Evolution Factory - Changing the World through Responsible Business and Social Innovation


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Poverty is not only a huge social problem, it’s a missed business opportunity. We'd like to show you how to change the world through responsible business and social innovation by creating (corporate) shared value.

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Evolution Factory - Changing the World through Responsible Business and Social Innovation

  1. 1. Changing the worldthrough responsiblebusiness & socialinnovation.
  2. 2. The logical result ofour system or a missedbusiness opportunity?
  3. 3. According to the world bank, you are in the 20% richest part the world population if you earn nothing more than $153 a month. The richest 10% ofadults are accountedfor 85% of the world’s total assets.
  4. 4. Bad business practices arewasting resources, polluting theenvironment and leading to morepoverty in the world. Not exactly something you can call sustainable.
  5. 5. But it is abusinessproblem too!Think about it; companies are selling products to less than 20% of the world’s population, and they are destroying their own future.
  6. 6. We transform problems into opportunities“Poverty is not only a huge social problem, it’s a missed business opportunity.”
  7. 7. So what to do? Imaginea world without poverty, its After all, in the using resources smartly. not so long Companies willhave a much bigger market term, there is and create value for allshareholders, the people of the planet. no profitable We believe companies company in a play a key role in creating positive change. poor society.
  8. 8. This is not about CSR (or greenwashing).If you ask us CSR is dead and buried, because it isbased on doing less bad, instead of profiting from the huge potential of social innovation. Move from social responsibility to social leadership and play a positive role in creating corporate shared value (CSV).
  9. 9. “BE GOOD, NOT LESS BAD!” -Michael Braungart & William McDonough- Creators of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy
  10. 10. This is how we see it…1. First of all companies need to be responsible. We can’t create the world we have in mind, when companies keep on polluting, wasting important resources, only creating more poverty and basically having no vision for tomorrow.2. We believe that companies can create products, services and communication that generates shared value, so not only the 4. company and shareholders but also society and the planet profits. We call this (corporate) We all profit. social innovation. Now that is real3. This way companies are not only taking their sustainability! responsibility, but also creating shared value, and ultimately their own future.
  12. 12. Using brand power+People trust brands more than goverments, politicians and even the companies that own the brands.+Why not use that incredible power to NIKE STAND UP SPEAK UP CAMPAIGN make a positive Nike used its brand power to fight change in the world? discrimination
  13. 13. Change the perspective+Profit is not only measured in money.+The value of brands lies not only in their contribution to commercial success, but in their potential COCA-COLA/COLA LIFE IN AFRICA Coca-Cola unleashed the power of its contribution to social distribution channels by not only distributing progress. soft drinks, but also life-saving medicines to the most remote villages in Africa.
  14. 14. Think outside the box+We don’t know which issues we will face in the future, so we need to be creative and innovative to propose solutions today. Unleash creativity and benefit from it. GE’S ECOMAGINATION Ecomagination is GEs R&D initiative which imagines and builds innovative solutions to todays environmental challenges while driving economic growth.
  15. 15. You will benefit now and in the long term (that is sustainability!)+ You will engage better with your customers+ You will inspire current workers and recruit new talents+ You will become more desirable for business partners+ You will establish better relationships with local communities, NGO’s, suppliers, goverments, etc.+ You will gain positive media coverage
  16. 16. “We can’t solveproblems by usingthe same kind ofthinking we usedwhen we createdthem.”- ALBERT EINSTEIN
  17. 17. How we canhelp you We are a positive bunch. We transform problems into challenges, into possibilities, into profit.
  18. 18. How we can help you1- Social Innovation Consultancy + Development and consultancy for your community/sustainable program to maximize impact and create shared value + Employee engagement programs + Brainstorms/creativity sessions
  19. 19. How we can help you2 - Sustainable Communications + Strategic communication plans We’d like to show you how to unleash brand power and develop communication that inspires the world. + Social media campaigns turned truly social We believe that digital media and technology give us a big opportunity to make the world more human. + Social design We believe design can change the world.
  20. 20. How we can help you3 - Inspirational Trainings to unleash your full potential + Diversity & Innovation Training A dynamic and interactive workshop that provides tools and knowledge to generate new ideas and turn them into opportunities for growth. + Tailor-made trainings and off-sites Economists say for your team/organization that 50-60% of a + Crash-course in social innovation. company’s growth An inspirational session to get you comes from updated and ready to start. innovation
  21. 21. Our believes+ Doing business with values+ Every business has to be responsible at its core+ Social innovation is the future of business+ Thinking outside the box. We can’t solve problems of the system, by solutions created by the system+ Companies have an incredible power to create positive change+ All people of the planet are shareholders which have the right on shared value+ Collaboration is more important than competition as the motor for development+ We are all connected: companies, society, values, humanity+ Creativity, diversity and innovation+ There are no magic solutions, every situation requires a tailor-made and personal approach+ The knowledge and tools are all around us, it’s just a matter of vision and perseverance+ Accepting failure is the road to success
  22. 22. We know what we are talking about, but we’d rather actOur team has the perfect mix of knowledge and experience gained in both the social, advertising and corporate world. We know the power of sustainable development lies in listening and collaboration.