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Discover the heart of Spain

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Programme madrid 2012

  1. 1. Madrid ”MADRID, RICHNESS AND ELEGANCE IN A CITY OF CONTRASTS ” Sales Meeting65 PAX – Madrid – Oct / Nov 2012 Madrid, capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city which combines modern infrastructures with an incredible cultural & artistically patrimony and heritage of several centuries of history. Strategically situated in the center of the Peninsula, Madrid offers one of the most beautiful and richest historical centers, gifted with the most important museums in the world and the famous Golden Triangle: Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum, Thyssen Bornemisza …. These conditions, associated with the development of a dynamic, open and joyful society have made this metropolis to one of the greatest capitals of Europe.
  2. 2. Madrid
  3. 3. Overview Proposals HOTELS THEMATIC VISITS ACTIVITIES LUNCHES & DINNERSHotel Vincci Bullring of Las ventas with -Madrid on Go cars Traditional tapas lunchSoho 4* demonstration of dressing of at the restaurant Los a “matador” and “Parc del Galayos OR Meson 5 Buen retiro” JotasHotel Vincci Visit to the Stadium Santiago -Madrid on bicycles Lunch at specialSoma 4* Bernabeu ( followed by restaurant Real Café lunch at the Real café Bernabeu Bernabeu ) **************************** Original dinner at tje Old shops itinerary in -Madrid Street day ( restaurant Bodega Madrid gymkhana ) Dominio de Antargu Historical dinner at Dynasty of Hapsburg & -Activity Tasting time restaurant La Cueva de Royal Palace or Prado Luis Candelas Museum Modern style dinner at -Cocktail course at Dry Martini restaurant La Capilla de Installations la Bolsa or Loft 39 Fun & dance evening at Shoko Club & Lounge OR Bangaloo Restaurant & disco lounge
  4. 4. ThematicVisitsOptions
  5. 5. Bullring of Las Ventas and The Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas is a famous bullring in Madrid (Spain). Parc del Buen Retiro Situated in the barrio of Guindalera, in the district of ( half day ) Salamanca and it was launched in June 1931. It has a seating capacity of 25,000 and is regarded as the home of the bullfighting in Spain. This bullring was designed by an architect called Espeliú. Its style is Neo-Mudéjar (Moorish) with pottery incrustations. The seats are situated in 10 "tendidos". The price of the seats depends upon how close they are to the "arena" and whether they are in the sun or in the shadow. The bullfighting season starts in March and ends in December and are held every day during the San Isidro Fiesta, and every Sunday or holiday during the season. Bullfights start at 6 or 7pm and last for two to three hours. Optionally : we can have the great advantage to be accompanied in tour by a real “matador “ with its assistant “mozo de espada “ that will explain us more deeply the world and philosophy of the bullfighting . Demonstration of the ceremony of dressing, a unique and essential moment & preparation of the personalities !!!
  6. 6. Bullring of Las Ventas and The Parque del Buen Retiro is the most popular park in Madrid. It can get crowded during weekends when Parc del Buen Retiro many Madrilenian families go for a walk in the park and ( half day ) moreover, street musicians, sidewalk painters, fortune tellers, jugglers and street performers animate the people. A Royal Park The Retiro Park was created as a royal park; it belonged to the Real Sitio del Buen Retiro palace. Retiro stands for retreat, hence the name of the park and palace. At the time the park was outside the city walls, but now Madrid has completely enclosed the Retiro park. The 130ha or 320acre large royal park was opened to the public in 1868. It is partially laid out in a formal French style, while other parts are more natural. The Lake Close to the northern entrance of the Parque del Retiro is a large artificial lake, the Estanque del Retiro. Here you can rent a rowing boat, especially popular during weekends. A large monument with an equestrian statue of King Alfonso XII overlooks the lake. Palacios More to the south is another, much smaller lake and at the edge of the lake is a beautiful glass building, the Palacio de Cristal which was built in 1887 by Ricardo Velázquez Bosco. Initially it was planned to use it as a house for exotic plants which was brought over from the Philippines. Now it is mainly used for temporary exhibitions. Nearby is another pavilion, the Palacio de Velázquez, designed in 1884 by the same architect.
  7. 7. STADIUM SANTIAGO BERNABEU The dream of Madrid’ s football club was come true with the completion of the Stadium Santiago Bernabeu (REAL MADRID) PANORAMIC VISIT OF THE STADIUM : Let’s get up through one of the 8 spectacular panoramic lifts of the Santiago Bernabéu... an impressive perspective TROPHIES EXPOSITION : European cups , Intercontinental championships , Cup of Spain , UEFA Super Cup and many others tournaments & titles The exposition presents as well pictures of historical matches, pictures of famous players, etc . TOUR OF THE CAMP : Let’s appreciate now the camp and inside installations from the same point of view from PRESIDENTIAL BOX: The most exclusive area of the stadium is reserved for the direction of the teams, authorities and special guests . It is also the place where the trophies of Real Madrid are can be admired. PLAYERS GALLERY AND TECHNICAL AREAS : the tunnel from where the players are coming to the field and the technical area; properly where the players are living the match with a lot of contained emotion . LOCKERS – PRESSROOM – BOUTIQUE
  8. 8. Madrid itinerary &OldShops of the capital ( half day ) A tour through the most ancient streeets of Madrid: Calle Toledo, Calle Estudio, Plaza de Cascorro, Calle Mayor. This itinerary end with the visit of ancient shops of the capital, which are nowadyas emblematic sites of Madrid. Just to name a few: The old cake shops : El Riojano, Casa Mira and la Mallorquina The oldest boutique of fans : Casa de Diego and finally The boutique of shawls : la Seseña.
  9. 9. Dynasty of Hapsburg Departure towards the "Puerta del Sol" , ( Km 0 of the and Royal palace Spanish roads ) to discover Madrid of the Austrians : this name was given to the city of Madrid during the dynasty ( half day ) of Habsburgs in Spain. During this period , the city was enriched of palaces and monuments, our journey will permit us to admire the rich buildings of the Renaissance and Baoque time. From the Puerta del sol onwards, we will continue by walking in the heart of Madrid, a nice walk through the streets whilst passing-by the most interesting sites of the capital like Calle Mayor with the Casa de la Villa , Casa Cisneros and the Tower of Lujanes or even the Casa de la Panaderia ( the house of the bakers ) ..etc Lets continue our tour with the visit of the Royal Palace, the symbol of the beauty of Madrid . The palace is one of the most beautiful residences of Europe. It was built on the ruins of a fortress, which was destroyed by a fire in the year 1734. The first rock of the construction is from 737... Nearby , the " Plaza de Armeria ", and the entrance of the gardens of the palace, just before the so called “Campo del Moro”. In addition, the complex includes as well the cathedral “La Almudena”. This palace is not used any longer as a residence but as a privileged place where special events are taking place such as the wedding of the Prince of Asturias, in May 2004.
  10. 10. MADRIDCITY OF MUSEUMS Museums in Madrid will surely capture your attention as they handle topics from prehistoric times to modern day technologies and from art to science. Heres a brief summary of two of the most important museums of Madrid PRADO MUSEUM The Museum of Prado is one of the best , biggest and richest Pinacoteca collections of the world ( for the quality and number – 3000 aprox- of work arts ), that deserves without any doubt a visit !!!! The building that welcomes the Museum itself is a splendid example of the Neoclassic architecture of the 18th century, designed by Juan de Villanueva . The principal treasure of the museum is formed by the Spanish school, from the medieval times until the genius Goya, passing by fantastic work arts of El Greco, Velázquez, Murillo o Zurbaran………
  11. 11. Activities &TeambuildingOptions
  12. 12. Go Car Tour Madrid Zip around Madrid in a little yellow GoCar, perfect for a day full of sightseeing and adventure, a GoCar is more than just fun – it can also be your personal tour guide! You do the driving and the CoCar navigates and talks to you. These cars are smart. An on-board computer and a GPS- system do the thinking so you can actually relax and admire the beautiful city. As you enjoy the drive, it takes you to all the best sites and tells you the stories that awake the city to life. The GoCar takes you to spectacular places which only few visitors get to see. Its like having a local show you around. And this little car can go where the tour buses cant. OPTIONAL : This tour can be realized as an event with different options of tests and games !!!
  13. 13. Madrid in bicyclesthrough the Parc of Buen Retiro ( Madrid ) THE MOST EMBLEMATIC PARC OF MADRID Accompanied by our guides, clients will ride through the Parque del Buen Retiro, discovering all its architecture , flora and fauna. Our route will guide us principally on asphalted ways. The activity dos not require a special physical effort as it is a quite easy event to realize. Each assistant will receive a bike , helmet and a small bottle of water.
  14. 14. Madrid “Street day” Madrid , with its cultural , artistically and historical richness will serve us as a scenario for our activity. Madrid The group will be divided in various teams depending of its importance ; OBJECTIVE : getting the most nº of points following an itinerary marked on a map and in a limited timing . -Type of tests : taking original or extravagant picture, getting a special object, answering questions, resolve a riddle and much more -Material : road book, map of Madrid, water for participants, Polaroid photo camera
  15. 15. Madrid “Street day” Madrid Each stop will be associated with an emblematic place of Madrid . No point is obligatory and the value of each one of them will depend of the difficulty of the test and its remoteness or distance. This is a very funny way to get to know the capital of Spain.
  16. 16. Activity “Tasting time” GASTRONOMY IN CENTENARY TAVERN ! Madrid We will take the group to one of the centenarian tavern of Madrid for a very special experience of gastronomy In the lounge we will enjoy some of the best tapas of the city, which are especially prepared for the group, and they are accompanied by various selected wines of the region! An activity of “buen gusto” !
  17. 17. Get to know the city in a different way with a gymkhana, combiningGymkhana cultural in a visit to the principal monuments and an interactive game where they will have to solve enigmas and riddles related to our culture, history, famous personalities … Madrid Documentation: Route Book Actors: 2 Gal Coordinator general : 1 Personalities to be selected : Velázquez : Draw in coordinate way with oil and pencil frames of Velázquez. “Chulapo”: Popular games of Madrid (Goya Bowling , little frog, etc), tasting of wines wins, etc. Capitán Ala triste: We will test our chance with our skills….. “Quoits” : A game of hoops that requires skills and precision “Giant chinese sticks “: game in which a good pulse and solid nerves are needed! It consists of moving out each stick without moving the others . “Equilibrios”: to realise a serial of manoeuvres : empty out the content of a recipient to other , without loosing any liquid. To raise the maximum nº of balls , etc. “Madridista” : Realise touches with a ball , logical games of balls and quiz of football & Madrid.
  18. 18. Flamenco course in The group will attend a nice flamenco lesson in order to learn the most emblematic and popular dance of a real “tablao” Madrid. “Their first night in Madrid”, is the most ancient and typical “tablao” , where the tradition of flamenco was born in this city. It was reopened and still carries the same taste of types and the best artists in the world of the Flamenco art. This is something that guests will never forget. Our clients will have the possibility to receive a passionate lesson of the traditional Spanish dance: FLAMENCO ! The duration of the course is of 1h aprox and will be composed of 4 “times” : -Movement of arms and legs -Castanets -Wok with feet -Dance
  19. 19. SITE is in the South of Madrid and is an area specially prepared forSurvival and orientation outdoor games and activities ( Exterior of Madrid ) ACTIVITY : Consists of a multidisciplinary competition. Participants will have to complete an itinerary of orientation managing each test, multi-adventure, orientation, survival, archery, skills activities (giant darts , canals…etc). Each test signify a certain nº of points which can be obtained It can optionally include a rural route with botanic notions EXAMPLES : 1. Hiking and knowledge of botanic species 2. Realising a small oven for cooking bread 3. Getting water 4. Constructing a compass and orientating in the nature 5. Utensils and natural weapons …..!!!! 6. Realising a natural rod !!! 7. Realising and imagining traps 8. First Aid 9. Personal defence 10. Test of Zahorí: Finding water with the stick of Zahorí. 11. Hunter : Activity orientated in stimulating the instinct of survival , defence and protection . Participants will have to construct various weapons and natural utensils such as arcs , arrows …. We will explain how ecological hunting can be realized 12. Knowledge : Identification of footsteps and following of those, Identification of the species … 13. 13. Rescue : Realisation of stretcher and use in emergency situation; construction of stairs , etc
  20. 20. “DRY MARTINI” theacademy cocktail Everyone will learn to realise the most famous cocktails by the stylish site of Dry Martini which is a fashionable Espacio para Foto 1 place in Madrid and. Just like Tom Cruise in the famous movie, our clients will become real experts of cocktails! -History of the cocktails -Knowledge of material -Preparation and ingredients -The culture of ice -Knowledge of glasses -Recipes -Workshop Duration 1h aprox.
  21. 21. Lunches &DinnersOptions
  22. 22. LOCAL DINNER LOS GALAYOS RESTAURANTAvila room 50 paxBodeguilla room 40 paxDuque room 70 paxEl refugio room 25 paxAl altillo room 15 pax The Restaurant "Los Galayos" is located at "La Plaza Mayor" in the "Austrians" Neighborhood. Much time had been passed and if the walls could speak they would explain how Madrid was one hundred years ago, in the ages when "La Puerta del Sol" and "La Plaza Mayor" were the centre of kingdoms special Ceremonies. Since 1975 and the Spanish Traditional Cuisine is more elaborated, perhaps due to new technologies or because of more sophisticated tastes which are demand by the customers.
  23. 23. Meson 5 J Madrid We are talking of a restaurant chain , property of the prestigious bodega of Sherry Osborne. Some typical sites offering a traditional Spanish cuisine on the basis of specialties of Iberian pork, even more well known is the ham 5J, one of the very best. Those restaurants have warm atmosphere and are strongly visited by the local people of Madrid. The most centrically is at the Plaza de Santa Ana and the most outside one is in the exterior area of Pozuelo de Alarcón.The capacity of the restaurants varies from 60 to140 people, everyone with different lounges whereto situate the groups for private services
  24. 24. Real Café de Bernabeu Madrid La Mar del Alabardero Santiago Bernabeu is one of the most well known sites of Madrid , where the lovers of Madrid mediterranean cuisine can enjoy sophisticated plates with a spectacular view over the football camp of the Real Madrid team. Realcafé Bernabeu, in avant-garde style, offers multifunctional spaces whilst having a pleasant, elegant and high-quality lunch or dinner. ***Optional : visit of the installations of the Stadium before or after the event
  25. 25. Dominio de Antargü Madrid Dominio Antargü is a restaurant situated in the heart of Madrid with a great selection of wine and moreover, there it is possible to taste a good local market cuisine. It is a classical restaurant and traditionally at the same time. The bodega offers Spanish dishes acompanied with a fantastic wine. ( bodega of more than 100 mq). The restaurant has various spaces and lounges distributed on different floors.
  26. 26. Restaurant Cuevas de Luis Candela Madrid This restaurant is one of the most traditional ones in the whole city. The guests are welcomed by Luis Candela himself and the service personal is wearing the traditional dressing of the famous bandit from the 19th century. Despite delicious Tapas, this restaurant also offers well- known dishes from Madrid.
  27. 27. Capilla de la bolsa Madrid Situated near the Plaza Mayor, the new restaurant “La Capilla de la Bolsa” can be considered as a real and authentic museum because it is situated in a building that during the Middle Age was the hermit of Santa Cruz ( the legend says that it was in relation with the Order of Templars). With the restructuration of this site, the maintaining of the historical apporach was of utmos importance but at the same time also adding some modern material such as exotic wood from Africa , green marble onix from Pakistan and much more was considered. The studio Juliet y amigos was in charge of the challenge of the decoration, which was kept apart but guarding the original religious concept .Capacity: 160 pax
  28. 28. Capilla de la bolsa Madrid In the lounge LA CAPILLA (65 pax ) the classical style characterized by baroque touches with designs of plaster and a piano was maintained . Private lounge PRIVADO DEL OBISPO (8 pax ): furniture in alumina and on one side with an artistic Italian fresco Private lounge LA ABADESA (10 pax ) with green walls. MONSEÑOR lounge (34 pax ) in Anglo-Saxon style Fantastic art deco architecture as well for the terrace “Lucernario” and as for the Bar “Cockteleria”. With respect to the gastronomic offer, the clients can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine where vegetables and seafood are essentials . In addition, the restaurant offers very original and colorful ice creams and sorbets Remarkable international wines and water cards as well as high quality level cigars offered as well.
  29. 29. Loft 39 MadridMaximum capacity 350 pax
  30. 30. Loft 39 Madrid The restaurant Loft 39 offers a Mediterranean inspired cuisine, based on the excellent selection of the products & creative presentation of the plates. The decoration of the lounges , realized by Pascua Ortega, is joining contemporaneous style and Spanish traditions at the same time . Loft 39 is proud of having a great experience in the organization of any kind of events. It offers a multifunctional space where cocktail parties can be organized right in the center of Madrid.
  31. 31. BANGALOO Madrid Bangaloo is one of the most exclusive locations for the realization of any event in Madrid. It is located in the commercial district and can be reached easily by car or public transport. On 1800m2 Bangaloo offers a restaurant, discotheque and 5 seperate areas which are individually decorated. (VIP, Love&Sex, Heart, Black, Jaima) Capacities of the areas: VIP: 40 pax Love&Sex: 70 pax Heart: 40 pax Black: 20 pax Jaima: 100 pax Modern sound technology and fancy illumination of the rooms as well as big plasma screens and a projector help to make every event absolutely unique. Restaurant: La Tavola di Bangaloo The restaurant offers italian cuisine with a Mediterranean touch and also a wide range of delicious wines is available.
  32. 32. BANGALOO Madrid
  33. 33. SHOKO CLUB MadridRestaurant Lounge
  34. 34. Departure from the airport of Madrid We hope you enjoyed your stay in Madrid and wish you a nice flight back home. “Hasta otra” and bye bye!!!