique female visitors aged 18-29 who spend more than an hour on average watching streamed TV. MAGAZINE $2,234,082 116,572,500 Gross Impressions 2 color, full page advertisements, one per magazine, per month, year round Rationale Compared to the average population, almost 20% more magazine readers use social media to share what they see in magazines. This high engagement blends well with the campaign’s focus on social media. CABLE $2,344,485 94,362,000 Gross Impressions 30 second commercials Rationale Primary research reveals that the majority of females aged 18-25 first hear about new beauty products from commercials. There are over 50 million cable subscribers, and it is more cost efficient to advertise on cable than broadcast TV. Cable shows were selected due to the popularity of their genre among millennial cosmetic buyers and the number of female viewers aged 18-29. The top TV genres for millennial cosmetic buyers include “Award Ceremonies,” “Participation Variety (Reality),” and “General Drama.” The selected TV shows present images consistent with an updated and trendy NOW millenial. TRANSIT SHELTER $212,080 66,613,204 Gross Impressions Rationale Transit shelters are heavily concentrated in high traffic areas where advertisements can create positive impressions on transit riders. Approximately 55.5% of transit riders are female and 20% of them are between the ages of 15-24. The waiting period before transit rides allows riders to participate in the interactive advertisement specially designed for this purpose. TUMBLR $300,000 10,080,000,000 Gross Impressions Listed under Tumblr Radar and Spotlight categories Rationale Tumblr averages about 4 to 5 million unique female visitors aged 18-29 each month and these users spend approximately 3 hours on Tumblr. Magazine Total Readership Age 18-24 Cosmopolitan 18,224,000 5,225,000 Teen Vogue 3,437,000 1,182,328 Glamour 11,543,000 2,747,234 Allure 6,373,000 1,784,440 20
  22. 22. SPOTIFY APPLICATION AND COMPETITION $1,500 300,000 Gross Impressions 3 winners, $500 each MARY KAY BIKE SHARE @ PHILADELPHIA $345,000 433,000 Gross Impressions $300 per bike for one year, 1150 bikes PUBLIC RELATIONS: $696,600 Show [Network] Impressions Female Viewers aged 18-29 per episode Love and Hip Hop [VH1] 14,400,000 900,000 Live from the Red Carpet: Academy Awards [E! Enter- tainment TV] 1,018,000 509,000 Live from the Red Carpet: Grammys [E! Entertainment TV] 752,000 376,000 Keeping Up with the Kardashians [E! Entertain- ment TV] 12,545,000 965,000 Pretty Little Liars [ABC Family Channel] 26,400,000 1,100,000 Awkward [MTV] 12,470,000 632,500 Teen Wolf [MTV] 4,704,000 392,000 BET Awards [Black Entertainment TV] 3,555,000 1,185,000 Baby Daddy [ABC Family] 8,000,000 500,000 T.I. and Tiny [VH1] 9,780,000 652,000 Melissa and Joey [ABC Fam- ily] 7,580,000 379,000 MARY KAY X RENT THE RUNWAY X SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR THE CURE $237,500 2,600,700 Gross Impressions $100,000 for venue, $100,000 for hair and makeup, $20,000 for stylist, $200,000 for models, $10,000 for lighting, $5000 for invitations, Mary Kay will cover 50% of costs in the fashion show and the rest will be covered by Rent the Runway. $20,000 for Mary Kay Facebook shares for Susan G. Komen for the Cure MARY KAY STUDENT IBCS $40,200 $20 gift cards for 12 team members for 20 campuses assuming everyone meets target sales goal, $100 for 12 team members for campus with highest sales, counted twice for bi-annual program. MOMENTS INSTAGRAM CAMPAIGN $22,400 643,014 Gross Impressions $200 worth of makeup raffled, $20 for instagram frame for 20 campuses per semester $700 for 2 canopies and 1 banner to be reused each semester. Chairs and tables can be rented by schools. Other items such as mirrors can be borrowed from Mary Kay. SCHOLARSHIPS $50,000 10 scholarships, $5000 each IBC YOUTUBE VIDEOS $260,000 520,000 Gross Impressions $5000 for production of one video, 52 videos PUBLIC RELATIONS: $925,200 21
  23. 23. MOBILE APPLICATION: $130,000 Cable Magazine Transit Shelter TOTAL $2,344,485 $2,234,082 $212,080 $4,790,647 Traditional Budget TRADITIONAL $4,790,647 ONLINE $3,343,613 PUBLIC RELATIONS $952,200 COMMISSION $561,130 MOBILE APPLICATION $130,000 WEBSITE REDESIGN $17,000 CONTINGENCY $200,000Online Budget Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram YouTube Tumblr Spotify Pandora Hulu Buzzfeed TOTAL $730,000 $516,113 $0 $0 $547,500 $300,000 $300,000 $300,000 $450,000 $200,000 $3,343,613 Budget $9,999,590 WEBSITE REDESIGN: $17,000 CONTINGENCY: $200,000 22
  25. 25. Objectives Increase brand awareness to develop positive perception consistent with Mary Kay’s brand identity Promote sales of Mary Kay products Familiarize the target market with Mary Kay’s direct selling model Encourage potential customers to take advantage of the Mary Kay career opportunity Social media engagement (i.e. Facebook “likes”, Instagram followers, etc.), survey responses from public relations events Sales of Mary Kay products, increase in new customers from target market Increase in females aged 18-25 participating in Mary Kay Parties (“bookings”) Increase in IBCs ages 18-25 Techniques American Public Transportation Association (2007, May). A profile of public transportation passenger demographics and travel characteristics reported in on-board surveys. Retrieved from http://www.apta.com/resources/ statistics/Documents/transit_passenger_characteristics_text_5_29_2007.pdf Brown Printing Company. (n.d.). Magazine media. Retrieved from http://browndigital.bpc.com/publication/?i=171192 Buzzfeed. (n.d.). Buzzfeed advertising. (2014). Retrieved from http://www. buzzfeed.com/about/advertise Clear Channel Outdoor. (n.d.). National advertising rates: Complete ratecard. Retrieved from http://clearchanneloutdoor.com/how-to-buy/rates/ Conde Nast. (2014). Allure media kit. Retrieved from http://www.condenast.com/ brands/allure/media-kit/print/rates Conde Nast. (2014). Glamour media kit. Retrieved from http://www. condenast.com/brands/glamour/media-kit/print Conde Nast. (2014). Teen vogue media kit. Retrieved from http://www. condenast.com/brands/teen-vogue/media-kit/print/rates Crupi, A. (2011, June 22). In their prime: Broadcast spot costs soar gap between network and cable CPMs remains vast. Retrieved from http://www. adweek.com/news/television/their-prime- broadcast-spot-costs-soar-132805 Demers, T. (2012, July 09). Tumblr ads: Learn about paid advertising options on tumblr. Retrieved from http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ ws/2012/07/09/tumblr-ads Google. (2014). Google Adwords Campaign Management. Retrieved from http://adwords.google.com/ KNS Media Group. (2011). Digital rate sheet 2012. Retrieved from http:// knoxnewsmedia.com/products/2012_digitalRate.pdf L2ThinkTank. (2014, Feb 10). Intelligence report Instagram 2014. Retrieved from http://www.l2thinktank.com/research/instagram-2014 LaSala, R. (2012, Dec 14). This is what an age breakdown of the top social sites looks like . Retrieved from https://blog.compete.com/2012/12/14/this- is-what-an-age-breakdown-of-the-top- social-sites-looks-like-3/ Lau, D. (2013). Market analysis of pandora.com. Retrieved from http://www. slideshare.net/dilausj/market-analysis-of-pandora Mashable. (Designer). (2012, Feb 25). 13 ‘Pinteresting’ facts about Pinterest users [infographic] [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from http://mashable. com/2012/02/25/pinterest-user-demographics/ McAfee, K. (2012, July 10). Be your own makeup artist with the Mary Kay virtual makeover app. Retrieved from http://www.businesswire.com/news/ home/20120710005586/en/Makeup- Artist-Mary-Kay-Virtual-Makeover-App SourcesEvaluation 24
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