Helping Substance Brands Grow


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"Helping substance brands grow" is workshop product from Given London designed for brands for whom social or environmental goals are a core part of their proposition, to help them turn this into commercial success.

The workshop is in two parts.
- How to become the most customer centric brand as well as the most conscientious
- Activating this both inside and outside company to win new mainstream customers and markets

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Helping Substance Brands Grow

  1. 1. A brand development workshop to help grow brands that create value in peoples lives...
  2. 2. Story telling is one of our most powerful inventions. It’s the way we absorb and understand the world around us. We use story telling to learn and capture past experiences, and to project and plan the future. Stories are everywhere in culture from music, through to sport and computer games Brands are STORIES Brands are stories told through every interaction people have with a company. Some are rich, meaningful and compelling while others can be dry, seem irrelevant or fail to capture people’s attention.
  3. 3. Brand stories come to life through the behaviour of companies in everything that they do. Some of today’s most exciting and innovative brands are substance brands; companies that have a positive role to play in society or the environment. But there’s a risk that by focusing on the GOOD things they do in creating social value or reducing environmental impact, they lose sight of being the BEST brand in their category Innocently one of the UK’s Substance brands will only be truly successful when they put the needs, attitudes and behaviours of fastest growing companies people who aren’t all “ethical consumers” at the heart of their business and focus on creating personal value for people, as well as for the world at …bringing a niche product large. mainstream i.e. ‘health food’ for the masses.
  4. 4. The outcome of the workshop are ways to create positive impacts in the lives of your customers – as well as the world at large. To become recognised not just as a ‘good’ company but as a ‘great’ brand, your customers have to be hardwired into your brand story. This brand story will guide future actions while making one day workshop designed current customer interaction more compelling. to help good companies grow In other words, you’ve got substance in your brand, now by putting customers at the its about turning this into greaster commercial success. heart of your brand
  5. 5. 2 A simple two-part structure part 1 - writing your story (Morning session) The workshop is based on the idea that a brand story is no more part 2 – expressing your story (Afternoon session) complicated than one you could tell in a face to face conversation
  6. 6. Part 1 - writing your story A story that delivers on all of these levels makes for brands that outshine expectations Any compelling story needs to think about who it is being written for. Our starting point for this workshop is Example brand story for In-N-Out Burger, creating a well defined customer portrait. a Californian fast food restaurant The morning session will focus on writing a brand story ME against the customer portrait. To bring the convenience that people expect from fast food with personal service, quality and healthiness, that they would The story needs to begin with how you meet people’s not. everyday needs but then reaches beyond this into creating broader, impacts in peoples lives, their MY WORLD communities and the world at large. In N out Burger never wants to stop being a neighbourhood restaurant. We seek to make a positive contribution to the communities where we do business and have a special place in the hearts of local people. THE WORLD THE WORLD Our personal approach means that we favour natural, local MY WORLD and hand-made produce whereever we can. We think keeping it simple can contribute to a better world. ME
  7. 7. Part 2 – expressing your story A story with substance will come to life in a meaningful authentic way when it is The afternoon session is about exploring ways that this told creatively and imaginatively in all story can be told through projects, programs and areas of your business. initiatives that touch upon all of the key parts of your business ecosystem. Example brand behaviour greentomatocars… Inside your business Outside your business From London’s greenest taxi company Green hello – not only will they take women in Time is money – labour to the hospital, customer get they will also plant a tree to celebrate the birth money off their journey if the car is late. The twook - the first taxi company to take bookings by twitter To London’s BEST taxi company
  8. 8. This workshop should be attended by the following people in substance brands: •  Company management with responsibility for sustainable business growth •  Executives in charge of brand development and marketing communications •  Employees with responsibility for CSR or social/ environmental initiatives Who should attend •  Other employees involved in the operations of the this workshop? business, such as sales, customer service and HR
  9. 9. You will get a digital story book, just like this, containing the outputs of the workshop. Your very own brand substance handbook. This will include further thinking and implications of the key ideas that emerge during the session. It will also include the working up of creative ideas What will you get to developed on the day or subsequent to the workshop. take away?
  10. 10. Benefits BRAND BUILDING & CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT ✓ Makes your brand story and sustainability initiatives more relevant to customers ✓ Gives a strategic platform for substance-based initiatives in the future both internally and externally ✓ Creates new tactical opportunities to engage customers in meaningful yet cost effective ways ✓ Helps you compete with larger competitors on the things that customers care about the most. INTERNAL COHESION ✓ Brings key people together to listen to a number of different perspectives and align to pull in the A strong framework with executable same direction ✓ Helps align sustainability initiatives with brand ideas for growing your brand initiatives ✓ Provides a basis for engaging employees across the organization in more meaningful ways, growing a passionate and committed team of people to support you as you grow
  11. 11. To get in touch. Email: or Call: +44 207 7017 3990 Visit: 34-35 Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0DX