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North Reading Public Schools-February Digital Learning Share 2018


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February digital learning Share 2018. North Reading Public Schools-February Digital Learning Share 2018

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North Reading Public Schools-February Digital Learning Share 2018

  1. 1. February Digital Learning Share:Hitting Mid-Year In Stride Re ections and Work Within All Schools DANIEL DOWNS FEB 05, 2018 10:15AM School Visits at J.T. Hood Sam Anthony, DLS Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders got a chance to connect with two engineers from our very own Hood School community. Mr. Andy String (Mrs. String's son) from iRobot and Mr. Andy Street (Emily Street's father) from CivilView came to the J.T. Hood school to talk about robotics and engineering. Thank you for visiting us Batch News Team Chris Lindsay, L.D. Batchelder School This year fth graders at The Batch have a new leadership opportunity. They are creating green screen news broadcasts for fellow students and parents to highlight school happenings and current events. Here is a clip from the most recent edition. Clip of Batch News for Feb GOOGLE DRIVE 6th grade students had training in NoodleTools to create bibliographies for their Biography Projects in their ELA classes. Students used both digital and print sources for their research. Web Design NR High School Students in the web design class are creating animations on  their websites for movement and  sound.
  2. 2. Tall Tweets Turns Google Slides into Gifs Did you know that it is possible to turn a Google Slideshow into a GIF that can be shared on social media or inserted into an email? Check out this link to learn more! Robotics Academy Kathy Dasho NRHS Student in Vex robotics academy at the High School are learning how to program robots using Encoders to limit distance and sensors to stop and go when objects are detected or removed. New video by Kathleen Dasho GOOGLE PHO TOS LearnLaunch Conference Feb. 2, 2018 Kathy Dasho Andrew Crotty and Michael Tyrrell presented CoderZ at this conference. They got up on stage and gave a great pitch, and  many attendees came by our table. HS US History II Research Project Students in Mr Emerton's US History II classes spent several days in the Media Center researching people, events, and organizations in existence during the roaring twenties. Students used a combination of  print and electronic resources including books, eBooks, databases, and web sources. Curated content was introduced to students via a Pear Deck presentation. Electronic exit tickets were used to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction.
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