Postcards from SXSW 3.11.13


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Postcards from SXSW 3.11.13

  1. 1. Brand Integration of the DayPolk AudioThis was an effective implementation by Polk Audio. Polk brings in localmusic acts to play in their sound booth, while attendees can only hear themusic through the new Polk headphones. Popular acts were also live-streamed via Ustream.TVInsightThis was a great promo that showcased the spirit of the entire conference,leveraging interactive technology with musical acts. 2013
  2. 2. My Awesome Event of the DayConscious capitalism: Liberating the heroic spirit ofbusiness.Presented by CEO of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey, he discussed thepositive impacts that capitalism has had on the world. In this session, hereveals that that “businesses need to rediscover their higher purpose andarticulate that to the world.” This optimistic point of view on how bigbusiness can succeed today reminds us that business is the great creator "We need companiesof value for everyone who trades with it. that are authentic andInsightAny business is is not a zero sum game, it’s about creating value for all caring. Love and careinvolved - vendors, customers and shareholders where it becomes a win- need to come out of thewin-win scenario by way of conscious capitalism. closet." - John Mackey 2013
  3. 3. Vibe of the DaySummaryConnected devices through machine to machine integration was discusseda lot. One great example was about a washer that’s about to break. What ifit could sense that and automatically look up the closest repair place withthe highest reviews and book an appointment for you?InsightGenerate increased sales by listening to your customers and making theirlives easier. 2013
  4. 4. My Awesome Event of the DayRetail Is Going MobileSuccessful mobile strategies center around understanding your customersand providing different ways to interact with brands. Retailers areshifting towards creating more personalized experiences particularly byenabling device to device enhancements.InsightIncrease sales and brand loyalty by enhancing the in-store experiencethrough personalized mobile features. A big missed opportunity exists atthe point of sale where many retailers and CPG brands don’t do anything. 2013
  5. 5. Brand Integration of the DayPost-it Big PadPost-it Big Pad was trying to promote their new product, essentially a12”x12” sticky note. Why would I need this? I already have small post-it’sand big post-it pads. They set-up a “creation” center where, using the BigPads, SXSW-goers posted their ideas, sketches, thoughts for people to seeand plastered the walls with these eye-catching colorful papers. Theperfect size for on-the fly concepting, and idea capture. I didn’t even knowI needed this!InsightIt was the perfect way to do a real-life demonstration of why you wouldneed this new product. Especially for the always wired SXSW’ers, it wasinteresting to see so many people highly engaged with this tangible brandexperience. 2013
  6. 6. Vibe of the DayimgembedYes, I was admittedly lured by the smell of popcorn, but what I found wasa new way to use and manage photos and images online. Essentially, adigital handshake between image creators and users, setsthe “usage rights” of images from individuals. Posters of images can trackthe usage, get credit and get paid if desired, while users have permission,can get free use, and have more image options available to them.InsightCreated to prevent image stealing, it democratizes image use. Why doadvertisers care? You can now use your consumer’s photos and imagesworry free to promote your brand. The downside here is getting enoughcritical mass to make it valuable to both image owners and users. I couldn’ttell if people were enthralled by this idea, or just people looking for freepopcorn, but I think we’ll see more from imgembed and start-ups like it. 2013
  7. 7. My Awesome Event of the DayThe Secrets of Generation FluxI had read the Fast Company article about “Generation Flux” last year, andwas intrigued to attend this panel discussion about it. Hosted by RobertSafian, the Editor of Fast Company, they discussed what defines this newgeneration (mindset, hyper-adaptability, embracing change) and how todeal in this new era (using both creative and analytical skills together).InsightWe can all survive or die in this time of extreme change. Such a simpleidea, but learning to embrace most the things that make you uncomfortable(whether it be technology, authenticity in social media, or even being ableto shut down technology from time-to-time, as the CTO of Cisco, PadmaWarrior does!), will increase our chances to succeed in this new time. 2013
  8. 8. Brand Integration of the DayOreoOreos is not only a named sponsor of the entire event, they were givingaway product at the registrant’s lounge, sponsored some of the ubiquitouspedi-cabs, and I’m pretty sure their “lights out” Superbowl tweet has beenfawned over in every presentation dealing with social media.InsightIt remains to be seen if their famous Superbowl tweet “you can still dunk withthe lights out” will be remembered by anyone outside the marketing realm, butthere can be no doubt it’s the runaway hit within our echochamber. So for Oreoto be at SXSW Interactive, driving home their social-ness and their real-time-marketing success, gives them a perfect launch pad to instill a cool-ness to thebrand. SXSW attendees will likely feel inspired and motivated to push their real-time-marketing capabilities themselves, and that’s a great thing. 2013
  9. 9. Vibe of the DaySummaryBe Good to Your Users. And if you can’t be good, be funny. I noticed acommon theme of good UX, even when the discussion isn’t aroundmachine-based UX. Violation of social norms isn’t limited to interactionsbetween people, it also applies to interactions between people andmachines, and people and marketers. People expect speed and relevance,and if we as marketers are irrelevant or slow, we’re violating a socialnorm, and people will get pissed. They’ll be less pissed if we’re at leastfunny about it, and they’ll reward us with attention and sales if we hittheir “E-spot”, by being engaging, compelling, and responsive.InsightMake the effort to segment messages for maximum relevance, and betimely. 2013
  10. 10. My Awesome Event of the DayElon Musk-seeElon Musk is the co-founder of Paypal, who went on to create TeslaAutomotive, SolarCity, and SpaceX. He talked about innovation,perseverance, partnership, and recyclability. But what blew me away isSpaceX just days ago successfully tested a rocket that can re-land underpropulsion, like some 50’s sci-fi come to life. He explained that the rocketfuel is about 2% of the total cost of a rocket. The rocket itself is most of therest. Why throw it away? Why not make it reusable? The SXSW audiencewas the first to see video of it taking place.InsightAsk the bigger question, and don’t easily accept an inability to answer itright away. 2013