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#wcn13 Intermediate intro to Wordpress: images, widgets & themes, oh my!

Presented at Nashville WordCamp 2013, this presentation covers best practices for using images, what a widget and a widget area is and how to use it, and how to choose a theme that's right for you

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#wcn13 Intermediate intro to Wordpress: images, widgets & themes, oh my!

  1. 1. Intermediate Intro to WordPressImages, Widgets & Themes... Oh my! Dnelle Dowis Berry Interesting Productions, Inc. WordPress customization & development
  2. 2. Hello there! Is she a good witch or a bad witch?Danielle Dnelle T DowisThroneberry Opened BIPI in 2006• Vanderbilt • Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild• The Williamson • Nashville Pix Herald Newspaper • The Green Wagon • Alchemy of Sol• Acxiom Corporation • Two Star Design email marketing • John Navin• The Princeton • Carden Avenue Review operations • East Nashville Chiropractic • Ben Sesar • Paris Gordon • Home & Hill Magazine #wcn13ohmy
  3. 3. Images and You no slight of hand needed● optimize where you can● prep your alt text, please● upload your image● mind your details● insert your image● editing & advanced settings● WordPress galleries● featured image #wcn13ohmy
  4. 4. Whats a Widget? "a small application with limited functionality"● RSS feeds, simple HTML, plug-ins, links, meta-data● modular - placement can depend on your themes options● use pre-loaded options, configure your own code, or find a plug-in you like● pay attention to settings● watch for compatibility issues● experiment! #wcn13ohmy
  5. 5. The Long Road to a Perfect Theme Its always best to start at the beginning Twenty Twelve ● developed by the WordPress team ● already fully responsive ● simple customization options ● easy to grow fromAsk yourself: - what is my sites purpose? - what is my budget? now? a year from now? - how long will I need this theme? - how much code customizing can I do? #wcn13ohmy
  6. 6. The Wild World of Free Themes Be prepared for a long road Expect to read the signs Watch out for flying monkeys #wcn13ohmy
  7. 7. Ready? Set... Install! No, seriously, it really is that simple● Try a few on for size, then stick with one● Get to know your widget- capable areas● Experiment with customizations● Know where your code lives #wcn13ohmy
  8. 8. Choosing a Paid Theme● Ask for advice● Read the reviews● Ignore the stock photos● Check compatibility● Be aware of what you can do on your own● Explore the documentation● Get to know the creator● Connect via social media● Dont cheap out● Get the latest version● Stay up-to-date #wcn13ohmy
  9. 9. Parent & Child Theme Combos ● Stability and adventure ● Divides the workload ● Keeps you safe(r) ● Allows you to experiment ● Plans for the long-term #wcn13ohmy
  10. 10. Resources didnt think I did this all on my own did you???●● Wordpress codex●●●●●●●●● premium-theme/● #wcn13ohmy
  11. 11. Dnelle Dowis chief distiller of awesomesauce Berry Interesting Productions, Inc. WordPress customization & development want a copy of this presentation? shoot an email over to me at