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Making Multi-Screen Sports Coverage Work by Jon Reay

Presentation delivered at the Digital Marketing Show 2013 (

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Making Multi-Screen Sports Coverage Work by Jon Reay

  1. 1. Making multi-screen sports coverage work (and entertaining) _! Jon Reay (@jreay)! Head of Strategy, Aqueduct (@weareaqueduct)!
  2. 2. Behind the screens:
 The future of live sport online_! Rob Oubridge! Founder & CEO, Aqueduct!
  3. 3. Beyond the TV feed_!
  4. 4. •  Twitter updates from media! •  Facebook!
  5. 5. The breadth and depth of sports coverage is changing! Publisher! Rights holders! Non-rights holder media! Score! Shots! Free kicks! Cards! Sponsors! Clubs! Clock! Fouls! Governing bodies! Penalties! Lineups! Passes! Players! Substitutions! Bookmakers! Photos! Timeline! Fan views! Possession! Fans! Heatmaps! Around the grounds! Table! Historic data! Radio! Forecasts! Polls! Odds! Opinion! Analysis! Insider insights! Content! Video!
  6. 6. Dawn of the hub!
  7. 7. MCFC Match Day Centre! •  Launched in 2009! •  Bigger than the stadium! •  Longest dwell times on site! •  Highest traffic of the week!
  8. 8. More mainstream! BBC Sport site attracted more visitors during London 2012 Olympics than TV viewers! Source: BBC (55m global unique visitors to site vs 52m UK TV viewers)!
  9. 9. More mobile! 34% of visits to BBC Sport site during London 2012 Olympics were from mobile and tablet devices! Source: BBC !
  10. 10. More multi-screen! 49% of the time we’re using a TV, we’re on a smartphone simultaneously! 22% of multiscreen use is “complementary” rather than parallel activity! ! Source: Google
  11. 11. The value of a mobile fan! New visitor! Returning visitor! New visitor! Desktop version! Returning visitor! Mobile version!
  12. 12. MCFC 2013-14!
  13. 13. Let’s get some perspective_!
  14. 14. TV still dominates! 60% of US sports fans say they watch live on TV! Only 16% say they follow live online! ! Source: Mintel
  15. 15. ! ! How do you capture and sustain a mainstream audience?!
  16. 16. 1.Converging digital with live video!
  17. 17. 2.Visualising data!
  18. 18. 3.Making the whole experience interactive!
  19. 19. 4.Curation & personality!
  20. 20. 5.Unique & valuable content!
  21. 21. How do you get there?!
  22. 22. In-stadium infrastructure! Large scale hardware installation! Smart low-cost signal sharing technology!
  23. 23. Content Management System! ! •  •  •  •  Multi-channel presentation of content! Rapid publishing! Multi-vendor video platform integration! Rich personalisation!
  24. 24. Aqueduct Liveplayer! ! •  •  •  •  •  Platform independent! Responsive design or in-app! Fast stats and content integrator! Bespoke look, feel, tone, features! Clubs, governing bodies, broadcasters, commercial partners!
  25. 25. Thank  you