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The Contagious Marketing Report

During the 2010 BCAIM Contagious Conference, Concerto Marketing conducted a real-time survey of delegates using handheld electronic devices. Over 200 attendees took part in this survey about key issues, trends and topics impacting marketing professionals and our industry today.

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The Contagious Marketing Report

  1. 1. More and more, marketing today is about connecting thedots. Whether it is developing real 1:1 relationships,integrating brand communications across multiple channelsor leveraging social networks, the job of marketers is tounderstand, experience and connect.And so it was with the 2010 BCAIM Contagious Conference.By bringing together the brightest minds in marketing for aday of insights and sharing, we at Concerto saw theopportunity to leverage this brain trust for everyone’s benefit.Throughout the conference we asked delegates topical About Contagiousquestions about the state of marketing today, gathering those BCAIM’s Contagious Conference 2010 brought together our generation’sinsights electronically in real-time. most powerful marketing minds and trendsetters in one venue on November 19th, 2010 in Vancouver. This one-of-a-kind conference aimedThis Contagious Conference report is a compilation of those to provide the most innovative, compelling and talked about content. Thesurvey interactions; taking the pulse of the Contagious sharing of ideas and points of view was not only encouraged, but embraced.participants. Intentionally graphic in nature, we trust you willfind the dots we’ve connected to be both interesting andthought provoking. About ConcertoEnjoy the read. Learn from the insights. Share the results. Concerto Marketing Group is the first firm in North America to perform market research, strategy development and brand communications together with one outcome in mind – market certainty. Concerto’s deeperPerhaps with a little more certainty about your industry, your insights drive measurable marketing results.peers and your opportunities, you will have some inspirationto connect the dots for your own brand. con + certo = with + certainty Rob Dawson, Partner About this report Concerto Marketing Group Inc. Concerto conducted a real-time survey of delegates using handheld electronic devices during the 2010 BCAIM Contagious Conference in Vancouver. Over 200 attendees took part in this survey about key issues, trends and topics impacting marketing professionals and our industry today. Participation was voluntary and results should not be extrapolated beyond the walls of the 2010 Contagious Conference.
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  3. 3. Use of socia what cu l med sto ia sayi mer to ng. s a he re ar“The demographics of our customer base skew tothe seniors market. As such, investment in the latestand greatest digital innovations just don’t pay off forus. It’s only now that we are seeing olderdemographics embrace online channels and socialmedia are we actively taking steps in that direction.” Mike goerzen, avp marketing coastal community credit union
  4. 4. “We strongly feel that the youth market offers anextraordinary amount of growth potential for us froma market share perspective... The youth demographicis a fundamental part of the new Connected World welive in and they’re not just using new technology inexciting ways – they’re using it together with otherproducts to change the rules of how they connect andengage with one another. This kind of Digitalconnectivity-thinking is paramount to our innovators andorganization’s strategy and influences the new early adoptersproducts we want to carry and offer to our customers are more likelyacross Canada.” to view youth as Angela Scardillo, Vice president of Marketing their best market best buy, canada prospects.
  5. 5. “The thing about work life balance and money is that they arenever more evident than when they are missing. I subscribe to theDan Pink school of thought on compensation – pay people enough ourthat money is officially ‘off the table’ and they aren’t constantlykeeping one ear to the ground for better opportunities. When theymake sacrifices for work – acknowledge them as being above andbeyond.” Peter Reek, Principal Smart Savvy careers & passions
  6. 6. “BC Dairy Foundation’s approach tomarketing is mostly brand driven. Theorganization is unique in that we do nothave control over packaging, direct salesand product marketing. While we do nothave access to direct sales results we stillattach key metrics to our campaigns. Wemeasure both qualitative and quantitativeresults such as earned and paid mediaimpressions, campaign attitude, aware-ness and intent to purchase, social mediaengagement/conversations joined/bloggeroutreach/fans/followers as well as pre andpost promotion sales and awareness. As abrand driven organization, we rely on ourconsumers’ response to measure oursuccess.” Liz gursky director of communication & market development bc dairy foundation
  7. 7. “Simply put, trust in our brand is key to what we doand how we do it at Newalta. Our people haveworked hard to build a solid foundation of trust andwe see the brand as being the representation of howwell we are doing at living our value and deliveringon our promises. Though we’d like to believe theequity in our brand would carry us through anydisaster-type scenario, we make crisis planning andemergency communications a top priority andcontinually refresh and update these plans as wegrow our business and expand services.” jesse Cadotte Manager, Corporate Communications & Community Relations Newalta Corporation
  8. 8. “Kraft Canada stays on top of consumer needs and cultural trends so we can be sure we are leading the Canadian food industry in serving up innovation that will drive sustainable business growth and delight our consumers. Investing in marketing excellence and innovating and brand building is always (even during tough times) a top priority. Our retailer partners and our consumers expect nothing less, and we deliver.” janine keogh, vice president, consumer insight & strategy kraft canada “Social media plays a part in all of our lives, whether we realize it or not. We search for highly ratedThe BC Association of Integrated Marketers restaurants online, we both ask and give our peersand Concerto Marketing Group wish to thank recommendations on everything from plumbers to designers, we are participants in an ongoing socialeveryone who participated in the 2010 dialogue. Leveraging this for our clients and ourContagious Conference. From the conference brands means that we have to not only be keenspeakers, event organizers and volunteers to listeners, but be willing to give a voice to a brand andthe engaged audience of delegates, the stay involved in relevant conversations.”conference was a unique gathering of Courtney johnston, client service managermarketing minds. concerto marketing group inc. “The issue with BCAA is typically resources. We do not have enough to do all the things we want to. We need to see that a new practice can add value before we can justify allocating scarce resources into testing.” colin macphail, director membership marketing bcaa
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