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JS Girls


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JavaScript online learning platform for women interested in Web technologies

Published in: Technology
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JS Girls

  1. 1. for women interested in Web technologies Daisy LaFlamme JAVASCRIPT ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM
  2. 2. Why I Care? • Men dominate the computer’s industries • More women need to be attracted to programing • Women have different worldview and they can put a whole new perspective in the programming and technology world. They will be more interested in coding if it is combined not only with logical but with practical real-life creativity; they prefer jobs where they can use their creativity and improve live.
  3. 3. Why JavaScript? • Recently, the recruitment company Entelo released its statistic report on Forbs:
  4. 4. Research & Statistics • Co. Labs: 34% of Web designers are women • Carnegie Mellon Research: programmers are learning and doing programing using the language area of their brains. Women’s language area is more precisely organized, and is bigger in volume than in male • More (References)
  5. 5. My Goal • Cover the learning gap and attract women to learn JavaScript • Learn JavaScript the easiest way
  6. 6. Methods • Visual/Interactive • Tearetical
  7. 7. Interviews & Feedback • Amy Newell • Daniela Grey • Denitsa Vateva • Vladimir Grozev • Class group Professionals/Users
  8. 8. Technology I Use • Content management system: Modx • Bootstrap 3 • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, plugins
  9. 9. Progress
  10. 10. What is Left until Final Presentation • Content for the theoretical part (libraries) • Proofreading the tutorials • Add one more future: reserved words widget • Solve design issues • Fix bugs
  11. 11. Future after the Final Presentation • More/continuous user testing • Changes • Legalizing (buying) content and creatives • Partnerships • Launch: September 25, 2015 • Adding more futures: ① feedback widget ② Post comment widget ③ User group based log in for building a community • Analytics and narrowing down the audience
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