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A Minecraft Adventure


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An adventure story written by my 5th Grade ESL students set in the world of Minecraft

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A Minecraft Adventure

  1. 1. A Minecraft Adventure Murat, Özgür & Işıl
  2. 2. Part-1 Meeting With Crepers Hi! I am Murat. I want to tell you a strange story. One day I was walking in a forest near the Redcloud Village. Then, guess what! I saw a lot of Crepers behind me! I was scared because every one knows Crepers are dangerous. I ran to the village. I felt tired so I stopped near a waterwell.
  3. 3. Part-2 Spidars At School Hello guys! I am Işıl and this is the story’s second part: I was at my school. My school is called “Redcloud Primary Shool” because there is a village called “Redcloud” near my school. I was alone. I heared a strange voice. I looked at the window. The view was terrible! There was lots of giant spiders on the window! I felt a little bit scared but it wasn’t very long. One of the spiders broke the window. The spiders came in so I had to go outside. I ran to the village and I saw my friend Murat.
  4. 4. Part-3 Zombies At The Street Hi, I am Özgür and I’ll tell you the story’s third part. One day I was walking in the strret. This street called Redstone. This street is in the Redcloud Village. I looked behind me and there were zombies behind me! I can’t stand them because they haven’t got brains. I ran to the waterwell and saw my friends Murat and Işıl!
  5. 5. Part-4 We Killed The Mobs Işıl: It’s nice to see you Murat and Özgür. Özgür: There are zombies behind me! Işıl: There are lots of spiders behind me too! Murat: Did you saw the Crepers behind me? Işıl: Look! There is a portal! Özgür: What’s inside it? Murat:There are two swords and one bow. Özgür: Işıl’ll take the sword, Murat’ll take the bow and I’ll take the other sword. Işıl: Let’s attack!
  6. 6. Murat: It’s a good idea! The three humans killed all the mobs. Özgür: We all worked hard and kiled them! Murat: I am realy tired now . We went our homes and we did daily things but we never forgot our adventure. Now, Redcloud Village is a safe place and the villagers don’t see any mobs. This adventure is our secret.