How To Buy Back Tax Real Estate For $200 And What To Do Once You've Got It


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How To Buy Back Tax Real Estate For $200 And What To Do Once You've Got It

  1. 1. How To Buy Back Tax Real Estate For $200 And What To Do OnceYouve Got ItLets get right to the point. You want to buy back tax real estate, and you want it for cheap. Theresone way to achieve this: buy directly from the tax-delinquent owner, when theyre just about to losethe property forever. Once youve bought it, there are literally hundreds of ways to profit from it.Heres how to buy back tax real estate for $200 - and what to do with it once youve got it.Again, if you want to buy back tax real estate, you cant attend tax sale - youll never buy a worthwhileproperty there for $200. Its got to come from the owners themselves - and the only time youll getproperty from them for $200 is in the weeks or month before the "drop-dead" date - the end of theredemption period.The owners you will find still unredeemed at this point all have something in common. Despite the factthat their property is almost certainly free and clear, they no longer want it. Theyre going to let it go tothe government in a few weeks. These owners got tired of owning a property, or never wanted it inthe first place (heirs).Call these owners at this specific time and ask what their plan is. When they tell you theyre letting theproperty go, simply ask if theyd mind signing it over to you so you can see what you can do with it, ifanything. Offer them $200 to sign the paperwork. There you have it: the easiest way to buy back taxreal estate, and the cheapest.What you do next is the fun part. If you dont have the money to pay off the taxes, price the propertylow enough that youll still make a nice return on your $200, and flip it to another investor. Price theproperty right, and it will sell immediately. Then let the buyer deal with the taxes.If you do have the tax money, you can keep the property, live in it or rent it out, or try to sell it forretail. Or you can do even better - sell the property to someone who otherwise couldnt get amortgage. Take a down payment of the price you paid in taxes, and then monthly payments from thenon out. Youve just set up an income stream for yourself for the length of your mortgage - and youverecouped your tax investment.If you want to buy back tax real estate, now is the time to go for it. Using the methods above, itsvirtually risk-free, and you can have money coming in in no time.burbank CA real estate