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Why IT Admins Love Real-Time Stats


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Find out why IT admins are raving about DNS Made Easy's Real-Time Stats.

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Why IT Admins Love Real-Time Stats

  1. 1. IT RTS Why are all these IT departments. falling head over heels for Real- Time Stats? We're sending in Cupid to find out. YOU'LL LOVE IT TOO the average cost of a DDoS attack is upwards of $40K per hour! #1 Predict Attacks $40THOUSAND Experts say But what if you could see the attack coming? Would it cost less, or maybe even nothing at all? With RTS you can foresee an attack before it hits you, and fight it off before your users even notice. #2 Get Automated Match Made in Heaven RTS is fully automated query reporting! So never worry about having to call to get your backlogs! Sick of Backlogs? #3Precision Ready, Aim, Fire Pinpoint issues in seconds, and strike attacks before they even reach you. RTS gives you detailed reports that allow you to draw quick correlations between your incoming traffic and service impairment. your results by domain, location, record, or time frame. #4 No Waiting You only have to load your data once. That means every time you change views or roll-up by different filters it loads instantly. Cause speed matters Narrow Down #5IPv6Ready Open new doors Get in-depth insight into your site's traffic, such as how many of your users are using IPv6. This could potentially open up a new market if you decided to switch over.