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The public sector is often challenged       I´m using the Business Model Canvas in       I wish I had known the Canvas yea...
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Hub Spread I

  1. 1. The public sector is often challenged I´m using the Business Model Canvas in I wish I had known the Canvas years Imagine 60 students, 1st year of We were asked to redesign the language The Business We used 15’000 The Business Model Canvas has proven HOW to implement private sector principles. Brazil to help artists, cultural producers ago! With a particular tough and graduation, knowing nothing about service of an international NGO. The Model Canvas has post-its and to be very useful tool to capture ideas I have used the Canvas to assist a and game designers to envision innova- complicated print-to-digital project entrepreneurship. In less than 5 days, Business Model Canvas was especially more than and solutions for e-commerce projects. department to view itself as a service- tive business models for the Cultural within the publishing industry it would thanks to the Business Model Canvas, helpful to show the links between allowed me to 100 meters of Most of my clients are SMEs and the oriented business, establishing exter- and Creative Industries. I apply it in the Cultural Production MBA at FGV and in have been so helpful to show all project they were able to pitch a viable pitch idea with conviction and clarity. They the needs of people’s day-to-day work and a service that was felt establish a com- broWn paper Canvas helps them to clarify their current dO YOU nalized as-is and to- the Innovation Games Lab at COPPE/ members in this used it as a tool to cover all the startup- too specialized, considered only as an mon language and to design a future organizational struc- ture in a global manufacturing company. business models be business models. UFRJ Business Incubator. Claudio D'Ipolitto, Brazil visual way both building dimensions. Guilhem Bertholet, France afterthought and far away from their priorities. framework with The key of all activities was, however, and understand and focus on the impact It has created a whole new conversa- the big picture, Paola Valeri, Spain colleagues. the Business Model Canvas. It convinced us by its practical applicability, simplicity of e-commerce on their organizations. Marc Castricum, Netherlands tion on how they operate their business. their (important) I've used the Canvas to explore new USE THE Mike Lachapelle, Canada When you typically think of a business The Business Model Canvas has helped and logic cause effect relations. growth opportunities, assess uses model, the conclusion is that it is a 'for own role in it and several health care organizations in the As a startup-coach I support teams to of new business models by com- Daniel Egger, Brazil I applied the Canvas to help a company I consult small companies on using the profit' business. However, I found that the Canvas to be also very effective in the interdepen- Netherlands to make the move from a budget driven governmental create new products and design their business. The Business Model Canvas petitors and to communicate across the align the key staff in order to determine freemium business model. This model dencies. organization how we could accelerate I used the Canvas to do a the company’s shared goals and strate- reality the non-profit sector. We used it to institution to an entrepreneurial does a great job assisting me to technology, market and business model CANVAS? gic priorities, which were used during DESIGN involves giving core products away for Hours of explaining, arguing and misun- value-adding organization. remind the teams innovations. the planning process and incorporated check free, which is very counterintuitive to derstanding could have been saved. Huub Raemakers, Netherlands Bruce MacVarish, U.S. to think holistically with the BSC. It also ensured that the + ALIGN most business people. Thanks to the Jille Sol, Netherlands chosen initiatives were clearly driven by Business Model Canvas, I can about their busi- the new strategic priorities. easily illustrate members of the leadership team during A close friend was looking for a new I used the Canvas with senior managers of a public company to help them ness and prevents I have used the canvas with a co- founder to design a business plan for my new startup Mupps, a platform Martin Fanghanel, Bolivia how it makes the formation of a new non-profit pro- gram. The Canvas was flexible enough job. I used the Business Model Canvas in order to assess her restructure their value chain due to changes in sector regulation. The key them to stick on for a national level contest held by The where artists can make their own music apps for iPhone and Android phones in financial sense. Economic Times, India. The Canvas to take into account the goals of this social entrepreneurial venture, and bring personal business model. Her core competences and value proposition success factor was to understand which details. enabled me to think through all the minutes. You know what? The Canvas made me even surer of the possible Peter Froberg, Denmark new value propositions could be offered This helps to make their new venture a aspects of the startup and put together clarity to the true value proposition success! So I gotta go, work to do! were outstanding but she failed to to their clients and then translated into success. a plan that VC's might find well thought of the business and how to make it Erwin Blom, Netherlands leverage her strategic partners and internal operations. Christian Schüller, Germany out and attractive to fund. sustainable. I help business owners plan their transi- develop appropriate customer relation- Leandro Jesus, Brazil Praveen Singh, India Kevin Donaldson, U.S. tion and exit from their companies. ships. This adjusted focus opened new Success depends on sustaining long- opportunities. term company viability and growth. Key Daniel Pandza, Mexico to this is a business model innovation program. The Canvas helps us identify and innovate their business model. Nicholas K. Niemann, U.S.