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Computer Operator Resume


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Computer Operator Resume

  1. 1. Danisha L. Mota 7612 Tierra Wood Way Sacramento, CA 95828 916-267-3297 Objective To obtainan Entry Level ITSupportSpecialistposition.2plusyearsof professional knowledge workingin the IT fieldunderthe supervisionof the Army. Accomplishments:25B qualified.Completedall of the ITclassesand graduatedAugust2014 Education: US Army-Information Technology Specialist Certificate of Completion-2014 Sheldon High School- Diploma 2010 WORK EXPERIENCE Download Associate- POS Portal- October 2015 to February 2016 Used certainprocedure accordingtomerchantand terminal.Uploadingthe OSontothe creditcard machine anddidthe correct programmingbefore runningasuccessful visatest.Knowledgeable partof the injectionteaminwhichwe were responsible forinputtingthe correctsecurityencryption. Allowed the EMV chipsto be updatedandfor anyinformationreceivedwhendebitandcreditcardsare swiped to be protected. It SpecialistUS Army - Fort Gordon,GA - October 2013 to 10/2015 Learnedto connectroutersand switchesusingsub-nettingandusedthe rightcordsso that the router and switchespingedtothe networkusingavirtual computer.Managedsoftware byinstallingprograms to simplyinventorychecksandcreatingfoldersonadesktop. Full Time Receiver/DataEntry Apple - July2011 to October 2011 Openedboxesof retail Iphonesandcomputerpartsand correctlyinputtedall materialdataintothe computer.Withdailyquota.Usedelectronicscannerandthe SAPprogramto inputthe itemsserial and part numberintothe systemaswell ascheckingforwater damage,andbrokenpiecesandmarkingit appropriately. Assistant Manager Charlton'sParty ina Box - Elk Grove,CA - January 2008 to September2010 Pulled all invoicesandinputteddemographicsof the client'sinformation,aswell asfilling incoming ordersof partyfavor bagsand box ordersthat were prioritybefore havingthemreviewedandsenttobe delivered.Soldsnacksasa wayof up-scalingadvertisement.Kepttrackof dailyinventoryandinputted data intothe computer.Kepttrack of ordersof suppliestoensure all supplieswere instock.